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  1. The Dames

    USE This board...

    Well Alf, what can I say. Unless I have some good solid proof that it indeed is him, he hasn't done anything that warrants a ban. Could you just imagine how bad it would be if we banned someone unfairly? Dames
  2. The Dames

    USE This board...

    Alfdogg, Smarkzone and all of his other names were banned and he was finally IP banned a few days ago. What makes you think that RazorxEdge is SZ? For the record, I haven't read many of his posts. Dames
  3. The Dames

    USE This board...

    Even greivances with Mods should be taken up here, this IS the feedback folder. Dames
  4. The Dames

    DVD releases for 9/3

    Where did you see this!? Was that on sale cuz thats a bit steep? Dames
  5. The Dames

    People who have been banned

    CWM, I'm pretty sure the reason your X Killa name was banned is because a similar name was banned before and someone just assumed the person got around the ban. Dames
  6. The Dames

    The fighting game character tournament

    Chun Li Ryu Sub Zero Scorpion It BEST be a SF v MK finals!!! Dames
  7. The Dames

    Go figure

    It seems like Russo is always trying to pass the buck on bad booking issues. For example, it was just revealed a few weeks ago that it was Tony Schiavone who suggested Arquette as WCW champ. You figure that all this time, Russo would have stated that it wasn't his idea right? Now when he's back in a booking position, he's not taking responsibility for his lack of a brain. Dames
  8. The Dames

    What are you listening to right now?

    Points of Authority by Linkin Park. Dames
  9. The Dames

    Go figure

    I normally don't go into conspiracy theory mode, but why are we hearing about this now and not the first week the Dupp Cupp was introduced? Looks like Jarrett is trying to defend Russo by leaking some info. Dames
  10. Then again, December 7th isn't a holiday. To rebuke your point BH4Ever, most people take it for granted because up until recently, Pearl Harbor never had any substantial coverage probably due to the lack of technology at the time. The events of 9/11 were captured on film, unlike any other tragedy or war that the US had been in. It's similar to the JFK assassination. That was captured on film and I'd say its a more poignant memory in people's minds than Pearl Harbor is. I don't think that the media will ever allow society to forget that day, so I have a feeling that 9/11 will never be just another day. Dames
  11. The Dames

    Interesting article...

    I could live with Marney topless, you? Dames
  12. The Dames

    Dreamer [heart] Beulah

    She ended up going to Westchester Community College. I know this because I know people at the school. Also, they were seen at the local Sam's Club in Yonkers buying ice cream in bulk a few years back...so now you know how Dreamer gained all that weight. Dames
  13. The Dames

    X Special

    I'm going to pass as well, for the same reasons....and because I just can't see it tonight. I think BPS would have an issue with you calling yourself the #1 TNA mark though... Dames
  14. The Dames

    The person above you thread!

    ^See what I mean...she knows her stuff Dames
  15. The Dames

    The person above you thread!

    ^ Cool chick who knows her stuff and doesn't back down from anyone...I like that. Dames
  16. Vitamin, believe me, I can understand your argument because after a few days of non-stop coverage of the event, I couldn't stand it any longer. But to say that they shouldn't treat it like its a big deal and not air coverage on the anniversary of the event and calling it "ignorant shit" really bothers me, especially since I was downtown that day and actually saw everything unfold, not on TV, but with my own fucking eyes. Dames
  17. The Dames

    Worst Break-Up's

    I have a feeling that this won't get too many in-depth replies.... I know I don't want to talk about mine. Dames
  18. The Dames

    Top ten posters on the board

    I'll be right there, Marty. Dames
  19. I doubt that a scripted wrestling angle would qualify as a form of protest.... Dames
  20. The Dames

    Disrespect to a championship belt

    I don't know if anyone else noticed this, but when HHH won the Undisputed Title(s) at WM, until he received his new title, he wore the WWF title around his waist and always put the WCW title on his shoulder, like it wasn't good enough or something. I NEVER liked the way Austin would drag his title. For someone who claimed that it was his "drug of choice", he sure didn't act like he was a junkie. Oh, and I'm almost convinced that the new (former) Undisputed title was re-done and made larger after the name change to WWE. Dames
  21. I've been told that torching the flag is a crime in the US so I doubt that Vince would go that far, only because he doesn't want problems with the law. Cataclysm, as hard as this is going to be for me to say without going into flame territory, you highly offended me with your comments. Everyone was affected by that day and to just pretend that it never happened on that day just so people could run Married With Children re-runs or whatever is just sickening to me. More people died that day than in most war battles and yet you don't want that "ignorant" shit on your TV... Ugh.
  22. The Dames

    Whats your school/ work doing..

    Being unemployed and not in school, I can't really answer that. However, I know that day, I'll probably try to keep my composure as I still have nightmares of that day. For those of you who didn't know, I was a fucking eyewitness to the entire debacle that day and it was probably the worst day of my life....and I didn't even lose someone. I can just imagine those that did. Dames
  23. The Dames

    Have You Ever Had A Crush On Someone

    *claps* That was the most heartfelt post I think I've ever read on any message board ever. I commend you, Jingus, for making your feelings public. Dames
  24. The Dames

    Do you smoke?

    I don't smoke cigarrettes at all, however, I've dabbled in the funny green stuff. I don't do it often, maybe 2 or 3 days in a row every 6 months or so. Dames
  25. The Dames

    The Horrors of Shyness

    Some comments... 1. What kind of a girl is named Mary-Keith? 2. Marney, did she realize what she wanted after you kissed that girl? 3. Spoon, my man, even I've been there...I've got some stories that you wouldn't believe, but I'm too weak right now to write it all down. I'll definitely tell you some when you get here next week. Dames