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    The SWF is not enough

    Or even Raynor at that.
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    The SWF is not enough

    Well thanks for the compliments everyone. I wasn't sure how people would take this charter gimmick at first, but all seems good so far. You guys better take a step back though. You'll end up solving this whole deal before Johnny does. Could it be..Edwin? hrmmm.
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    Good God No...

    Actually a lot of the wrestlers design their own shirts.
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    Me, Myself, and My Pain

    wow thats some pretty intense stuff there. I can't wait to see the next development in the Judge's court!
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    * SJL Stats Thread, June 2nd *

    Changes made: 12/04/2002 to most of the whole thing, and BIO!! Smarks Board Name: Secret Agent Wrestlers Name: Johnny “The Barracuda” Dangerous Real Name: Johnny Dangerous Height: 6’ Weight: 210 Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada Age: 28 Face/Heel: Face Stable: None Ring Escort: None Weapon(s): The occasional stealthy spy weapon. Quote: Looks: Johnny is a medium build white male, with slicked back black hair. To the ring his outfit usually consist of a stylish black suit with a white button up and a tie. Remember, he is a spy on a secret mission, and as such he should dress in the stereotypical bond getup. Ring Entrance: The house lights dim as a females voice says “Johnny Dangerous!” and the fans respond with a roar of cheers! Suddenly the theme from “Mission Impossible 2” by Limp Bizkit rocks out from the massive wall to wall sound system as colorful arrays of lights begins circling over the arena. On the screen various clips of Johnny Dangerous performing many spy like actions (Like leaping from a 50 story building window to catch a dangling ladder from a helicopter, etc.) mixed with clips of Johnny’s in ring fights are displayed. Johnny strides from backstage and to the ring with out a care in the world, usually taking the time to wink at a few ladies or even blow a kiss in there general direction before hopping foot into the ring. Depending on how good of a response he is getting Johnny may or may not whore himself to the crowds even more from the turnbuckles. Stats: Strength: 4 Speed: 6 Vitality: 5 Charisma: 5 Style: Johnny “The Barracuda” Dangerous is well trained in the finer martial arts and as such, speed is very much on his side. Being the Spy that he is brawling, high-risk maneuvers and aerial attacks are common ground for him. Although as time has shown, Johnny is starting to pick up a few good wrestling moves and counters. Signature Moves: Punches (any kind) Flying/leaping from the turnbuckle Elbow drop Moonsault Double Stomp – *note this is a Devastating move, use with care. Corkscrew Moonsault Spinning Heel Kick Spinning Back Fist Flying Side Kick: Extreme cases as this move can put someone down for good if done properly. Hurricane Rana/ other Rana’s too. Judo Throw or Atomic Throw(To lighter opponents, and only to heavyweights when momentum is used.) Springboard Dropkick Rolling Fireman’s Carry: Get someone into a fireman’s carry, then flip forward, impacting their back into the mat. Johnny Kick (Super Kick - Usually used to set up an Armed and Dangerous.) The Barracuda: Over the Shoulder Half Crab. Can be used as a finishing submission but mainly used to wear down an opponent. Common Moves: Any Martial Art’s kick Any Martial Art’s chop Arm Drag Flying Clothesline Spinning Boot Scrape Neck Breaker (Rear and swinging) Missile Dropkick Jaw Breaker DDT (Various kinds) Russian Leg Sweep Elbow Drop Leg Drop Front Face lock Elbow Drop Bulldog Body Press Belly to Belly Suplex/Back to Belly/German (for similar sized opponents) Rare Moves: Flying Head BUTT from the turnbuckle Vertebreaker – When a tremendous hit is needed to get a pin (BIG money matches/Feud Matches) Finishers: *Special thanks go out to Frost and T. Murray Flesher, esq. for helping me name these finishers, and helping me to pick a good one out.* Primary - The Cover Up A.K.A. Diamond Dust Johnny gets his opponent in an inverted DDT, sits on the top rope, somersaults over the opponent, and pulls them down with a Diamond Cutter. If you don’t know what a diamond cutter is, here you go. The attacker applies 3/4 face lock (basically, the victim's head on the attacker's shoulder with the attacker forming a headlock around the top of their head as the attacker has their back to the victim), and drops down to the mat (flat on your back) impacting the victim's chin into the attacker's shoulder. Secondary - Armed and Dangerous - Running Fist Drop Johnny darts for the ropes while the opponent lies face up on the mat. He bounces back and flips in the air, coming down fist first on their chest or face. *NOTE* Johnny usualy sets up this move with a Johnny Kick A.K.A. A super kick. Arial Secret Splash - A different top rope move everytime. Moonsault/Corkscrew Moonsault/Moonsault Double Stomp/Frog Spalsh/Etc..you get the idea. *Credits for this manuver go directly to Z* Notes: Johnny is a fairly respectable wrestler. He’s never been one to cheat in any job before so why start now. When done wrong however, Johnny has no problem with letting it all cut loose in order to bring justice to himself. He is a clean cut, handsome guy that women fall all over for. His brash cocky style can sometimes get him in trouble, as he sometimes tries a little too hard to impress the women in the audience. As a side note Johnny is on a secret mission to uncover a mystery man in the SWF, who is wanted for crimes unknown. The wrestlers and announcers do not know about this, they simply believe that his gimick is just him being a spy. Bio: Johnny “The Barracuda” Dangerous is a real life spy (Like James Bond M7 type of spy), who has been sent on a top secret mission to infiltrate the Smarks Wrestling Federation, under the guise of a wrestler with a spy gimmick named none other than Johnny “The Barracuda” Dangerous. According to the “Agency’s” reports someone lurking in the SWF is behind some seriously huge criminal activities and Johnny must uncover the plot, and put a stop to it or die trying! With the Agency’s political power backing it, getting Johnny Dangerous a SWF tryout was not a problem, Johnny’s natural charm, and charisma made him a shoe in for a future star in the SWF, and as such Johnny was signed to a contract almost instantly, putting the mission into effect. Unfortunately for Johnny, learning the art of wrestling has not been an easy road. At first he relied on his brawling that gave him many victories over some of the most notorious scum on the planet. However, those notorious villains were never trained wrestlers, and Johnny soon found out that these wrestlers could beat a brawler in no time. Since then Johnny has seemingly picked up a lot of wrestling maneuvers from someone and started working his way up the roster like what was originally planned, grabbing the SJL World Championship in the process. With the fans backing and believing in this new star, Johnny is quickly rising to new heights of popularity. Will it be enough to get him where he needs to go in order to complete his real task? Only time can tell, and the clock is slowly ticking away…
  6. Secret Agent

    Brock bombing as champ?

    Man it's so good that everyone on here can put on a better match than Brock Lesner. I have only seen him wrestle twice in person, and that was when he was doing dark matches against the local natives. Back then he was getting cheered, and he put on a pretty damn good match. Brock is by no means the best in the business, but to me it's good to see a fresh face in the main event. I'm so tired of watching Undertaker and HHH hogging the main event. What i would like to see is Angle vs Lesner, that would be a match.