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    Bankywood Industries v. 69

    erg....ok, I guess I dont visit this board enough, but I have no idea what the fuck is going on
  2. Styles


    I've never really had any motivation to watch any XPW since its been panned by just about every reviewer, but it is wrestling (supposedly), so does anyone know what matches will be shown and can give a quick review of them and if it's worth ordering? Thanks.
  3. Styles

    Sting in NWA TNA

    Notice the avatar! He's coming June 18th! BE THERE!
  4. Styles

    TSM Forums Crash 2003

    Guys I have an even better idea! I say they turn Kane into a MONSTER! Unmask him and tell everyone that his scars only exist in his head (but when he's unmasked the first time put a lot of dark makeup on him so the people aren't confused). Then have him set Jim Ross on FIRE! It will be over huge and give Jonathan Coachman another chance at being the lead guy on RAW. Then, to get even more heat he can TOMBSTONE Linda Mcmahon! To play up on the whole monster thing Kane can be led by chains wherever he goes and they can say he's under "house arrest" while JR thinks about pressing charges (but he'll be allowed to come to RAW to work anyway, need him on the show, right?) As for RVD? phffft. Forget him, Kane's rival? SHANE MCMAHON. It will be awesome after Kane tombstones Linda, Shane makes his return and just demolishes Kane. I know this is all fantasy booking which isn't encouraged on the board, but it would totally turn WWE around if they would just try something like this. Hey, if it happens, you know who to thanks!
  5. I live on the other side of the country in Maryland but watching him on the tonight show got me real pumped up! I would totally vote for him.
  6. Styles

    New Shopzone Items

    Those are pretty bad and just reek of nerdy wrestling shirt. Matt's current shirt is pretty cool though.
  7. Styles

    nwa: tna dvds

    We've been having this discussion for over a month now. When they're released you'll know about it...
  8. Styles

    What was the best match 8/6/03?

    Loved the tag match. I was totally buying every near fall. They literally squandered 20 minutes that should have gone to the ultra rushed cage match and the double screw job Russo Du Jour left a bad taste in my mouth after the X title match.
  9. Styles

    TSM Forums Crash 2003

    Let's see how I look... lol, remember folks JUNE 18 2003! STING IN TNA! Be sure to order! And FINALLY Aj has won the title...