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  1. ravenlo

    My WWE Theme Collection

    What about Bigelow's 1987-88 WWF face theme?
  2. ravenlo

    The Real Maxx Payne Documentary

    Anyone see the Jimmy Garvin tape from backstage at the Great American Bash 88? He released that through RF video...and Hawk does cocaine on it
  3. After reading both of the Tributes books, I was interested in seeing some obits (like Bossman and Eddie Guerrero's,for example); is there any site that has them available to read? Thanks
  4. I know the new Scott Hall torch talk is all the rage now; but I was wondering if anyone had Nash's torch talk from last year still online,as I missed out on that one. Thanks
  5. ravenlo

    Wrestlemania Anthology

    Exactly. The best way to go is to get the original ppv broadcast of each WM(especially the first 7), and convert them to dvd(that's what I did)
  6. ravenlo

    My AWA

    Which version of EWR lets you play as past federations like this? Please lmk-thanks.
  7. ravenlo

    Randy Savage...

    Wow, what was the source for him banging Steph?
  8. Hey, is there anyplace that has these online (older ones)? Is there an archive of them? Thanks
  9. ravenlo

    SHawn Michaels on Piper's Pit?

    lol thanks.
  10. Does anyone here have the segment with Michaels on Piper's Pit from RAW on their pc? Please let me know-thanks.
  11. ravenlo

    What was your favorite moment from

    The feeling of awe after the Awesome-Tanaka match. Here's to hoping that they get signed(imo)...
  12. No luck so far; I called the HMV in the mall; they don't have any yet...if anyone around the area finds any of these dvd's for sale(including the ROad Warriors one) please post in here...
  13. Cool; here's to hoping that it's in Newmarket:)
  14. Anyone know the release dates of these in Canada? Are they available anywhere? Thanks.
  15. ravenlo

    Flubbed lines in promos

    The funniest one in recent memory was in 99, whn Boss Man was feuding with Al Snow...it was around the time when Al was looking for Pepper(his dog), and Boss Man was "sympathizing" with him, by saying how he was attached to an animal when he was a kid; he then mentioned how his "dog got ran over by a dog.....I mean truck". If someone has a clip of that, I'd be set.