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  1. Prime Time Andrew Doyle

    Impact spoilers for March 12th

    I see it going the other way with Sting going fully fledged heel.
  2. Prime Time Andrew Doyle

    TNA Against All Odds 2009

    Sting rocking the Wolfpac red tights today.
  3. Prime Time Andrew Doyle

    Tennis Thread.

    I don't reckon Fed will add to his GS record at this event. I think one of Rafa, Djokic or Tsonga will take it out. Thats not to say that he isn't a chance, but the others just seem to be playing a bit better at the moment.
  4. Prime Time Andrew Doyle

    Raven files a lawsuit against the WWE

    I like how Ravens contract was witnessed in Cobb County, GA. Maybe Bossman hooked Raven up with the notary public.
  5. Prime Time Andrew Doyle

    Impact goes live for one night only on 10/23

    From his book So I don't think so. From the wiki of The Joint posted earlier in this thread it said that The Joint opened in 1995.
  6. Prime Time Andrew Doyle

    kkk Bowl VI: Week 3

    Kansas City at Atlanta (5.5) Oakland at Buffalo (9.5) Tampa Bay at Chicago (3.5) Carolina at Minnesota (3.5) Miami at New England (12.5) Cincinnati at N.Y. Giants (13.5) Houston at Tennessee (5.5) Arizona at Washington (3.5) New Orleans at Denver (5.5) Detroit at San Francisco (4.5) St. Louis at Seattle (9.5) Cleveland at Baltimore (2.5) Jacksonville at Indianapolis (5.5) Pittsburgh at Philadelphia (3.5) (3.5) Dallas at Green Bay N.Y. Jets at San Diego (9.5) KC- 10 Points
  7. Prime Time Andrew Doyle

    kkk Bowl VI: Week 2

    Chicago at Carolina (3.5) Tennessee at Cincinnati (1.5) (3.5) Green Bay at Detroit Buffalo at Jacksonville (5.5) Oakland at Kansas City (3.5) (2.5) Indianapolis at Minnesota (8.5) N.Y. Giants at St. Louis New Orleans at Washington (0.5) San Francisco at Seattle (7.5) Atlanta at Tampa Bay (7.5) Miami at Arizona (6.5) (1.5) San Diego at Denver Baltimore at Houston (4.5) New England at N.Y. Jets (1.5) (6.5) Pittsburgh at Cleveland Philadelphia at Dallas (6.5) KC- 10 points
  8. Prime Time Andrew Doyle

    kkk Bowl VI: Week 1

    Washington at N.Y. Giants (3.5) (3.5) Detroit at Atlanta (1.5) Cincinnati at Baltimore (1.5) Seattle at Buffalo (3.5) N.Y. Jets at Miami Kansas City at New England (16.5) Tampa Bay at New Orleans (3.5) St. Louis at Philadelphia (7.5) Houston at Pittsburgh (6.5) (3.5) Jacksonville at Tennessee (4.5) Dallas at Cleveland Carolina at San Diego (9.5) (2.5) Arizona at San Francisco Chicago at Indianapolis (9.5) Minnesota at Green Bay (2.5) (3.5) Denver at Oakland KC 10 Points
  9. Prime Time Andrew Doyle

    kkk Bowl VI: Signups

    I'm in, but happy to switch teams if you wan't.
  10. Prime Time Andrew Doyle

    Radio WWF

    I think it was for a show at Boston Gardens.
  11. Prime Time Andrew Doyle

    WWF & WCW TV/PPV events overseas

    I remember the Thunder taping and I remember Flair got a pretty huge ovation, second only to Awesome. Was this the show where they had Elix Skipper talking shit about Goldberg when he was right behind him, then turned around and got speared? As an aside, did the Global Warning show in Melbourne, July 2002 ever shown in the U.S. I remember it having about 50,000 packed into the Telstra Dome and it was released on DVD here, but I'm not sure if it was ever shown in the U.S.
  12. Prime Time Andrew Doyle

    Observer Note

    Better than WWE, don't ya think? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> CM Punk is likely kicking himself in Louisville right now... His best friends (Joe and 'Cide) are getting (or will) big pushes on TNA which finally has national exposure and a big promotional machine behind it from Spike...and he's toiling in Louisville waiting to get used as fodder... Speaking of which, How much longer before TNA goes after Colt Cabana as well? The man is the total package of work-rate, comedy and charisma. Ha!
  13. Prime Time Andrew Doyle

    The 2008 Royal Rumble Thread

  14. Prime Time Andrew Doyle

    The OAO WWE DVD Thread

    I would think one major hurdle for the Survivor Series box set would be the 01 Series. The blurring and editing would be off the charts for that show.
  15. Prime Time Andrew Doyle

    kkk Bowl V: Week 14

    Carolina @ Jacksonville (10.5) (10.5) Dallas @ Detroit Miami @ Buffalo (7.5) N.Y. Giants @ Philadelphia (2.5) Oakland @ Green Bay (10.5) Pittsburgh @ New England (11.5) (1.5) San Diego @ Tennessee St. Louis @ Cincinnati (6.5) (3.5) Tampa Bay @ Houston Arizona @ Seattle (7.5) (8.5) Minnesota @ San Francisco (3.5) Cleveland @ N.Y. Jets Kansas City @ Denver (6.5) (9.5) Indianapolis @ Baltimore (4.5)New Orleans @ Atlanta Indy 31 points