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  1. Is the winner of Bisping-Hendo at 100 most likely the #1 contender to the MW title? I know at 95 they kept hyping Marquardt and Maia as potential #1 contenders, but I took that as the usual "what have you done lately" hyperbole.


    In an unrelated note, I saw that Stojnic v. Struve was signed as an undercard bout at 99. I get why it was made due to the international flavor, but I think I couldn't be less excited about a HW fight.



  2. I just wanted to say that Furnas and Rogers hurt me for tag teams, and dickhead, abusive to women Test was going to have a big spot in a heel faction in my promotion. Good picks.


    With my 12th pick, I wanted to get a strong heel who could get the state of Texas's blood to boil and pray that a face would beat him up.






    Gorgeous George (Jeffries not included)


  3. Edit: Wrong thread


    And I'll answer Kotz's question: No. It's always between who the committee deems the two worst teams in the tournament. It's basically the Special Olympics of the NCAA tournament.


    And I think they eased up on that because it would be MEAC vs. SWAC every year in the play-in game.


    Lots of thoughts, but I just back from work. Its funny whenever Syracuse has a good Garden run they jump 2-3 spots from what they deserve. I think they are a fun team to watch but I am not sure they are one of the 12 best teams in the country.





  4. I get your question, I do not think it would hurt UFC. They would probably just schedule a rematch for Silva, hope he wins and set up the possible Silva-GSP bout.


    Silva will have to go through at least one more fight before GSP due to scheduling anyway. I am sure if Silva lost it would lose some luster to the potential GSP bout, but he would get the first chance to win the MW Title back.