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    The Big Event in 1986

    I happen to have this video burned onto DVD, which is from the actual 1986 home video. The event was hosted in the broadcast booth by Gorilla Monsoon, "Luscious" Johnny V., and Ernie Ladd. All 3 of these guys are in the WWE Hall of Fame. The match I'm watching at the moment is King Tonga vs. Don Moraco. Johnny Valliant, of course, is my favorite heel manager/color commentator of all time behind Bobby Heenan. Johnny V. is the one guy that I find more entertaining than Heenan, probably because of his comedic New York City accent. I think he cut a great backstage promo at Wrestlemania 3. I think Gorilla Monsoon had 2 great heel commentators to work with in Heenan and Valliant. Has anyone else watched The Big Event from the WWF in 1986?
  2. JN News


    That's a good point. But, I still think that if they could get those issues settled long enough to add a game like Popeye to the Wii store long enough for me to get a hold of it, it would definately make my collection complete. (for all the retro NES games I have left, at least) I really enjoy playing NES game series like Donkey Kong & Super Mario Bros. But, not as much as games like Pinball & Mario Bros. Pinball happens to be one of those few games in which the sole playing purpose is to gain a shitload of points while you play, and beat your highest score. As for Mario Bros., I'd have a really tough time trying to find a second player to play Luigi as I play Mario. That's the one thing that makes the original Mario Bros. game so great, getting to see both Mario & Luigi in action.
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    Well, for the NES section of the Wii store, they have just about all the best retro games to download. I think they could complete their vast array of selections for NES if they only added the Popeye game.
  4. JN News


    Is there by any chance a way to send a request to the people who run the Wii Shooping Center network to add more games to the categories, such as NES? I'd like for them to add some more retro games to the network, such as Popeye & Snoopy for NES.
  5. JN News

    WWE No Way Out 2009

    Well, I think it's time for them to finally put an end to that angle, and I'm sure they'll find a way to end it.
  6. JN News

    WWE General Discussion - February 2009

    A member of Graham Cawthon's message board is saying that WWE.com had reported that John Cena has been suspended for 30 days. He said that he saw the report on the WWE website. However, I've checked WWE.com, and it's nowhere on there. Now, that news might've been put up on the WWE website, but taken down for some reason. I'm trying to find out if there's any truth to this current WWE rumor of Cena being suspended, right now. The only way to find out if this rumor is true is if WWE.com puts it back up, or not. If they don't put it back up on WWE.com, and if Cena continues onward to Wrestlemania, this year, then maybe he's not getting suspended, and the webmasters of WWE.com might've made a mistake. If he is getting suspended for 30 days, then he might've violated the wellness policy, which might explain Cena losing the gold to Edge, tonight.
  7. JN News

    Christian's Re-debut in WWE has occurred!

    Someone needs to find out who sings the remixed theme for Christian. It kinda makes me think that WWE released WWE The Music vol. 9 a little too early.
  8. JN News

    WWE No Way Out 2009

    ***** Hmm, are we talking about that old "Sensable Orton" thing, or what? Anyway, I think that tonight's PPV was quite unique, what with where they went tonight with Edge. I personally would like to see Edge get moved back to RAW, because of him winning the World Heavyweight Title tonight after losing the WWE Championship. I'm thinking that they could make a ruling that since the World Heavyweight Title is currently the property of RAW, that they could "convert Edge's contract" from SmackDown! to RAW. Just my two cents.
  9. JN News

    The Youtube Thread

    Horsemen members, Brian Pillman & Chris Benoit vs. Bart Sawyer & Buck Quartermain on WCW Pro in early 1996.
  10. JN News

    WWE SmackDown - January 30, 2009

    Why would Jericho win back the title a month before Wrestlemania when Orton has the title shot? Come on JN News, I know you are so much smarter than that. That was merely myself doing yet another impersonation of the actual Shawn Valloric from Wrestlepalooza.com. Of course, John Cena is gonna win the RAW EC. We all know that don't we? The bottom line is that Cena vs. Orton is gonna happen for the WHC at Wrestlemania. And Vince is gonna cream himself for his own Hossinized EC for SmackDown!
  11. JN News

    WWE SmackDown - January 30, 2009

    Well, we all know that Vince loves his Hosses, and doesn't give a damn about giving the fans a great match in the main event. So, what he did was create two main events for No Way Out. One EC will be full of Hosses (Bah Gawd), and the other will be full of guys that can actually put on a great match. Vince can have a main event to make HIM happy. (Hosses) And the RAW main event can something that all the fans can be proud of. Probably a win-win situation for both parties. The WWE Universe and Vince McMahon. *actually turns into Shawn Valloric* Jericho had BETTER FUCKING WIN BACK THE TITLE, OR I'LL FUCKING KILL WWE! Ok, no more BS. That's just my theory. A win-win situation.
  12. JN News

    Armchair Bookers: What if Rick Rude...

    I would've loved to see Rude to survive and live to this very day to get inducted into the Hall of Fame. I also would've loved to see Rude return to the WWF in 2000 to work some kind of angle with HHH & Stephanie.
  13. I was just told by an MSN contact that former WWE wrestler, Chris Masters has passed away. It happened this afternoon. I'll try to get the full story to post it right here.
  14. JN News

    WWE SmackDown - January 30, 2009

    One will have Hoss brutality and the other will have innovative flippy-shit. Well, you know that with JR being on SD!, now, and with the SD! EC being "Hossinized", at least someone's gonna "mark out". (Bah Gawd)
  15. JN News

    Chris Masters & JN News have passed away...

    No, I confirmed it. I, the almighty wrestling purist/genius, Shawn Valloric, know EVERYTHING about wrestling. *suddenly sees his sweetheart, Jericho get double jobbed out to both The Rock & Triple H in the ring, 100% extra squeeky clean, and then listens to a 20 year promo from both guys on how great they are* OMG, FUCK YOU, WWE!
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    Um, Nighthawk? Isn't that the kind of thing that'll get you BANNED, sir?
  17. JN News

    The Youtube Thread

    My apologies if these were already posted.
  18. JN News

    Chris Masters & JN News have passed away...

    Ok, it's time for another ROCK UPDATE! 100,000,000 punches 200,000,000 kicks 2 DDT's Rock Bottom People's Elbow Wins the match in his same, usual shitty fashion. And now, he's cutting a 24 hour promo about a monkey's genetallia. (SP?)
  19. JN News

    Hey Everybody... Got beef? Come to the chat!

    *goes into his usual Wrestlepalooza rant* OMG, I HATE WWE! I HATE THE ROCK! I HATE HHH! I HATE VINCE FOR NEVER, EVER PUSHING JERICHO SERIOUSLY! Fuck You, Vince!
  20. JN News

    Legends of WrestleMania

    IF The Big Bossman and Goldberg are gonna be included in this game, and I hope they will be, I'm gonna have a match were Bossman beats Goldberg in the ring at a Wrestlemania, so that we can have 101 Reasons why Bossman is better than Goldberg.
  21. JN News

    2009 Hall of Fame

    Maybe either Tommy Dreamer or Dusty Rhodes, perhaps. I'd personally push for Dusty, because of his well-documented history with The Funks in the old NWA.
  22. JN News


    <--------*starts boasting again* Well, giving that I've downloaded all that I want from the Wii store, the only games I'd like to see added to their NES wing is "Popeye" and "Snoopy's Silly Sports Spectacular", because Popeye has always been an all-time favorite for me, and the Snoopy game has always held a special place in my heart.
  23. JN News

    WWE Raw - January 12, 2009

    Nah, Jericho's probably going back to becoming HHH's bitch on SD!.
  24. JN News

    WWE Raw - January 12, 2009

    I think with Jericho getting "fired" from RAW, he may be going to SmackDown! Why, you ask? Simple, because you know wHHHo obviously misses him. HHHe HHHasn't buried Jericho in a long time.
  25. JN News

    WWE General Discussion - January 2009

    http://www.wwe.com/inside/news/andrethegiantsbookreleased WWE is releasing an Andre The Giant book, according to WWE.com. The article that you'll see in the link above should be an interesting read.