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  1. Mecha Mummy

    The Office Season 5

    I think the only official one is Kelly's, which is funny but only updates on Thursdays. This is way better.
  2. Mecha Mummy

    ROH vs. CHIKARA: Would it Work?

    And the fact that their general styles were so vastly different. Technical/"pure"/workrate-y wrestling vs. hardcore/ultraviolent/garbage wrestling is one thing, but trying to do that against a company like CHIKARA is just silly. A one-off joint show would be one thing though I couldn't ever actually see it happening for various reasons, but a feud? Not for a second.
  3. Mecha Mummy

    Joss Whedon's Dollhouse

    I dunno. I felt it wasn't as good as either 2 or 4, though it blew 1, 3, and 5 out of the water completely. But then, a test pattern could probably blow the third episode out of the water.
  4. Mecha Mummy

    WWE General Discussion - March 2009

    Oh this is just pandering. Who in their right mind actually thinks that?
  5. Mecha Mummy

    Joss Whedon's Dollhouse

    Eh, there's some important stuff that happened here, though it was a big step down from last week; the aforementioned flashbacks (which I thought made a fair amount of sense), the connection between the Dollhouse and Rossum Whatever-the-Hell, giving more insight on how people actually get recruited for the Dollhouse, and so on. But mostly the highlight of the episode was DeWitt wigging out. The shot of her on the trampoline in the background was hysterical.
  6. Mecha Mummy

    WWE General Discussion - March 2009

    Elijah Burke was a really outspoken Obama supporter on his WWE.com blog too.
  7. Mecha Mummy

    The Office Season 5

    Was that a The Graduate reference at the end with Michael and Pam's triumphant smiles basically vanishing as they kept walking?
  8. Mecha Mummy

    30 Rock

    For some reason I found Kennith's amazing look of bug-eyed glee at seeing muppet Jack even funnier than the visual of muppet Jack itself. I liked the entire episode; for a Dennis episode it was pretty light on actual Dennis (what, three scenes?), and as maybe the only person who really likes Jenna even if a lot of her subplots are weak (werewolf lawyer, that thing last week), I thought she was used well in this one. The Office had more interesting plotting in the end and I was more engaged in what was going on there, but in terms of which show was funnier 30 Rock won this week decisively.
  9. Mecha Mummy

    Joss Whedon's Dollhouse

    Eh. I would say watch the actual segments at the Dollhouse from the first episode and also the end of the episode with the FBI guy watching the video of Echo, watch all of the second episode, only watch the FBI guy scenes from the third and maybe the end of that episode for the overall moral/plot point of it, watch all of the fourth, and then the fifth... I dunno about the fifth. Episodes two and four are both pretty good TV and worth watching, but 1, 3, and 5 have really weak main plots (especially 3, which is one of the worst hours of a Whedon show I've seen outside of the sixth season of Buffy).
  10. Mecha Mummy

    30 Rock

    Yeah, the Jenna story was pretty much going through the motions Jenna By Numbers stuff, but everything else was great. They need to find a way to shoehorn Cranston in to a future episode.
  11. Mecha Mummy

    The Office Season 5

    Jim being completely dismantled was kind of wonderful.
  12. Mecha Mummy

    '90s Song Tournament Nominations

    Lush - "De-Luxe" Ben Folds Five - "Lullabye" Weezer - "Only in Dreams" De La Soul - "A Roller Skating Jam Named 'Saturday'" Cibo Matto - "Sugar Water" Jamiroquai - "Cosmic Girl" Beastie Boys - "Intergalactic" They Might Be Giants - "I Palindrome I" Soundgarden - "Blow Up the Outside World" Digable Planets - "Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)" Blur - "She's So High" Pixies - "Dig For Fire" XTC - "My Bird Performs" Harvey Danger - "Flagpole Sitta" Pearl Jam - "Do the Evolution" Marcy Playground - "It's Saturday" Cake - "Let Me Go" Nirvana - "Molly's Lips" (I've seen some other covers nominated so this is cool, right?) So basically all of my nominations would probably be gone in short order, but eh. Also, holy shit, seconding the nomination of "Little Black Backpack" by Stroke 9. I had no idea there were other people who still remember that song, I loved that one so much back in 1999. My list is sort of a mix of songs I really love now that happened to be released in the '90s (yeah, obviously I wasn't a Pixies fan when that song was released) and songs that I loved a lot at the time so they sort of represent that time period for me, or just songs that when I hear them I have this weird "oh my god this is such a 90's song" reaction that I can't coherently explain ("It's Saturday," "Do the Evolution"). I would maybe have gone the latter route more except honestly, I only started having real opinions about music in like... 1999. So that would give me only two or three years to work with, more or less.
  13. Mecha Mummy

    Joss Whedon's Dollhouse

    Not much, which I think was the point; the whole thing was fabricated on the part of that one guy who was so deadset on getting the cult leader for managing to get out of prison the last time he was arrested. To be fair, episode six is in fact actually supposed to be the episode where the show kicks into high gear or what-have-you, according to an interview with Eliza Dushku a couple weeks back. That doesn't make those sorts of previews not overused and agonizingly bad. As for Eliza's acting, eh, I thought he was fine doing the blind schtick, but when she suddenly turned into Faith with crappy lines like the "Move your ass!" one I wasn't so impressed.
  14. Mecha Mummy

    CHIKARA King Of Trios 2009

    Eh. You're still getting one-third of them with a tag team never before seen in CHIKARA, and I know Uno is working KoT weekend anyway. Also, first first round match is Team EPIC WAR vs. the F1RST Family, which is a mild surprise. I'm picking F1RST Family to advance and probably face a team like DDT, PWG, or The Portal in the quarterfinals.
  15. Mecha Mummy

    Moments So Contrived

    Yeah, but he joined it as a mole or something like that, so it's not like he actually forgave Austin for doing that. Also, good god, "CLB." I don't know if that's contrived as much as just lame as hell, I can't believe they spent like a couple months trying to get that stupid nickname over.