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  1. Yuna_Firerose

    Resident Evil: Degeneration

    I'd say the protagonist role is equally shared between and Claire, though they spend much of that time apart. The rest of the characters are 2d and predictable. Fat guy? Evil! British guy? Evil! Overexcited cop? Zombie food! ...etc. The real standout for me though was Angela, voiced by Laura Bailey, who also voiced Rayne from the BloodRayne series. $30 good? Psh, hell no. I'd say a rental at best.
  2. Yuna_Firerose


    If budget is a concern, they should return to the formula of S1, back when the show was character driven and not about all the fancy effects. Also, not having so many damn cast members would help. Considering he was standing close to Nathan after the Eclipse then he should be doing that already.
  3. Yuna_Firerose

    The Dark Knight

    Any details on the Wal-Mart exlusive deal? What sort of comic book(s) they'll include, how the coin looks?
  4. Yuna_Firerose


    Major plothole. Yes he was in a coma for the last one, but what about the eclipse prior to that one? Apparently in the Heroes verse, eclipses happen once a year or so. Arthur is, what, in his late 40s? So he'd know it's a seasonal thing.
  5. Yuna_Firerose


    Elle had her powers from childhood, if what HRG said was true. Likely she was given them unnaturally, but even so, how and why would the Eclipse affect that?
  6. Yuna_Firerose


  7. Yuna_Firerose


    He forgot her the moment he saw Adam. No, really. It's sad that it's true.
  8. Yuna_Firerose

    House Season 5

    If they can have girl/girl on the show, I demand equal opportunity. Which I doubt'll ever happen, given the loathsome House/Cuddy "kiss" that I've read about.
  9. Yuna_Firerose

    Campaign 2008

    Um. Wow. I'm ashamed to be from Ohio with these people. Because he has a different skin tone that automatically means he hates white people? The fuck?! And he's a terrorist. Ugh... I'm glad I'm only now tuning in to the whole Presidential campaign stuff.
  10. Yuna_Firerose

    Life On Mars

    Original was better. But I could see this going on for a while. Too bad everyone in the cast is a 1,000 better than Jason O'Mara. He's just absolutely atrocious as Sam.
  11. Yuna_Firerose


    Yeah, he got the ability and now he's stuck in a coma. Personally I don't much care for the direction his character is taking this season. On some level I can understand what they were trying to do - in order to save the world he has to become a villain - but if anything that made him more of an idiot. Now he's slicing heads left and right like some addict on speed. If anything that just made him worse. I miss the Peter from S1 where he was trying to get out of Nathan's shadow, be more than just a nurse and save the world, etc. Why must Sylar be a Petrelli anyway? To me, that just seemed like the writers using a stock cliche to give his character an unnecessary "development". (Not to mention ruins all those Petlar fics I read ) The final scene in the car, with HRG, Claire and Sylar, almost made me intrigued by the potential for a Sylar-Claire match up. Also, what happened to his super hearing? While he was waiting by the car, and HRG was wanting vortex-guy to kill him, he seemed unable to hear them. Whereas we know from his Road Trip of Awesome with Mohinder, that's not the case. Papa Petrelli is a completely unnecessary addition to the cast. As is the sudden overpowering of Nightmare Man. Mohinder is dull already, but at least he shut Maya up. That's a plus.
  12. Yuna_Firerose

    The Dark Knight

    From DVDTown.com, the 'official' cover art:
  13. Yuna_Firerose

    The Bruno movie

    A video about it. I actually feel bad for him in watching this, how they hound him mercilessly. But I guess that's to be expected.
  14. Yuna_Firerose


    I actually like Parkman. I'd rather see more of him than cockroach!Mohinder. or Tracy/Nikki/Jessica which makes absolutely no fucking sense no matter how they'll try to explain it. The African man's "Should've gone with Sprint" was way too blatant of an ad, in my opinion. (Nikki holding a Sprint = far more subtle). So far I'm liking S3. I think they're overcompensating for S2's opening with so many people being able to predict the future in some way, to the point where Mama Petrelli's power is completely different. Her power in S2 was shown to be persuasion, indicated by her 'convincing' Nathan's wife to leave him. Emo!Claire I can tolerate; at least she's no longer dependant on some random cute guy in school and is actually trying to do something with her power. If ever I hear "I'm just a cheerleader" again, it'll be too soon. A nice touch I love is the return of S1's scoring.
  15. Yuna_Firerose

    The Dark Knight

    Source: CinemaBlend: Personally I'm hoping for, at the very least, deleted scenes and perhaps a blooper reel. Though that last is more a pipe dream.