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    http://www.rlslog.net/heroes-s1-e00-12-dvd-rip-topaz/ - DVD rip of the episodes, 00-12. On a side by side comparison with the other copies, they're not that much different. A bit sharper and less cropped. Its interesting rewatching the earlier episodes now, knowing the end. Also, more casting news. Source: tvguide.com
  2. Yuna_Firerose

    SAW IV

    I'd have to agree. I love Saw III only for the bits with Jigsaw and Amanda, really; the trap with the pigs truly went way over the line. There a thousand and one other ways to force Jeff to deal with the death of his son. Rotting pig guts is *not* one of them. Yeah, the heart of the scene was really him burning the toys, but c'mon... rotting slush? I think another problem with Saw III, in terms of the traps, was Jeff being a complete imbecile and taking forever to decide what to do. Especially at the end, with the kid's murderer on the cross. Yeah lets wait until all four limbs are broken before doing something. Please. The movie is all about John and Amanda for me; Leigh Whannell even mentioned he found them more interesting than the traps in one of the commentaries. So whoever decided they needed to amp up the violence per flick is a fuckin' idiot. And I agree about Amanda disobeying the rules. Kinda the point, really. Like with the Angel of Death trap. They don't define the time between the second and third film, and she has no engineering expertise whatsoever. Yet she was able to construct such a machine without John knowing? The only theory I could think of is that he made a non-lethal one, that is one she could escape from, and Amanda changed it. (There is a set-up of the trap in the workshop, one that is escapable...) What I find amusing about Saw II and III is that, despite having their own plots, they're really about explaining the first film. I certainly hope for another view of Dr. Gordon. Given his injury, 9/10 chances would say he died. John left Adam to starve, why not leave the doctor to bleed to death? Yet I doubt it. The doc would be more useful. After all, in Saw III John mentions he "could have an ambulance here in four minutes"; which would indicate he has connections. Amanda couldn't very well steal a heart-rate monitor.
  3. Yuna_Firerose

    SAW IV

    Details are out for the Uncut Edition of Saw III. I'm so psyched for the commentary w/Tobin Bell and Shawnee Smith. According to DVDTown, The cover on the Trilogy set is absolutely freaky. I know what they were going for - well, sorta - but I can't see it appealing to anyone. Face on the doll would take up too much space on a dvd shelf. I personally prefer the regular case for Saw: Uncut edition anyways; the floating blood is cheap but cool. Too bad the glass case was so fuckin' fragile >.< But, anyway. Pics below.
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    Eh, my mistake; I hadn't seen him before I made the post. Currently on the beginning of Distractions right now. I love him so far and his, uh, training methods. Steal a purse, give it to Peter, and then run off. Classic.
  5. Yuna_Firerose

    Odd Uninstallation Issue w/Symantec

    Due to Symantec being pesky with .rars, I uninstalled it and got NOD32. I did the usual uninstallation - go to control panel, add/remove, etc. Now, whenever I right-click on *anything* - be it a movie file, folder, recycle bin, anything - a dialog pops-up for Windows Installer. It says 'Preparing to Install...' and then this: After I press cancel, it goes away, and I continue with the right-click action as normal... but this damn installer pops up *every time* I use right-click. Its highly annoying, and I've no idea how to get rid of it. So, anyone have any ideas...? Thanks in advance =)
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    This thread officially rules. I'm reading through it as I watch each episode. Didn't want to comment till I watched the end (which I haven't, just started 1x12). This fuckin' ruled. I love the dynamic of evil mentor/frustrated youngin'. Possibilities are endless. ;P
  7. Yuna_Firerose

    Summer Television

    Catching up on Heroes. Saw a trailer for it on Hot Fuzz and, before I knew what it was, thought 'Well that looks interesting'. I've never seen an episode, something that rather shocked a few friends. So, I'll give it a look-see. Beyond that, nothing. Only show I watch on TV is House, and the next season looks to be utter crap... but, that's another topic.
  8. Yuna_Firerose

    Alvin and the Chipmunks

    http://www.cinemablend.com/new/Chipmunks-M...ailer-5907.html Little more than a minute in, and we have scat humor. Nice. Real nice.
  9. Yuna_Firerose

    Chris Benoit Dead - Toxicology results released

    The Benoit murders were done by a satanic cult. Apparently there's even evidence to support the theory. No, thats not me saying it, but "The Globe", one of those tabloid things that catch your eye in the check-out lane. I thought it was amusing.
  10. Yuna_Firerose

    Which Gaming site do you prefer

    This I haven't noticed, but then again, I don't read every single review, only the few games I'm interested in. I enjoy how in-depth they go, sometimes up to four pages. If their video reviews were free, I'd watch 'em. I can't imagine paying for that shit, though; I'll just read the text review and be done with it. I'd definetly have to agree with this. There's a few guys there that know how to speak and don't have total stage fright when reviewing, and actually put enthusiam, fake or not, into their words. There was one vid review I watched where the guy spoke in a total monotone; I think it was for an FPS. I really miss X-Play; despite the stupidity of the shows, the two hosts were amusing in their reviews. I'll have to check out their archives (unless TechTV changed to basic cable, we don't get the channel anymore).
  11. Yuna_Firerose

    Trick R'Treat Trailer

    Well I figured that much out. The guy looks like he's about to pass out. Or its just one of those goofy-male-faces. And I don't take that as an insult. I quite like my reputation. Can't imagine going to another forum without it. But hey, least ya can't complain about my sig anymore. No guys kissing, least aways for now. Just sweet Nancy.
  12. Yuna_Firerose

    Trick R'Treat Trailer

    Your avatar is more entertaining than that trailer. Where the hell is it from?
  13. Yuna_Firerose

    Trick R'Treat Trailer

    See, could've looked that up. But it wasn't worth it. The movie sucks ass irregardless. Er, Trick R'Treat, not Lets Go to Prison.
  14. Yuna_Firerose

    Trick R'Treat Trailer

    Thurman Merman! And that... guy who plays the warden in Lets Go to Prison! Otherwise, the trailer sucked ass. Basically showed - twice! - that the father dude carving up pumpkins does some killing. Total yawn-fest. Only reason I can see Pacquin and Cox in it due to some bastard of a contract they couldn't get out of.
  15. Yuna_Firerose

    Which Gaming site do you prefer

    Gamespot, for the video reviews. IGN has great reviews to read, but video trumps it.
  16. Yuna_Firerose

    Be my new signature.

    Alas, no camera, or I'd so do it. Got a mic instead. Which certainly doesn't help. ...Or does it? Hmmm...
  17. Yuna_Firerose

    I contacted a BDSM/Fetish escort

    Fuckin' do it, ya pussy. Don't make me talk all dominatrix-y. I'm just tired enough to try.
  18. Yuna_Firerose

    I'm scared.

    ...Nope. I'm definetly too chicken to call "Lord Satan". Though it is tempting.
  19. Yuna_Firerose

    Shitty Scenes in Great Movies

    Robin Hood: Men in Tights - The Don Giovanni scene. Obviously the movie is incredibly dated, but that scene just firmly roots it in the early 90s. The whole scene just reeks; from the bad impression to the quickly-jump-to-random-joke dialogue, just everything annoys me. What is with the love for doing bad impersonations of the Godfather? Seems like every other show on Disney channel has one. My sister watches that crap channel, so I subsequently hear most of it. >.>;
  20. Yuna_Firerose

    The Dark Knight

    In the sense of interesting and bizarre, yeah.
  21. Yuna_Firerose

    The Dark Knight

    Technically, Begins had four villains, although two of which were barely sketched in. The kneejerk reaction is to think there's just way too many villains in BB:DK, but if they only have Hall as Nygma, I can sorta see it working (although they'll likely tease at his transformation, which may or may not totally suck). While I can see Hall being good as the nobody scientist who's obsessed with Wayne, I just can't imagine him in a green leotard. Besides, Carrey totally owned that role for me; I doubt anyone could top it, let alone matching it. ...This looks like something from a Marilyn Manson porno. Which is not an insult cuz, honestly, that'd be cool.
  22. Yuna_Firerose

    Dog rapes baby

    Oh gosh, I don't even remember that :/
  23. Yuna_Firerose

    Chris Benoit Dead - Toxicology results released

    Please enlighten the unknowing about his 'lying' and 'real reason' for being fired. No, I don't mean that sarcastically.
  24. Yuna_Firerose

    Dog rapes baby

    Very awkward wording.
  25. Yuna_Firerose

    What is the best DVD ripping program?

    Ditto on DVDShrink. Combined with AnyDVD, its been able to backup almost anything I could throw at it. Only one movie I had trouble with - Strange than Fiction - due to an invalid navigational structure, whatever the fuck that means. I ended up buying the movie anyways. Its free, though outdated. Haven't found anything that beats it. For burning, I use CloneDVD. Two clicks and you're burning; really smooth and streamlined interface. Not the prettiest, but it gets the job done quickly.