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  1. QOAW

    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    There was the upstaging of Czech's bullshit tourney, and racism, and attention whoring, and posting in the Sports forum which is serious business. I shouldn't be here in the first place. I said I was going to leave and I'm mentally weak.
  2. QOAW

    A Letter to Leena

    Hi. I'm in a good mood since I look similar to the Ms. Heidi Klum entry above this when I wear my Victoria's Secret push-up tiger brassiere. It took me 6 weeks, but I'm here. I'm supposedly autistic, so I do silly repetitive actions like that. I'm trying to stop! I'm too lazy to add a Cromartiesque footnote. I think everyone that's posted at forums.thesmartmarks.com for 5+ years is a punchline. Except like Edwin, because he's smarter than all of us. A lot. I'm sure that will cease once I'm pregnant. There's your alternative. Imagine if people had to pay to go to this board. Heh, most of the main posters do now. Poor dopes. It's about the attention I get. Yes, I'm a Grade A Attention Whore. Sorry. It actually is. I can't get masses of unattractive hippie males to constantly flame me IRL. At least until I had a Mrs. Sarah Louise Heath Palin sign on our lawn. No, no. It's xoxo. Meh. There's worse.
  3. QOAW

    Cuts are a comin!

    Everyone loves Fehr-teej. This isn't Santino we're talkin' about.
  4. QOAW

    2008 NFL Mock Draft #2

    I don't know this Alyanna, but where will this blog be. Will you be a draft expert for ESPN. Please kill Scoop Jackson and like nearly everyone. xoxo.
  5. QOAW

    "Don't even quit." -Emmitt Smith

    Why weren't you playing Cotchery over Branch and Driver before that. Patrick Willis > DeMeco. In fantasy baseball, Champions must adapt every day.