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  1. bobobrazil1984

    NBA Offseason chatter

    I've got the Orlando Magic in 6. Their mental toughness is just phenomenal. They've got the kind of nobody-believes-in-us resilience I haven't seen since the 04 Pistons. And I think Dwight finally has the right mindset - Dominate. When Dwight is on, he is a complete monster. Not to mention Orlando has owned LAL this off-season, just like they did Cleveland. As long as he can effectively defend Pau Gasol... They are not going to be mentally crushed if Kobe plays extremely well. They just stared down a Lebron James who was scoring 40 points regularly, and calmly shrugged off game-winning miracle shot by Lebron.
  2. bobobrazil1984

    NBA Offseason chatter

    Orlando's resiliance and mental toughness is just phenomenal. Ever since the game 5 meltdown against Boston, they've been amazing.
  3. bobobrazil1984

    NBA Offseason chatter

    Unbelievable ending, and FANTASTIC conference finals so far. Cant wait for Game 3!!!! Poor Orlando. 1 second away from essentially icing the Cavs. I've been impressed by Orlando's mental toughness, coming back from that Game 5 loss against the Celtics, winning game 7 in boston, recouping huge deficits against the Cavs in both games. Even going back to when they beat Philly without Dwight. We're really gonna see what they are made out of now though. Lebron just ripped their hearts out. If they are title worthy, they will win Game 3. If they lose it, imo they will be mentally beaten, to go from playing great in cleveland to getting whipped at home.
  4. bobobrazil1984

    NBA Offseason chatter

    Ever since the Game 5 meltdown vs Celtics, where they blew the big lead, Dwight demanded more touches, and everybody brought back the "master of panic" label for Van Gundy, Orlando has been showing great resilience and mental toughness, and Dwight has been putting up monster numbers as well. Orlando runs into trouble when they focus too much on 3s alone but when they keep Dwight involved, THEN the threes become good because its a pick-your-poison situation. I as well as most others thought they were mental weaklings who were done for after Game 5... their performance since then, including an AWAY Game 7 and now against the best home team in the NBA has been gutsy. It's reminding me of the way the Pistons rallied back in '04 after losing in triple overtime in G5 to the NJNets. I think we are sleeping on them.
  5. bobobrazil1984


    I'm assuming the island resurrects him and that confirms to Richard and the rest that Ben should be their leader. I'm assuming "island brings em back to life" is basically a litmus test of if that person has jacob's favor or not. Locke was resurrected in present day.
  6. bobobrazil1984

    Battlestar Galactica

    That was definitely an interesting ending. I thought the first hour and a half were pretty good, and all in all, up to the point where they jump and find "earth" (#2). After that I wasn't so sure, particularly the non-explanation for Starbuck. The last scene brought it back home for me. that was pretty awesome, and very off the wall. Apparently they literally were angels from God. Which was cool, but I was kind of hoping, one of them was God and the other was the Devil, having some sort of observational wager on humanity.
  7. bobobrazil1984

    College emotion vs professional devotion

    There are a ton of not-so-exciting college games which people never see. The talent level is just inferior. it reminds me of WNBA actually. WNBA with better crowds. Seriously how many times have I seen college players who can't make open layups constantly or do the most basic thing. College can provide better atmosphere at times, but if you actually like the sport of basketball, i'll go with the better basketball.
  8. bobobrazil1984

    No more Sci-Fi channel

    it has less to do with 'too geeky' and everything to do with the fact that they can't copyright/trademark/whatever "Sci-Fi" and can do so with "SyFy". Recognizable brand and all that.
  9. bobobrazil1984


    I'm betting whatever sends the Losties back to their own time is the Incident.
  10. bobobrazil1984


    This episode was good, but the preview for next week = HOLY SHITTTT!! SAYID GOING ROGUE!?!?!? That's what it looked like!!!!
  11. bobobrazil1984

    The Indiana Pacers may have to move

    The TEAM was paying $15 million a year to keep the ARENA upkeep? is that normal??? That sounds pretty... odd to me.
  12. bobobrazil1984

    This week in the NBA

    It's amazing how much better the Pistons are without the ballstopper mucking things up. The "flow" is back. I hope AI never comes back.
  13. bobobrazil1984


    I think Horace's newborn boy is Jacob.
  14. bobobrazil1984

    This week in the NBA (Mar. 1-7)

    Iverson should come off the bench with the non-scorers (Maxiell, Amir, Hermann, Afflalo), rebounders, defenders, role players (ie - 4 stiffs as CWebb put it). The starting lineup just sucks with him out there, there's no flow to the offense, for Iverson to play well he has to dominate the ball... when he tries to play a team game, he is mediocre. Not to mention him being such a black hole on defense created havok. If he's unhappy with that, boo hoo, he's can make up a reason to sit out, he's just a massive expiring contract anyways.
  15. bobobrazil1984


    Well I dont think Walt said that Locke told him they were lying, Walt kinda said that on his own. But yes Walt did say "jeremy bentham came to see me" which is an inconsistency. another one is when Ben asks Jack if Locke/Bentham told him that Ben had gotten off the island and Jack said yes. Locke never told Jack that in their hospital scene. Either there are supposed to be more scenes with Locke/Bentham or those are just the writers f'ing up.