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  1. We don't really have mods right now, i guess. But here's this month's GD thread. Last month's thread will end with JRE's posting that Vickie is pregnant~!
  2. FroGG_NeaL

    My night

    Them shits is expensive.
  3. FroGG_NeaL

    Emptiness is filling me

    I'm still here, you disgusting fat body.
  4. FroGG_NeaL

    WWE General Discussion - April 2009

    Vince claims he was physically (by his dad) and sexually (by his mom) abused as a child.
  5. FroGG_NeaL

    100 Posts of Solitude

    I'm not allowed there because Czech hates me. It makes me feel good about myself that somebody I've never met has such strong feelings about me.
  6. FroGG_NeaL

    100 Posts of Solitude

    I have a theory that Czech is schizophrenic.
  7. FroGG_NeaL

    The Purpose of the Security

    Goldberg having all the security never made sense to me.
  8. FroGG_NeaL

    The "We Watch Shitty Old WCW Shows" Club

    Sounds cool. Where we doing this at? 'Cause KKC is banned, right?
  9. FroGG_NeaL

    100 Posts of Solitude

    No doubt.
  10. FroGG_NeaL

    About ''About Mike''

    Naw, man. I'm gonna stick it out here, see how shit goes. And tell Czech I said hi.
  11. FroGG_NeaL

    About ''About Mike''

    Sadly, that was the smartest, best thing that Mike ever contributed here.
  12. FroGG_NeaL

    The Youtube Thread

  13. FroGG_NeaL

    Vince Mcmahon calls TNA programming "Reprehensible"

    Not why does TNA care, man... why do YOU all care.
  14. FroGG_NeaL

    TSM Moments that made you laugh and smile.

  15. FroGG_NeaL

    About ''About Mike''

    Mike who?
  16. FroGG_NeaL

    My Conversation With Mike

    Yeah, I know all about the shit. My mom's ol man is a computer technician that's ran several boards before. He actually did it well, but ya know.
  17. FroGG_NeaL

    My Conversation With Mike

    Thanks, Dames. That's fucking shitty that the entire archive might get wiped out.
  18. FroGG_NeaL

    WWE General Discussion - April 2009

    My first thoughts were Cena would end up being the dad.
  19. FroGG_NeaL

    Pictures I Like

  20. FroGG_NeaL

    The Question of the Day

    I was number 2 with 15 posts.
  21. FroGG_NeaL

    WWE General Discussion - April 2009

    I think I dig it. Thanks to however pinned this.
  22. FroGG_NeaL

    The Question of the Day

    Today's Top 20 Posters TSM Fantasy FroGG_NeaL Enigma UltimA~ Atticus Chaos theone Slickster Diamonddust AntiLeaf33 AmDrag Fan Lt. Al Giardello Xavier Cromartie Matt Young dx1997 YKRG JRE ChrisMWaters BruteSquad_BRODY HollywoodSpikeJenkins cd213 This is what we're working with, apparently.
  23. FroGG_NeaL

    AWA Backstage Gossip

    I know a BUNCH of Marty/HBK stories. All of them are very entertaining. Did Spike leave? If not, hit us with those stories.
  24. FroGG_NeaL

    TNA Spoilers for 4/2

    I like when Joe is murdering people in the ring, the knife shit and such is some wack shit. The face paint is cool, but the Genie/Hammer pants are terrible. It wouldn't matter if Joe had gained weight, lost weight, whatever, with those pants. Add in the retarded backstage segments, and the Nation of Violence that is one man and he's fucked. If he just keeps murdering fools in the ring, doesn't cut many promos, he might pull this off. The pants need to be changed to something less ridiculous though.