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  1. MooreMark

    How did you land the job that you have now?

    Same story, except replace History with English and Wal-Mart with Borders. Walmart, 6 1/2 years ago, Got degree in marketing, work at Wal-mart still Lose. I'm currently going to university and working at Wal-Mart. I've only been there a year and a half and I'm crazy, how do you last 6-7?!
  2. MooreMark

    Question about License Plates

    Do any of the canadians on this board specifically people from ontario know if we can go to the MTO offices and get someone's information if we have there license plate number?
  3. I stopped watching regularly after Wrestlemania 18 and stopped completely in 2004. I guess I enjoyed the the 90s in wrestling so much and after that decade ended wrestling went a different direction. I did like 2000 and 2001 though.
  4. MooreMark

    Office Christmas Parties

    Wal*mart is taking over the world. The one I work for had a formal-esque one for the day crew and the younger crowd that works there had there own party at boston pizza.
  5. MooreMark

    TLC this Monday Night

    Wasn't there a TLC between Edge and Christian or was that a ladder match?
  6. MooreMark

    Fall TV Schedule...

    I'm probably going to check out Reunion. I was looking forward to Prison Break but I already missed the first and I think second episode (if that's aired) so I don't know if I'll be getting into it now.
  7. MooreMark

    Toronto is fuckin' gangsta apparently

    All this talk about shitty places in Ontario makes me worship the heaven that is Pickering. Malvern is the worst place around where I am. Oshawa too, but that's bit farther.
  8. MooreMark

    Where can I get Wrestlemania X-7?

    I have X7 on tape and I got 2000 for like $7 during the wal-mart clearance.
  9. MooreMark

    War of the Worlds

    I liked it but I thought it went kind of slow at some points. I saw it with my friends who did not get it at all. "War of the Worlds? I only saw ONE world?!"
  10. MooreMark

    Converting AVI/MPEG to DVD

    I'm pretty sure window's movie maker can do that. When you burn with NERO it says that you can put a movie in there and it will just take the sound. I've never tried it though.
  11. MooreMark

    Things in life that annoy you.

    People that come on msn, start talking to you for 2 minutes then go off like they have somewhere to be and come back online and bug you in 2 minutes.
  12. MooreMark

    American Idol Season 4

    Meh...Carrie isn't that bad. I only watch for the show, I could care less what they do afterwards. I don't think they took the finale that seriously, it must have sucked being there because 60% of the live show was pre-taped stuff.
  13. MooreMark

    American Idol Season 4

    I really hope Vonzell doesn't go tonight, she's the only person I like. BUT, they compliment her and go easy on her too much. She would have been no match for Jennifer, Latoya or Fantasia of last year. Yet they are treating her like a goddess. But, I think it's going to be Vonz that goes.
  14. MooreMark

    WWE Wrestlemania 21

    My EB is still trying to sell me No Mercy for $25. Way to fucking much for me!
  15. MooreMark

    Wrestling Games

    Day of Reckoning is really close to No Mercy in terms of playability. I would pick that up.
  16. MooreMark

    American Idol Season 4

    I agree about Bo and Carrie but I think there was a lot of potential talent that got cut way too early. Jessica Sierra, Nadia Turner, Anwar Robinson, Nikko Smith...they all showed that they could be damn good but didn't get enough time to prove it.
  17. MooreMark

    American Idol Season 4

    Thank the lord!
  18. MooreMark

    American Idol Season 4

    American Idol's as a whole aren't doing AMAZING but I don't think they'll ever reach super-fame because they'll always have the AI tag on them. Kelly is doing pretty well for herself, she's distancing herself from the show and going her own way. Ruben and Fantasia I know nothing about, which is very bad. Australian Idol's are doing awesome. I think contestants on the show hold the one and two spot of most records sold in the country. (or something like that)
  19. MooreMark

    Cousins Marry

    *Shakes head...* That's gold!
  20. MooreMark

    American Idol Season 4

    http://tv.yahoo.com/news/ap/20050425/111448122000.html The scandal continues!@
  21. MooreMark

    Weekend Boxoffice Report, April 22-24

    Not to mention "A Lot Like Love" sucked horribly.
  22. MooreMark

    American Idol Season 4

    Nadia is gone. I'm not really shocked because of how the voting has gone but she went too soon. I can't believe Scott was first to be safe. That is retarded.
  23. MooreMark

    American Idol Season 4

    I hope Nadia gets another chance. I thought all of the girls looked sexy tonight. Anwar needs to go. He picks low-range songs when he knows his lower range sucks. Scott was terrible too.
  24. MooreMark

    American Idol Season 4

    Carrie looked soo good tonight. Wow. Didn't care for anyone else really..Vonzell was energetic..but I didn't like her song.
  25. MooreMark

    American Idol Season 4

    Wrong person left but I didn't expect Nikko to make it far anyways. How are Anthony, Scott and Constantine still around even Anwar's been sucking constantly.