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    Authors: Levin, Lovecraft, Poe, Steinbeck, King <br />Comics: JB's Generations, Hate!, Eightball <br />Comic Strips: Calvin & Hobbes<br />Movies: Sweet Hereafter, Chinatown, Blue, White, Red, Do the Right Thing, Jaws, Rear Window <br />TV Shows: Larry Sanders Show, Whose Line, Fawlty Towers, Twilight Zone, Smallville<br />Actors: Denzel Washington, Mitchum, Julianne Moore, DeNiro <br />Bands/Artists: Elvis, Prince, Descendents, Miles, Type O<br />Food: pickles, sausage, bananas, cukes, hot dogs
  1. Betty Houle

    The Youtube Thread

    He actually calls Foley a human stuntman. Ah! I see, he's a human stuntman as opposed to...?
  2. Betty Houle

    Perfect timing to put the belt on a guy

    Luger definitely shouldn't have won the belt at GAB '88. It was too early and the bs finish just made him look like an even more credible challenger and they drew really well with that feud over the months that followed. Luger probably should have won at Starrcade '88 however (even though they would have screwed up his title reign).
  3. Betty Houle

    The Old School questions thread

    Nobody asked but I believe the Fuji-Heenan match was set up on the previous house show when the Orient Express wrestled Haku & the Barbarian.
  4. Betty Houle

    top 5 favorite anything

    Top 5 Twilight Zone episodes with Jack Klugman 1. A Game of Pool 2. A Passage for Trumpet 3. In Praise of Pip 4. Death Ship 5. ....................
  5. Betty Houle

    The Old School questions thread

    I think Edge wrote his.
  6. Betty Houle

    The Old School questions thread

    Foley does talk about it in his first book so it certainly appears to be true. I believe it. I don't, however, believe that Mero was so bad that even Foley's wife could see how bad a program with him would be, as Foley also claims in his book.
  7. Betty Houle

    Out of Sight

    Surprisingly great movie. They changed some minor things but it's probably the best adaptation of a Elmore book.
  8. Betty Houle

    You can't say that on TV!

    Ok, that was some funny shit! The montage of Steiner's strange noises should be done with Lex Luger. I love when Luger makes a noise for everything: every punch he throws and every move he sells. Genius.
  9. Betty Houle

    Best shoot interviews of all time?

    My favorites: Bobby Heenan Ricky Steamboat Bret Hart Raven Bill Watts guilty pleasure: Lex Luger
  10. Betty Houle

    You can't say that on TV!

    Ok, that was some funny shit!
  11. Betty Houle

    The Old School questions thread

    It was not his only clean job in the promotion. It wasn't even his first. He was pinned cleanly by Snuka a few times in their feud in the 80's (I have at least two on tape) and he was pinned cleanly by Mr. Perfect several times in late 1990/early 1991. In later years I believe he was pinned cleanly by Mr. America at Judgment Day 2003, too.
  12. Betty Houle

    WWE 24/7

    I was there live, so I saw it. Well, at the 10/6/97 RAW (the night after Brian Pillman's death), they taped Shotgun Saturday Night beforehand. There was a match, with "Rockabilly" (with Honky Tonk) vs. some jobber. Before the match could start, Road Dogg walks out with a mic and berates Billy for dressing like an idiot and having Honky as his manager. Eventually Billy KO's Honky with the guitar and leaves with Road Dogg. From then on they were a team. "I smell money!"
  13. Betty Houle

    Indiana Jones 4 release date announced!

    Indiana Jones 4 and new Narnia film in the same month??? Holy shee-it!
  14. While this is mostly true, I believe Backlund did work for the AWA. He may have worked for the NWA as well. He was pretty much a flop and was out of wrestling before you knew it.
  15. Betty Houle

    Super Bowl XLI

    That was the commercial that came the closest to not sucking. My husband liked the godaddy.com commercial but I'm guessing that's because it had women with big tits stuffed into tight shirts.