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    well how about that, so Jack didn't want to save child Ben because of the man that he turns into, but it's Jack's refusal to save him that leads him to being made that way, gotta love it, heh
  2. BlackFlagg


    No way is Ben dead, something that major would screw with the timeline way to much.
  3. BlackFlagg

    How I Met Your Mother

    great ep, loved the swerve at the end with Robin being the one to ask for the Old King Clancy, heh
  4. BlackFlagg

    How I Met Your Mother

  5. BlackFlagg

    All-Time Wrestling Roster Draft

    I missed this the first time so I'd like in if there ends up being an open spot
  6. BlackFlagg

    2009 Movie Tournament Finals

  7. BlackFlagg

    2009 Movie Tournament Round 6

    Ghost Busters Goodfellas
  8. BlackFlagg

    2009 Movie Tournament Round 5

    The Shawshank Redemption Ghost Busters Silence of the Lambs Goodfellas
  9. BlackFlagg

    Movie Tournament 2009 Round 4

    Action & Adventure: T-2: Judgment Day Comedy: Ghost Busters Crime & Gangster: The Godfather II Drama: The Shawshank Redemption Epics & Historical: Casablanca Horror: A Nightmare on Elm Street Sci-Fi: Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back War & Westerns: Full Metal Jacket
  10. BlackFlagg


    Bizarre. I guess people really liked the annoying Hobbit? Speaking of that event.. I still am holding out hope that we get a Mikhail appearance this season. Guy is a modern Rasputin and I swear it looked like he swam away before the grenade went off. even if he is dead, still a chance at seeing him in a time skip
  11. BlackFlagg

    Movie Tournament 2009 Round 3

    Action & Adventure: Die Hard The Dark Knight Comedy: National Lampoons Vacation Ghost Busters Crime & Gangster: The Godfather II Goodfellas Drama: The Shawshank Redemption Silence of the Lambs Epics & Historical: Braveheart Casablanca Horror: Texas Chainsaw Massacre A Nightmare on Elm Street Sci-Fi: Aliens Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back War & Westerns: Full Metal Jacket Fistful of Dollars
  12. BlackFlagg

    Movie Tournament 2009 Round 2

    Action & Adventure: Die Hard T-2: Judgment Day The Dark Knight Predator Comedy: National Lampoons Vacation What About Bob? Chasing Amy Ghost Busters Crime & Gangster: Reservior Dogs Goodfellas The Godfather II Vertigo Drama: Silence of the Lambs American History X The Shawshank Redemption Fight Club Epics & Historical: Braveheart Schindler's List Malcolm X Casablanca Horror: A Nightmare on Elm Street Night of the Living Dead Psycho Texas Chainsaw Massacre Sci-Fi: Blade Runner Star Wars Aliens Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back War & Westerns: Full Metal Jacket Fistful of Dollars Apocalypse Now Good, Bad, and the Ugly
  13. BlackFlagg

    TV Character Draft

    I just realized I have no Oz pick so for my last pick... Kareem Said
  14. BlackFlagg

    TV Character Draft

    Doug Wilson
  15. BlackFlagg

    TV Character Draft

    I got my cute girl next door, now I needs me a hot, gun wielding badass chick Fiona
  16. BlackFlagg

    Movie Character Draft Take III

    Nighthawk: Daniel Plainview, Jules Winnfield, Ernie McCracken, Alex DeLarge, The Joker, Clarence Boddicker, Booger, Jack Torrance, Leatherface, Frank Booth, Bobby Peru, George McFly, Quint, Captain Jeffrey T. Spaulding, Captain Spaulding, Charlie Prince, Marcia Brady, Kakihara, John Matrix, Buffalo Bill Gosunkugi: Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski, Kikuchiyo, The Master, Howard Beale, Mitsuko Souma, Charles Foster Kane, Randle Patrick McMurphy, General Buck Turgidson, Harvey Pekar, Veronica Sawyer, King Arthur, Vizzini, Clementine Kruczynski, Rufus T. Firefly, Shaun, Juror #8, Oh Dae-Su, Ghost Dog, Margo Channing, Sam "Ace" Rothstein BlackFlagg: Indiana Jones, Peter Venkman, (Count) Dracula, Beetlejuice, Michael Corleone, Walter Sobchak, Sarah Connor, Tommy DeVito, Long Duck Dong, Les Grossman, Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, Jack Burton, Principal Richard Vernon, Doc Holliday, Jason Voorhees, Dark Helmet, Terry Malloy, Dr. Evil, Sgt. Barnes, William Wallace Timmy8271: Travis Bickle, Richard Farley, Kevin O'Shea, Frank the Thumper, Dante Hicks, Col. Nathan Jessup, Forrest Gump, Clark Griswold, Princess Leia Organa, Sho'Nuff, Joe Clark, Gordon Gekko, Mr. Miyagi, Frank Drebin, Mickey Knox, Capt. Clarence Oveur, Shaft Smues: The Pumaman, Santa Claus, Jesus Christ, God, Hercules, Jack Frost, Ivanuscha, Lodac, Death Stalker, Soul Taker, Soul Taker, Johhny Longbow, Paul Carlson, Digger Smolken, Merlin, Troxartas!, Natalie Burke, Cornjob!, Mario, 'guy at the end.' DMann2003: Norman Bates, Nigel Tufnel, Frank TJ Mackey, Hans Gruber, Harmonica, The Bride, Plissken, Sgt. Bud White, Wooderson, "JD" Jason Dean, Roger Rabbit, Sgt. Nicholas Angel, Kirk Lazarus, ATOR, Paul Atreides, 'Wild Thing' Rick Vaughn, Dr. Frederick Frankenstein HarleyQuinn: Verbal Kint, The Terminator, Derek Vineyard, Nikita, Leon, Atticus Finch, Alonzo, Dr. William Weir, Lt. Daniel Kaffee, Gilbert Grape, Morris Buttermaker, Kevin McAllister, Col. Robert Gould Shaw, Kathryn Merteuil, Andrew Beckett, Ennis Del Mar, Selene ViciousFish: Han Solo, Rocky Balboa, Lester Burnham, Brodie Bruce, Jay, Garth Algar, Westley, Spiderman, Neil Patrick Harris, Irwin M. Fletcher, John Doe, Billy Madison, The Shredder, The 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, His Holiness Jamphel Ngawang Lobsang Yeshe Tenzin Gyatso, Will Hunting, Neo, Rufus Twisted Intestine: Tyler Durden, Freddy Krueger, The Grim Reaper, Captain Jack Sparrow, Marv, John Hammond, Harry, Hook, Sweeney Todd, Edward Scissorhands, Randy 'The Ram' Robinson, Splinter TheOriginalOrangeGoblin: John McClane, Tony Montana, Martin Riggs, Harry Callahan, James Bond, Don Vito Corleone, Vincent Vega, Doughboy, Jackie Flannery, Prince Akeem, Dutch, El Mariachi, Sgt. Roger Murtaugh, Harley Davidson, Sonny, Jimmy Malone, Ellis 'Red' Redding, John Patrick Mason Antwon Mitchell: O Dog, Bluto Blutarsky, Emmett "Doc" Brown, Smokey, Mookie, Banky Edwards, Nino Brown, Nicky Santoro, Frank White, Clubber Lang, Debo, Jesus Shuttlesworth, Monty Brogan, Maximus, Willie Beamen, Reggie Hammond, Carlito Brigante, Anthony Curtis, Ben Saunders, Pvt. Silas Trip Kilroy: The Phantom of Krankor, Dave Ryder, Dr. Cal Meacham, Mitchell, Prince of Space, Exeter, Trumpy, Kalgan, Dr. Ruth Adams, Vadinho, Nick Miller, Satoris, Diabolik! Youth N Asia: Ash, Jason Bourne, Ferris Bueller, The Man With No Name, Wayne Campbell, Hancock, V, Danny Ocean, Cool Hand Luke, Axel Foley, Yoda, The Crow, Achilles, Dewey Cox, Cleric John Preston, Billy the Kid, King Leonidas, Wesley Gibson, Frank Dux, Ron Burgundy 6foot9: Donnie Darko, Mr. Pink, Randal Graves, Dirk Diggler, Larry Flynt, Andy Dufresne, McLovin, Willy Wonka, Lucas, Maggie Fitzgerald, Cyrus "The Virus" Grissom, Capt. John H. Miller, Daniel E. "Rudy" Ruetiger, Carl Lee Hailey, H.I. McDunnough, RoboCop, Chewbacca, Dwayne Hoover RepoMan: Zap Rowsdower, Marty McFly, Stanley Spadowski, Captain Benjamin L. Willard, Juno, Reggie Dunlop, Bud, Ofelia, Nada, Allison Reynolds, Aviva, Derek Zoolander, Pedro Cerrano, Dawn Weiner Dr. Zoidberg: Mickey O'Neil, Bill Cutting, Johnny Boy, Norman Stansfield, Jake "The Bronx Bull" LaMotta, Jimmy "The Gent" Conway, Frank Costello, Santino "Sonny" Corleone, J.J. "Jake" Gittes, Sid Vicious, Max Cady, Jack Carter, Go Go Yubari, Domino Harvey, Takako Chigusa: Onna 13-ban, Lee Harvey Oswald, Bill, Al Capone, "Priest" Vallon, Amsterdam Vallon Brooklyn Zoo: Anton Chigurh, Billy Costigan, John Rambo, Ra's Al Ghul, Darth Vader, Truman Burbank, Ajax, Lloyd Christmas, Dignam, Animal Mother, El Wray, Happy Gilmore, Pat Healy, Hansel The Ghost of bps21: Dr. Strangelove, Inigo Montoya, Leonard Shelby, Hannibal Lector, Batman, Tony Stark, Brick Tamland Burning Pirate Ship: Obi Wan Kenobi, Patrick Bateman, General Jack D. Ripper, Raoul Duke, Mr. Blonde
  17. BlackFlagg

    Movie Character Draft Take III

    well we know have a few people with the full 20 picks, so everyone else might as well just count the number of picks on heir list on the front page and pick as many more as they need to hit 20 now and just end this, heh
  18. BlackFlagg

    Movie Character Draft Take III

    William Wallace
  19. BlackFlagg

    TV Character Draft

    Hoban 'Wash' Washburne
  20. BlackFlagg

    Movie Character Draft Take III

    Sgt. Barnes
  21. BlackFlagg

    Movie Character Draft Take III

    think with the exception of people with make-up picks we're on round 18
  22. BlackFlagg


    think my biggest problem with this weeks ep was the end of it, the big dramatic shot of Mohinder hanging onto Peter so he doesn't get sucked out of the plane and die...you know, not like he could just fly away or anything...
  23. BlackFlagg

    Movie Character Draft Take III

    I'm putting on the midnight rule for the remainder of this so we can get it over with already, each round'll run to midnight, you have till then to make a pick and when Midnight hits the new round begins Dr. Evil
  24. BlackFlagg

    TV Character Draft

    was deciding on weither to take a pre-picked from the list or someone else, and screw it, I'm going on my own and double dipping again... Margos Dezerian
  25. BlackFlagg


    unless i missed it Locke didn't show Richard the compass, all he said was that Jacob sent him and that was enough. I'm thinking that due to that meeting it leads to Richard seeing Locke as a baby and then later testing him, which Locke fails making Richard think someone was trying to trick him into choosing a flase leader or being tested by Jacob or something. This then leads to him and Locke meeting up again when the Island jumps to a time somewhere after the testing of young Locke, and this is when he shows Richard the compass to convince him.