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  1. Adam

    Kane and MMA fighter in bar brawl?

  2. Adam

    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    Australian parody electro-rock band TISM (This Is Serious Mum) are fantastic. They were around from about 1984 until around 2003, and became quite popular during the mid-nineties. If anyone can get their hands on Machiavelli and the Four Seasons, Machines Against The Rage, or tism.wanker.com, then give them a listen. Also, look them up on Wiki, some of the stories from concerts are priceless. Best songs include: - (I'm Interested In) Apathy - (He'll Never Be An) Ol' Man River (the song that incensed the Red Hot Chili Peppers as it repeatedly references the fact that the singer is "on the drug that killed River Phoenix") - !Uoy Sevol Natas (which contains the fantastic line "politicians they don't love you... unless they're facing re-election/popstar he don't love you, unless you lick his gnarled erection") - Death Death Death, Amway Amway Amway - Saturday Night Palsy - The History Of Western Civilisation - Defecate On My Face (told from the perspective of Hitler) and my personal favourite - I Might Be A Cunt, But I'm Not A Fucking Cunt.
  3. Adam

    Recent birth announcements

    The above is true, but honestly, if you're Frank Zappa's kids, you can pull those names off. My friends are about to have a baby, and they're deciding between two names if it's a boy: Tex and Cash.
  4. Adam

    This week in the NBA

    ...and following on from that last post, it turned out to be a toe injury.
  5. Adam

    This week in the NBA

    Both teams should pull the trigger. Oden, Stoudemire, Outlaw, Roy, and Blake is a solid playoff team (although they need a better PG), and Shaq, Aldridge, Hill, Barbosa, Nash is a decent start. Aldridge could probably be just as good as Amare.
  6. Adam

    This week in the NBA

    I'll go with Alf and see how I went... 1. Who will win the MVP? I don't think there's any doubting here. LeBron James will finally (I say finally like he's been chasing it ten years) be voted MVP. Easy prediction to make, so I'll take no credit here. I think he's a shoe-in. 2. Who will win the Rookie of the Year? OJ Mayo. You may laugh, but hey, now's the time for outlandish. I'm a believer, even though I just traded him in my other fantasy league!! 3. Who will be the Coach of the Year? Phil Jackson I think Mike Brown will take it out, but Jackson wouldn't be a surprise either. Fairly decent prediction. 4. Who will be named to the All-NBA First Team? Dwight Howard, Amare Stoudemire, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul Duncan will supplant Amare, apart from that, spot on. 5. Who will be the NBA's Most Improved Player? Mickael Pietrus Pietrus has been good this season, but Harris and Granger are the two contenders. 6. What team had the best offseason? Portland I still stand by this, getting Rudy and Oden into the team meant that they had the best off-season. 7. What team had the worst offseason? Golden State Oh yeah. 8. Which team will be the most improved over last year? Portland Pretty much. 9. Which team will be the biggest disappointment? Phoenix 28-22 isn't a great disappointment, but they should be at 30-35 wins right now. 10. What was the best offseason move? TIE: Elton Brand's signing to the 76ers/Mo Williams trade to Cleveland Half right, half wrong. 11. What was the worst offseason move? Nuggets trading Camby for nothing Turns out Nene can play. Whoda thunk. Camby's been great for the Clips when he's been there though. Pity MD Sr's in charge. 12. Who will make the playoffs that didn't last year? Portland No worries here. 13. Who will not make the playoffs that did last year? Atlanta Wrong on this one. They've been good, and should get the 5-6 seed and play Orlando in a fun series. 14. Who are the best five players in the league, position aside (weak-sauce question, I know)? Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul and Amare Stoudemire Replace Amare with Howard and I was dead on. 15. Who will be the division winners? Celtics, Cavaliers, Magic, Lakers, Rockets, and Jazz Denver and those damn Spurs screwed me up here. 16. Eastern Conference Final: Cavaliers over Celtics Standing by this. 17. Western Conference Final: Lakers over Rockets Lakers over Spurs, in actuality. 18. Who will win the NBA Title, and who will they beat?: Lakers over Cavaliers As evidenced by the 2-0 regular season series... 19. Who will be the #1 pick in next year's draft? Blake Griffin, apparently... I don't get to see any college games, but this hasn't changed. 20. Make one bold prediction. Yao and T-Mac will only miss a combined 15 games this year, and the Rockets will win a playoff series. HA!
  7. Adam

    This week in the NBA

    Ray Allen perhaps? Wouldn't surprise me.
  8. Adam

    This week in the NBA

    So, it turns out Gerald Wallace has a collapsed lung and a broken rib. I'm gonna throw it out there and say that it at least should have been a flagrant, that was a damn hard foul.
  9. Adam

    2009 Hall of Fame

    Wasn't that Savage?
  10. Adam

    This week in the NBA

    Brilliant. NBA players are perhaps the most entertaining guys off the court in sports. Check out SeeJoeDunk.com as well, Joe Alexander is a funny man.
  11. Adam

    This week in the NBA

    I'm scared at the prospect. I'm gonna go vote against Yi.
  12. Adam

    TSM NBA H2H: Year 6

    Very happy with my latest run, surged up to 7th without my only decent centre, Kaman. When he gets back, I'll be fine. Glad I persisted with Stuckey, too.
  13. Christian comes back in a few weeks, Jeff wins the Rumble, E&C vs. Hardys at No Way Out just for shits and giggles, and Jeff finally wins the big one at Mania. It writes itself.
  14. Adam

    This week in the NBA

    Granger losing his front teeth diving for a loose ball against Paul Pierce makes me happier. I love that hunger and desperation in a player. Good win today, they just ran over the top of the Celtics. I was very, very excited watching the game today.
  15. Adam

    Campaign 2008

    Those lyrics make my head hurt.