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  1. Dobbs 3K

    The Old School questions thread

    I remember that really bugged me as a kid. Seemed like a really blatant lack of thinking. I guess I assumed that the evil Jake didn't care about his old snake, or something.
  2. Dobbs 3K

    Fire Pro Wrestling

    It sounds like PS3 owners will have the easiest route to getting one of these games (as far as people living in the US). A lot of people at fireproclub.com are freaking out about trying to buy a PS3 and stuff...which is funny since the game isn't coming out for almost 6 more months.
  3. Dobbs 3K

    Fire Pro Wrestling

    That thread at the FPC is pretty tedious. They actually finally announced it..."Fire Pro HD for PS3/Xbox 360. Fire Pro 20th Anniversary Collection for Wii." So two separate games, apparently.
  4. Dobbs 3K

    2009 World Baseball Classic

    Yeah, that was on TV. Selig made it clear there would be further changes down the line.
  5. Dobbs 3K

    Spring Training 2009

    I somewhat agree with Czech's assessment of the Cubs, and it has nothing to do with the fact that I'm a Brewers fan. I think if they stay healthy they will be really good and win the division again...but I think it's more likely that they will have some key injuries. I'd still pick them to win the NL Central, though, because on paper they probably have the best team right now.
  6. Dobbs 3K

    More Gay Marriage?

    You seem to drag out some variation of that tired line in every thread on this forum.
  7. Dobbs 3K

    WWE 2009 Draft announced

    What's the point of doing a draft again, since the "brand extension" is basically completed done?
  8. Dobbs 3K

    2009 World Baseball Classic

    Well, now that the US is out, no one has to bitch about "their" players being gone anymore.
  9. Dobbs 3K

    Spring Training 2009

    And being part of Michael Vick's dog fighting ring.
  10. Dobbs 3K

    Moments So Contrived

    I don't know...I remembered thinking Triple H and Flair being paired made a lot of sense. I don't really recall how Orton and Batista were recruited, though. Whatever happened to that stable Orton was supposed to lead a few years back? I remember Maven, Lance (Garrison) Cade, and someone else were supposed to be involved.
  11. Dobbs 3K

    Heaven needed to be Well Dunn

    What was the deal with Well Dunn, anyway? Were they supposed to be gay or something?
  12. Yeah, but wasn't he acquited in that or whatever? I have no doubt Flair is an old lech, though. But what's really funny to me is after how many times various promoters tried to bury Flair, they would constantly come back to him when business was down. A lot of people who wouldn't be fit to kiss Flair's ass owe him a lot for what he constantly did to rebuild their shitty businesses.
  13. Dobbs 3K

    The Old School questions thread

    Well, I think in hindsight they made the right decision going with Warrior/Hogan. It's just that Warrior had nowhere to really go after winning the Championship.
  14. Dobbs 3K

    Legends of WrestleMania

    I think I hate 3D wrestling games in general. Other than the old N64 games, the gameplay always feels awkward and glitchy. Fire Pro FTW.
  15. Dobbs 3K

    Global Warming: the Thread

    Yep, another case of the demented minds of the "progressives" getting in the way of what makes logical sense.
  16. Dobbs 3K

    YO! TSM raps: John Cena in 2009

    Cena has a point (assuming he's being genuine), but Johnson has stated time and again that he's done with wrestling. He's pretty much been gone for several years now. Maybe if WWE had any established stars somewhat on par with Rock or Austin, they wouldn't have to constantly talk about them or try to get them involved in stuff like the Hall of Fame.
  17. Dobbs 3K

    Covering Coverage

    One of the local conservative radio pundits was trying to make a big deal about Obama's off the cuff "Special Olympics" remark last night, in regards to his horrid bowling score. Yeah, probably a bad choice of words, but if these are the kind of things the GOP voice boxes are going to whine about, it's going to be a rough four years for them.
  18. Dobbs 3K

    The US Economy and Current Financial Crisis

    Well, these financial rapists need to be punished any way possible, in my mind. They had a free run under Bush, but that shit is over.
  19. Dobbs 3K

    Spring Training 2009

    Too bad Tavarez isn't a good pitcher anymore. See his brief stint with the Brewers last year for evidence of that.
  20. Dobbs 3K

    Covering Coverage

    Some people this morning are complaining that Obama seemed to be talking "down" to the American people. I don't know as I didn't see any of it (other than that clip above).
  21. Dobbs 3K

    The US Economy and Current Financial Crisis

    I too hate contract law. Let's fuck over all rich people because some of them made poor decisions at work. [/end sarcasm] Well, I hate my tax money going to help stupid people who don't deserve it. There's no justification for bail out money going to lucrative bonuses for these people. None.
  22. Dobbs 3K

    The Old School questions thread

    Hogan did occasionally wrestle on some of the B shows, but it was infrequent. I think he even wrestled on the first episode or two of "WCW Pro" when that show launched.
  23. Dobbs 3K

    WWF/E Tidbits from the past

    That reminds me...what was the deal with Sherri briefly managing DiBiase before moving on to Michaels? Did they just decided DiBbiase didn't need a manager at that point, or something?
  24. Dobbs 3K

    Medical Marijuana

    Yeah, I don't care. I don't smoke pot and never will, but if the US can make money off it, why not?
  25. Dobbs 3K

    The US Economy and Current Financial Crisis

    At least Congress voted to tax the hell out of these bonuses, and thus recoup most of them.