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    John Calipari

    It was far from stupid. He is going to get better players, and he has a much better platform on which to build than Memphis. The knock against him (unfairly, by the way) was that sure he got 28, 29, even 30 wins a year and went deep into the tournament, but he coached in a weak conference and got rapped because of it. His ego is such that it would have been stupid to *not* take the job. He wants to be the best at what he does (just like any other coach worth a damn), and he wants to win. I think that things just got a whole lot more interesting. And by the way, from everything I have heard, Pitino and Calipari do not like each other very much, so those Kentucky-Louisville games they play every year are going to be knockdown drag-out brawls. And Kentucky *had* to make this move. They screwed the pooch with Gillespie, from some accounts one of the reasons that they got rid of him is because he was a self-serving douchebag who never signed his contract with the university, and acted like a total asshole with the media, especially an ESPN sideline reporter who asked him what adjustments he was going to make because the opposing team had locked down their star player in the first half. I heard his answer and I could not believe it. It may take a couple of years but Kentucky is going to be just fine, and college basketball will be better for it.
  2. Rendclaw

    NBA Discussion

    The Lakers are far from done. They have had lulls in the season where they just can't all get on the same page, and they lose to a team they shouldn;t lose to. That comes from some young players thinking they are better than they are (Jordan Farmarr, I am looking at you) and just overall disinterest at times. Combine that with there being one week left in the season, and they realizing that unless the Cavs go into the tank during the last week, the Lakers aren't going to catch them. This is the time where the most interesting games come not from the teams on top, but the teams on the bottom looking to squeak their way into the postseason, improve their playoff seeding, or play the role of spoiler. Everyone else is shutting it down and trying to rest guys for the playoff grind ahead, or making their spring vacation plans.
  3. Rendclaw

    The Youtube Thread

    That nut crunching stomp by Sonjay was BRU-FUCKING-TAL. That has to be the most cringeworthy moment in wrestling I have seen in some time. fucking OUCH!!!
  4. Rendclaw

    This week in the NBA

    If anyone still thinks that Donald Sterling really cares about winning and not about lining his pockets, this is the nail in the coffin of that argument. At one point I actually thought he was making steps towards making the Clips competitive, and then he hired Dunleavy.
  5. Rendclaw

    What will be the worst movie of 2009?

    Exactly, and thats what made it work. Street Fighter could do the same thing if it followed that formula, and did not deviate too far from it. Start with the original twelve characters, do six fights, and one of them makes it to Bison, who swerves them all and the eight good guys have to take him out. Its not hard at all. And while Kristin Kreuk is cute and all, not getting Zhang Ziyi to do Chun-Li automatically makes the move less than. And for whatever reason, people fucking LOVE disaster/apocalyptic movies. Don;t ask me why, I think they're all depressing as fuck, but people flock to see them.
  6. Rendclaw

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    He would have made a great Dumbledore, and I *HATE* Harry Potter. Gandalf, not so much. Ian McKellen did extremely well with that role. Morpheus, hell no. Fishburne pretty much OWNED that role from the second you heard his voice. My issue with Connery is that his ego has gotten bigger with age. If someone offers you a prominent role in a movie that is going to be huge, you take it.
  7. Rendclaw

    This week in the NBA

    I don;t care what fucking Mark Jackson and Van Gundy say, Wade fouled Stuckey at the end of that game. On a positive note, earlier in the year the Pistons would be getting blown out by 20 with Hamilton, Iverson and Wallace hurt. I like the fact that they scrap and fight.
  8. Rendclaw

    No more Sci-Fi channel

    I loved the hell out of Farscape. I'm still mad they killed it before its time, like they do with every good show except from BSG, which jumped the shark after the first season. That's right, I said it. It was a good show until Ronald Moore got too clever for his own good and killed it by going all existential on us. Idiot.
  9. Rendclaw

    The Youtube Thread

    Ahh the wonders of kayfabe...
  10. Rendclaw

    Changes made by Barack Obama

    How amusing. Trying to bury the man for doing what he said he would do on the campaign trail... I don;t even bother to argue about stem cell research, just like I don;t argue about religion and politics in general. But the amount of vicious negativity towards Obama is at once appalling and saddening.
  11. Rendclaw

    ROH on HDNET Tapings Results

    I will be watching on the 21st, thats for sure..
  12. Rendclaw

    The Titillating World of Cosplay

    Nice form.
  13. Rendclaw

    This week in the NBA

    He will, he is going to be a bench player. And Orlando is my Team B, but damn if the Pistons aren't in their heads.
  14. Rendclaw

    NBA: Is Pushing Stars Over Teams Right?

    Dama is complaining about something that has been going on for a bare minimum of 20 years. I get where he is coming from, I felt the same way about promoting players over teams a long, long time ago, but I also knew it wasn't going to change, especially with the rise of ESPN over those years. When they went for more entertainment and less sports, I shook my head again. While I understand your point of view, you're way, WAY late to this party, Dama. LeBron is the Next Big Thing, just like Kobe was when he came into the league, just like Shaq before him, like Jordan before him. That's the nature of the beast, kid. Its the way it has been, and its the way its going to be until David Stern steps down. And its not like I see whoever takes over for him is going to go back to the way it used to be either. Its a superstar-driven league. Deal with it, and accept it. Just like the NFL is an owner-driven league, MLB is a tenuous balance of power leaning toward the owners, and the NHL is, well, not very well run. Complaining about this now is more than a little silly. If this just happened I can understand it, but this train has been going down this track for awhile. EDIT: Yeah Czech, LeBron can be an asshole, but I would love to see anyone here who has ability coming out their ass and has been told since the age of 11 or 12 how special and unique he is, and how he is going to own the world when he comes into the league, still be a humble human being. Not many of of us, I'm afraid.
  15. Rendclaw

    This week in the NBA (Mar. 1-7)

    Considering the man alongside Austin Carr used to annoy people when he was working for the Pistons, I would expect nothing less than what I heard, even though that duo makes me laugh.
  16. Rendclaw

    Faith No More Are Back!

    If you dont get it now, you never will. Even though they had been around for years before their major success with The Real Thing (We Care A Lot was a good album), everything came together for them with The Real Thing. Jim Martin's ultra-loud, ultra-heavy guitar work was the one thing that was needed to tie Roddy's keys, Billy's bass and Mike's drums together. I loved that album when it came out, and I still love it to this day. Its their masterpiece. Angel Dust was a good followup, but I don;t think anything they could have put out would have equaled TRT, it was too big, too bombastic. I started losing interest when Mike Patton decided he was going to be the poster child for ADD/ADHD and go into 5,000 side projects. I have to agree somewhat with The Mercenary; without Jim Martin, its not quite there. Almost, but not quite.
  17. Rendclaw

    Greatest African American Wrestlers

    I'd put JYD above Abdullah, and Thunderbolt Patterson should be on the list as well. I'd swap out Tony and Rocky, and maybe swap Scorpio and Killings....
  18. Rendclaw

    This week in the NBA

    I'm not surprised that the Suns are going bat-shit crazy.... Steve Kerr (another one on the Jordan sidekick tree) I think came to his senses and stopped trying to make the Suns a half-court team and fired Terry Porter... I think Porter would have better served to stay in Detroit as the head coach, but I don;t know.... And speaking of the Pistons, I think we are watching them starting to tank the season to get into the lottery. Iverson and Wallace are coming off the books next season, might as well go for broke.
  19. Damn straight LW3 was when the series jumped the shark. In the first two movies there were scenes that were actually laugh out loud funny, the third didn;t have one, and I was rather bored with the fourth. And TMC1982 is right on the money about Rene Russo.
  20. Don;t hate on Crockett/Tubbs 2.0. Shit, the best thing about Lethal Weapon 4 was Jet Li and we all know it... I don't want to see a broken down Riggs and Murtaugh try and get through another movie with lame racial jokes and barely any action from either of them. They should have stopped at the second movie.
  21. Rendclaw

    This week in the NBA

    I am convinced that Curry is a stopgap. There is no other reason why Dumars would bring in a coach with zero experience. I have no idea who they would replace him with, but I do think that Curry needs to be gone. What he is doing is obviously not working. I honestly thought Iverson had learned his lesson, but you can't teach that old dog new tricks. He is a scorer, and that is it. He used to be able to get three steals a game, but he's not quite up to that level anymore. Its all right that he is gone after this season, because I have already checked out. When they are losing to the Bucks, I know that the team is checking out too. Rasheed should be traded, as well.
  22. Rendclaw

    Vichy TSMers

    I rolled my ankle last week playing basketball. Extremely painful. You know, every time I think that this board has passed me by and its time I delete my account and walk away, something like this buffoonery happens that makes me laugh.
  23. Rendclaw

    This week in the NBA

    I'm shocked that Terry Porter got canned. Okay, maybe not shocked but what in the hell is going on in Phoenix? What did the honestly expect with Steve Kerr running the show?? This seems to me another classic case of the GM letting the head coach take the fall for the GM's ineptitude.
  24. Rendclaw

    TSM Profile Tag Team Edition: Demolition

    When I saw Demolition for the first time, the first thing I thought was "These guys are Road Warrior ripoffs!" They kind of grew on me, but the studs, spikes and facepaint made me think that they were WWF's answer to the Road Warriors. Don;t get me wrong, they were good wrestlers, but when LOD came into the WWF, I was looking very forward to a protracted program against Demolition. I don;t know, but it just seemed that it wasn;t given enough time to be successful... I remember marking out big time when Warrior was introduced into the feud, but after seeing a match where Hawk was playing Ricky Morton for most of the match, I kinda lost interest. To my way of thinking, the match had to go back and forth for the entire time. Hawk being and big and strong as he was, it didn't make too much sense the way the matches went. I would think that just building up the "its anyone's match" angle from the start all the way to the finish would have worked a lot better.
  25. Rendclaw

    The Titillating World of Cosplay

    Eh, she's too damned young for me anyway.