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  1. Sideburnious

    Old School Videogame Quiz

    18/30. I knew about another 7 of the games but the names slipped me/ i had alternates or i misspelled them i.e
  2. Sideburnious

    Pictures I Like

    Already Leena's tyranny reaches outrageous heights!
  3. Sideburnious

    14 year old arrested for Child Porn

    Yeah, that was going to be my next point. If I masturbated at 14 would I be a child molester? I mean the girl took pictures of herself, it's not some guy who locked her in a basement and forced them to happen. & this whole child pornography is bullshit too, there has to be a clearer line between teens & preteens. I think 14 is a bit on the young side, but like when a 17 year old girl is getting charged with child porn (I think that nude pics over phone case from a few weeks ago ) it's very retarded. My dick and consciousness didn't grow and expand at the stroke of midnight when I turned 18 (oh god if only!). Infact I'd say I was pretty mature around 16. Not saying I still didn't make more stupid mistakes than I do now (and I still continue to make) but I knew the difference of right and wrong. Parents just need to take care of their kids and everyone else should fuck off. Now if you'll excuse me, I believe there's a drawer full of baby photos of myself that will get me 20-life that I have to burn.
  4. Sideburnious

    The Republican "Budget"

    There's gotta be a smart guy who's not easily corrupted who can take care of the money right. Like the Dalai Lama isn't up to much is he?
  5. Sideburnious

    14 year old arrested for Child Porn

    What else would we want? Also, this just shows how stupid the law is. Either that or how paranoid parents are. They're hoping to make an example of this girl by throwing the book at her so their own stupid daughters don't start posting nude pics of themselves. They should just look at the success they had with kids taking drugs. I'm not saying the pics should be up there, just take them down, and then get the parents to ground her or something. She doesn't sound like a sex offender to me, she sounds like a horny dumb kid. And since when were nudes aloud on myspace? Or is that how she was caught?
  6. Sideburnious


    I think the safest thing is to put games on the SD card and save files on the harddrive. I think I just read something saying that you can't have save files on the SD card, or at least that they can't run off the SD card. EDIT: From the info section in the SD card window:
  7. Sideburnious


    Yeah, I just got my Wii system update! I can start downloading VC/ WiiWare games again!
  8. Sideburnious

    Jade Goody's Cancer

    Oh the superiority comes from keeping the people who worship white trash from reality shows down. Building a nation on their backs!
  9. Sideburnious

    Pictures I Like

    Is she a porn star? If so name please! And yeah. I'll always go for the big ass. I like tits, but I don't need a big pair. Not saying I dislike big tits, I'm just more of a big ass guy.
  10. Sideburnious

    The 2009 NFL Offseason

    I'd accept Holt in a "noone's left" scenerio (which is getting closer) but if there's still a chance to get Boldin, the Eagles should try their hardest to get him. Give up one of the firsts Eagles, you won't use them anyway.
  11. Sideburnious

    The 2009 NFL Offseason

    Finally, it looks like the Eagles are actually working on fixing problems: I'm glad the Eagles signed Weaver. We he first came on the market I thought the Eagles should sign him, but didn't want to jinx anything. FB was a big problem last year. Klecko was jerked around and I wonder if they're going to a) move him back to DT, b) cut him or c) have him as a backup. He tried hard but it'll be good to have a pro blocking for Westbrook/ whoever else we bring in.
  12. Sideburnious

    Pictures I Like

    Hell yeah.
  13. Sideburnious

    Pictures I Like

    Yeah, I have a thing for older women, and I'm intrigued by her inflated lips. Like what do they feel like while preforming acts of passion? That and she has a rocking body.
  14. Sideburnious

    The Agent of Oblivion question of the day

    Tomorrow's question should be : Where do we think you're going on vacation? The mental image of AoO in speedos on a Cancun beach will keep me warm tonight.
  15. Sideburnious

    Pictures I Like

    I doubt most people here do either. I have however turned on my television or gone to numerous websites and know what they look like. I also possess a unique ability where I can put stuff together e.g "Hey, there are 3 teen boys with instruments, while I don't know a single song, name of boy, or show that gave them fame, can take a wild guess that they are the Jonas brothers who I've heard and seen a few pictures of". Wash, rinse, repeat with how I knew who Miley Cyrus was. Or maybe I should be all like "Durr, I'm not a 16 year old fag, how am I supposed to know who she is if cult shows like South Park don't make fun of her?"