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  1. Markme123

    The Office Season 5

    Hulu or NBC.com. Justin.tv has a couple of 24/7 Office channels with every season's episodes, including the most recent one. If I ever need background noise, I click on one and listen to whatever episode it on. It's one of those shows I can watch forever.
  2. Markme123

    Jay Leno to remain with NBC

    Ferguson - Ferguson has been on a roll, which is well deserved. Although he doesn't get the bigger guests, he often has a better show than Conan. There is also something just so simple, honest, and working man about the show. I hope he gains viewers not impressed by Fallon's show. Conan - What a slap in the face for Conan. The Tonight Show is his in name only. As long as Jay is still on NBC, Conan will play second fiddle; not just on NBC as I see many viewers getting their fix at 10 and going to sleep after the news. The fact that there will be 3 shows taped in the L.A. vicinity is crazy. Leno - I've always liked Jay, not because he is the best host/interviewer but because I enjoy his monologue. I did think it sucked that they were getting rid of him, whilst being the most popular show on the air. Realistically, it seems like the Tonight Show moves down to 10. And although he may not admit it, this has to make him feel like a million bucks. The issue will be doubling the rating, as at the moment he only averages 6 million viewers. Letterman - The possibility that he may ride off into the sunset atop the 11:35 rating is pretty much guarranteed. I've believed Conan would have to rebuild his show and his viewer-base at the new timeslot to compete against Letterman, but with the Jay Leno Show, I presume some of Jay's fans will not want to stay up. Fallon - I can't say that I'm a fan of Jimmy, but his Behind-the-Scenes video blog is pretty cool. Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon The Roots (yay), the MTV-type set(boo), and the BIG CURTAIN (yay) makes for an interesting mix. I'll give it a shot. I don't think the addition of a new show will affect his show's rating- the 12:30 audience is the differnet from the 10pm one- this does take attention away from his show. "Jay goes on for an hour. And then the news. Then Conan for another hour. and then we are wrapping it up. People are going to be ready for another hour of talk." NBC - The good news is that Jay's older audience will most likely join him at the earlier time, but that's only about 6 million which is about half of what they would like at that timeslot. Will the positiveness of the cost-cutting outweigh the harsh vibes that must be brewing on Conan's end?
  3. Markme123

    De La Hoya vs Pacquiao

    Considering the ego, his propensity for spending and gambling, and that if he demands it, he could make his biggest payday ever- I would say chances are above 50%.
  4. Markme123

    Attacks in Mumbai

    British, American, and Canadian allegedly. But there's just so much history between Islamic radicals (both Pakistani and homegrown) and India that one shouldn't assume that this is jihadists using India to get at the west, as is being suggested by a lot of places in the media right now. There's a lot of drama being spun up to make the story seem sexier (I mean, 'Thanksgiving connection?' Really?). It could be part of a larger, more nefarious plot, but unfortunately terrorism like this has been a fact of life in that city for a while. Why shouldn't one when they were targeting British, American, and Canadian passport holders? I feel you on the Thanksgiving connection, though.
  5. Markme123

    Attacks in Mumbai

    This is insane. India, a country that has constantly had to deal with extreme terrorism over the last 20 years- maybe even more so than any non-Muslim country, was taken completely by surprise by this enormous attack. The head of their anti-terrorism unit was killed along with members of their police department, which just goes to show that no country with ties to the West can ever be too confident in its security. Tonight, I am overcome with the reminder that the country in which I live in will never feel safe again. This is such a tremendous setback for this important nation. Watching the coverage, you can just feel the complete fear, panic, and sorrow exuded from the officials and reporters, let alone the civilians. It's times like these that I wish that every terror-targeted country (Spain, Britain, US, India, Australia ect.) and those who rely so strongly on them (China, Brazil, Japan) would coordinate finances and resources to eradicate all known terrorist organizations. al-Qa'ida, Deccan Mujahideen, PKK- all of them. Fucking sucks.
  6. Markme123

    Campaign 2008

    I really enjoy this ad. I have a soft spot for ads that utilize actual footage and soundbites as their body rather than quotes or cliches like "Change We Can Believe In" or whatever. The viewer retains the message better. Sidenote: Isn't this the biggest douche on television today? "He's the load his mother should have swallowed."
  7. Markme123

    The Office Season 5

    Holly is a great character that just forces me to smile. I hadn't been aware of Amy Ryan until this show, but those eyes her's, the face of her's, makes it impossible not to want to find more of her work. The Michael/Holly story is just great in a totally didn't way. Other than politcs, Everybody Loves Chris, and reruns of King of the Hill, this is the only show I watch on TV. And I love this show SO MUCH. *YEAH*
  8. Markme123

    Campaign 2008

    I'm do not have confidence in my writing ability to accurately pen how I feel about this campaign 3 weeks out of election day, so I will borrow the words of another: MLive.com
  9. With a TiVo, at least, you can transfer them to a computer, then stream it back on the TiVo using their Home Media Center (or something) software. The media would be stored in the computer, though.
  10. Markme123

    The Business Side of WWE

    I think today's WWE wrestlers make a bit for television. For example, Lance Storm, one Figure4 Daily, stated his Royal Rumble '03 pay was 18,000. Today, I'm sure PPV pay isn't as high, considered buyrate predictions effect the pay-outs. Also, according to Dave Meltzer most upper level guys, like Rey, Batista, Jericho, Edge, made well over 1 mil.
  11. Markme123

    The US Economy and Current Financial Crisis

    Fuck all this noise about fiscal apocalypse. This is great for me. I, who at 22 has nothing, can look forward to a day where I can actually buy a home in California, AND because I have learned way more about financial responsibiliy over the last month than I would have otherwise, I will be forever be paranoid like a fucker about my money. Whee!!! Oh, forget about the Yen, let's work on bringing the Euro down. Daddy wants a yearly vaction to Europe by the time he's 26. *shoots himself*
  12. Markme123

    Campaign 2008

    Let me just reiterate this point: THIS IS THE GREATEST PRESIDENTIAL RACE EVER! I may sound like Tim Russert, but regardless if you're a Democrat, Republican, or Independent, you gotta love this stuff. ...probably not so much if you are an Independent.
  13. Markme123

    Campaign 2008

  14. Markme123

    Campaign 2008

    Yeah. I don't give a fuck what party you are, people are people, its just...that these people don't seem very likable.
  15. Markme123

    Campaign 2008

    As an independent without any loyalty to one single party... I'm watching this and thinking, "Is it just me or does this whole convention sound way more angry and hateful than the DNC?". Maybe I've been watching too much MSNBC and not enough Fox News, but this whole thing sounds kind of asshole-ish.