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  1. HandofFate

    The REAL TNA booker

    So I am reading online that it has been revealed that Dutch Mantell is booking the TV shows and PPVs while Vince Russo is in more of a consultant. I'm not a Russo lover or apologist, but will anybody who has been badmouthing Vince on here as being the head booker admit they were wrong?
  2. HandofFate

    OAO 3/22 Impact Thread

    Jackie sold that kick to the stomach from Gail Kim in Cornette's office almost like it was death...
  3. HandofFate

    OAO Destination X PPV Thread

    TNA's most devoted fans want Russo gone. I can't wait to hear how that gets spun. what was the rules to that match? was it a casket match but with the weird thing hanging over the ring? It was a casket match where the casket was lowered from the ceiling then had to be lifted up after the casket was closed
  4. HandofFate

    OAO Destination X PPV Thread

    it was just the flip. Steiner was on the mat and holding onto the ropes but Angle was able to pull him down after a second or two
  5. HandofFate

    OAO Destination X PPV Thread

    Sting beats Abyss
  6. HandofFate

    OAO Destination X PPV Thread

    Sting looked his brains were blown out onto the coffin when they showed him after being chokeslammed on top of the casket
  7. HandofFate

    OAO Destination X PPV Thread

    BTW.... Angle beat Steiner with a Sunset Flip
  8. HandofFate

    OAO Destination X PPV Thread

    LMAO the fans were chanting "FIRE RUSSO" when the deathbed was lowered during the Abyss/Sting match
  9. HandofFate

    OAO Destination X PPV Thread

    They have been showing clips of him the last month or so saying he was finding himself so there was SOME build...just none saying that he was coming back tonight
  10. HandofFate

    OAO Destination X PPV Thread

    So far: LAX beat Team 3-D James Storm & Miss Jackie beat Petey Williams & Gail Kim Senshi beat Austin Starr VKM beat The Heartbreakers Chris Sabin beat Jerry Lynn Rhino beat AJ Styles
  11. HandofFate

    OAO 3/8 Impact Thread

    damn....that was a NASTY Black Hole Slam on SoCalVal
  12. HandofFate

    OAO 2/22 Impact Thread

    DUDE!!!!! talk about a NASTY headbutt!
  13. HandofFate

    OAO Against All Odds PPV Thread

    speaking of the first hour... Who were the two cage dancers?
  14. HandofFate

    OAO Against All Odds PPV Thread

    I don't have a cable box so I can't order. My friend's mom is a HUGE wrestling fan so she might order it. It all depends on how she feels this evening...
  15. I think they were trying to sell the story of the referring giving Sting multiple warnings before pulling the trigger, so they could say he was so far removed from his principals that he didn't pull back when he had the chance. The problem with the way they did it though is everything you mentioned. Even if they let all those things go, Sting should have been DQ'ed for putting Abyss through the barbed wire, not shoving the ref. So at least you wouldn't say "he got away with all that other stuff, but they nail him for this!" No one ever gets DQed for hitting someone with a chair OUTSIDE of the ring. Inside the ring, you'll see a DQ, most of the time. So if you are ok with the logic of the tacks just happening to be where he got chokeslammed, then you could logically say that Abyss just happened to have been upside down when he got hit with a chair. Pretty much anything goes outside of the ring, but once you're inside the ropes, you better play by the rules. Yea, it's pretty silly, but hey...that's the way wrestling works. Now touching or shoving the ref can, as we saw on Genesis, get you DQed. The wrestler is never supposed to touch or push the ref. The ref can let it go for a while, but after repeated occurrences, he has to take control and lay down the law. Yea, it's not the best way to end a PPV match, but if you go to the basics of wrestling, what happened can be logically argued.