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  1. HandofFate

    Tenayand West

    Didn't TNA start out with a 3 man announce group back in the day? If I remember correctly, it was Tenay, West and Ferrera or however you spell his name...
  2. HandofFate

    Tenayand West

    Did you mean bps? I haven't see HTQ comment in this thread...
  3. HandofFate

    OAO 11/19 Impact Thread

    Christian's selling of the Pounce after just 1 appearance shows you he knows what to do, so he's DEFINITELY gonna be doing some good stuff here in TNA
  4. HandofFate

    The OAO RAW thread - 11/14/05

    No matter what Cena does from this point on, he will ALWAYS have my respect for how he ended Raw tonight...
  5. HandofFate

    Christian Debut Promo

    I was fine with the whole roots thing, seeing it as a shot at WWE to say "We're letting him be who he really is". The whole "Canadian" thing made no sense whatsoever. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> the "Canadian thing" is that he was on a Canada team in the E with Test and Chris Jericho not to mention that he is ORIGINALLY from Canada and he worked and is good friends with D'Amore
  6. HandofFate

    OAO 11/12 Impact Thread

    So I guess that Gail Kim is suckin JJ's cock now...
  7. HandofFate

    OAO 11/12 Impact Thread

    Jeff Hardy: AHHH!! I'M A MONSTER!!! LOL...classic
  8. HandofFate

    TNA Announces Multi-Year Video Game Deal

    uhhh...you mean the right? Yea, that's Hardy
  9. HandofFate

    So who's ordering...

    watching it at my friend's house, like every other wrestling PPV that I've ever seen. the dude's mom was watching wrestling in her hospital room after GIVING BIRTH to him!!!
  10. HandofFate

    Breaking down the TNA roster

    I just have to say... Anyone who says that Christopher Daniels is a decent worker, then says that JJ is a decent worker at best loses credibility because JJ is nowhere near The Fallen Angel as a worker
  11. HandofFate

    OAO Impact Special Thread

    man...that was a wad that Rhino spit on Gail Kim
  12. HandofFate

    OAO Impact Special Thread

    I don't know about anybody else, but the boxing style intros is really making this match feel like it's important...
  13. HandofFate

    OAO Impact Special Thread

    I WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE!!! That chant just blows...even worse than Paris Hilton
  14. HandofFate

    OAO Impact Special Thread

    yea....I think that's the best chant Orlando's come up with
  15. HandofFate

    OAO Impact Special Thread

    Yea, I was like "Did they just say Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett?"
  16. HandofFate

    Two more TNA specials announced

    As soon as I thought of who would be in the first match of 2006, I was thinking AJ vs Joe for the title and Joe winning it. It would set up 2006 as the Year of Joe. It'll be the opening chapter of the book. I'm really thinking that 2006 will be Joe's national breakout year.
  17. when they were doing the JR surgery on Raw, I turned the channel cuz I could tell it was gonna be bad. As soon as Vince put the stethescope up to the nurse's breast, I flipped. I turned it back later at the end of the skit to see Vince pull out JR's "head". I haven't tried to see what happened and I really don't think that I will any time in the future
  18. HandofFate

    Should TNA do away with Ultimate X?

    AJ Styles did a rope assisted SSP. He used it like a high bar in gymnastics to swing around and land it
  19. HandofFate

    TNA gets first broken neck casualty!

    all I have to say of the video is.... OUCHHHH!!!!! I was cringing before it and cringing after it
  20. HandofFate

    Bound For Glory OaO thread

    Well, since no one else started it, I will. I'll be at my friend's house for the show, so I won't be back on until after the show is over. Getting pretty excited about it.
  21. HandofFate

    Bound For Glory OaO thread

    No, cuz Orlando is in Central Florida. Wilma is supposed to hit the Florida Keys tomorrow.
  22. HandofFate

    Bound For Glory OaO thread

    true, but I remember that there was a rumor that it was gonna be longer than 3 hours a while back and I was also wondering if the first 30 minutes (which are gonna be free) would be played when they normally have their free pre-show thing
  23. HandofFate

    Bound for Glory

    there was another Diamond in the Rough, Tryten, but TNA woke up from their drug induced coma and realized he was pretty shitty and let him go Yea, he has when he used to wear the tights that were pants and they actually put OVER the Spine buster. He had a pretty kick ass t-shirt that had a spine that was broken
  24. HandofFate

    Bound for Glory

    Now that I think about it, the Orlando crowd is trying to be like the Heel Section was when TNA was in Nashville. The sad thing is, they are the COMPLETE OPPOSITE than the Heel Section. The Heel Section gave us "Hail Sabin!" The Orlando crowd has given us "WHOOOAAAA...AAAABYSS!"
  25. Actually, from the video packages that they've been showing of him, they do kinda have the same body type