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  1. So I am reading online that it has been revealed that Dutch Mantell is booking the TV shows and PPVs while Vince Russo is in more of a consultant. I'm not a Russo lover or apologist, but will anybody who has been badmouthing Vince on here as being the head booker admit they were wrong?

  2. LMAO



    the fans were chanting "FIRE RUSSO" when the deathbed was lowered during the Abyss/Sting match

    TNA's most devoted fans want Russo gone. I can't wait to hear how that gets spun.

    what was the rules to that match? was it a casket match but with the weird thing hanging over the ring?





    It was a casket match where the casket was lowered from the ceiling then had to be lifted up after the casket was closed

  3. Can anyone satisfactorily explain to me why Sting was DQ'd for clotheslining the referee and NOT DQ'd for hanging Abyss upside down by his feet and hitting him with a chair? I mean, not DQ'ing Abyss for chokeslamming him into thumbtacks, OK, I can kind of see that. Sting put the tacks down, Abyss chokeslammed him, the tacks 'just happened' to be in the way. I can see that argument, the argument a James Mitchell might have made at the time.


    But come on. How can you not be DQ'd for HANGING A MAN UPSIDE DOWN AND HITTING HIM WITH A CHAIR but be DQ'd for shoving a ref harshly? That makes absolutely no sense in my book. If it's no DQ, it's no DQ. If it's not no DQ and you're dead set on having Abyss win by DQ, have him win by it the first time Sting breaks the rules.


    Anyone with me on this?


    I think they were trying to sell the story of the referring giving Sting multiple warnings before pulling the trigger, so they could say he was so far removed from his principals that he didn't pull back when he had the chance. The problem with the way they did it though is everything you mentioned. Even if they let all those things go, Sting should have been DQ'ed for putting Abyss through the barbed wire, not shoving the ref. So at least you wouldn't say "he got away with all that other stuff, but they nail him for this!"




    No one ever gets DQed for hitting someone with a chair OUTSIDE of the ring. Inside the ring, you'll see a DQ, most of the time. So if you are ok with the logic of the tacks just happening to be where he got chokeslammed, then you could logically say that Abyss just happened to have been upside down when he got hit with a chair. Pretty much anything goes outside of the ring, but once you're inside the ropes, you better play by the rules. Yea, it's pretty silly, but hey...that's the way wrestling works. Now touching or shoving the ref can, as we saw on Genesis, get you DQed. The wrestler is never supposed to touch or push the ref. The ref can let it go for a while, but after repeated occurrences, he has to take control and lay down the law. Yea, it's not the best way to end a PPV match, but if you go to the basics of wrestling, what happened can be logically argued.

  4. I liked the show. There were a lot of undercard matches that were really good. I was a little surprised that they are gonna strip LAX of the titles. I knew that many people were gonna be crapping on the stripping of the title. I was also really surprised that they actually followed continuity and had a title change on a DQ. I just wish that would have been brought up when Jarrett was champ... I was very surprised that they finished Joe/Angle with 15 minutes left for the PPV. It made me think that someone was injured or something happened and told the ref to have them finish the match early. Anybody hear anything on why the match was finished so early?

  5. Steiner had the foot injury back then as well, I recall, now that's all healed up



    yea. He had drop foot syndrome. He finally had a good surgery on it and it healed good and he rehabbed it good.



    I always liked it when he had the Superman trunks on instead of those long tights. Just made him look tougher instead of some long tights...

  6. I don't think that 3D/Naturals will happen. The Naturals still have their title shot at the Tag Titles and last night Team 3D said that they are going to be working their way up the ladder to get their shot so I think it'll be a lesser tag team like say... Matt Bentley and Kazarian.

    The Dudleys wrestle Bently & Kazarian next week on Impact.




    Damn. Thought they would have used a lower team like Shark Boy & Norman Smiley. Who else could they use now? Hoyt & Killings? Man... They kinda blew it on who they picked to wrestle 3D in my opinion on BFG.

  7. Maybe Team 3D/Naturals, and Killings jobbing to Bobby Roode.



    I don't think that 3D/Naturals will happen. The Naturals still have their title shot at the Tag Titles and last night Team 3D said that they are going to be working their way up the ladder to get their shot so I think it'll be a lesser tag team like say... Matt Bentley and Kazarian. They are a low enough tag team but I think they could be competitive against 3D. Kazarian & Bentley could cut a promo about how 3D doesn't deserve a shot but they do. They were wrestling in TNA together before they (3D) even came over. They could also show how their jealous about how 3D gets lots of breaks, but they (K&B) haven't gotten a break since they reformed about 3 months ago (give or take a month).

  8. To be fair, the only person left from the original Team Canada is Petey Williams, though Johnny Devine is on injured reserve.


    Eric Young and Bobby Roode were brought in for teh World X-Cup

    A-1 was brought in as a replacement for Devine in... um... early 2005 I wanna say.



    Johnny Devine hinted on his myspace page that he could be returning tonight for the PPV & the World X-Cup