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  1. I was depressed after the main event. Silva HATED pummeling Franklin. I've never seen a guy go up to his demolished opponent and tell him he was "so sorry". This was much like Ortiz/Liddell 2 in that you just felt it that Franklin can NEVER beat that guy. Silva's dodging of Franlkin's ENTIRE flurry with his hands on his sides was disgusting. Franklin literally stared at the clock for half the 1st round praying he could at least go two. Silva dominates other guys, but not like Franklin. Franklin just can't beat him. He can hang around Tito style and just waut for some lucky upset and beat that guy. That's gotta be the plan. He's fgood enough to be a champion, but not in any weight clas involving Anderson Silva. Maybe try his luck at 205.

  2. Pretty fun show. Joe/Christian was great again, but I do hate Joe dropping out of the title picture for now by losing the match to Christian and almost negating the big win.


    Roode injecting himself into an upper-tier feud doesn't sound good to me.


    Kaz was terrible on the mic, I had to rewind it three times to figure that he was saying "gold" at the end. That's a shame because the guy was REALLY impressing me and I thought he had a real shot, but I can't see him going too far with that promo.


    Fatu needs to go. Worswt promo of the year. He copies the Rock, badly, squashes everyone and has done nothing to impress me since he took a dive off of the cage onto Val Venis in 2000. I REALLY hope they get their "money's worth" out of him for the next two months, have him put a few people over and ship him out.


    Funny dialogue tonight with the porn and Steiner's "Give it up". Styles cracked me up with his dig at Kip James and shout out for Pokemon.


    Nash looked pretty good, but he has to stop with the long delay before the JackKnife. One knee lift and Angle just submits himself to getting slammed 45 seconds later...ugh.


    Good show overall, I just fear the worst for the tapings/title match next week seeing as next week's spoiler topic already has more replies than this one...

  3. I'm enjoying it a lot, too. I didn't see the 1st two episodes, but I remember in one when his partner was shown just in a bar and let her hair down and asked a guy to buy her a drink. Then in this last episode, she just has a pint of something in her pocket for the drunk before he goes into the grandy jury. Think there's something there with her being an alcoholic? Also, she is REALLY great looking.

  4. It was really tough to sit there and watch Danzig go on tirade after tirade. How ignorant can you sound? He can't finish 2 words without dropping an F bomb and the only one who laughs is Dorian. I thought he was far and away the best and most comfortable fighter on the show, but screw that guy. I really hope someone humbles him or Hughes just stretches him into a mess to shut him up. If everyone not up to your level was "not a real fighter" there wouldn't be room for people like him or shows like TUF. Shut the fuck UP.

  5. Those comments coupled with the constant clamoring of UFC's heavyweight division being the most well rounded out there and the best its ever been boggle my mind. You have Sylvia, Vera, Gonzaga, Arlovski ( WTF is up with him?), Kongo, Cro Cop's comeback, Nog, Mir, and more. Randy leaves and it's crumbled?


    Look at the LHW picture: STACKED


    Get Henderson out of his "I prefer to fight at 205" mode and the MW division is doing fine w/ Okami, Franklin. Silva, Hendo, returning Tanner, etc.


    Welterweights look good and this TUF season helps that, Lightweight division is running strong.


    What's the problem? I miss Randy already but I'm not afraid of what the UFC is going to do now.

  6. I'm shocked. My interest in the sport is devastated. I still mlove MMA, and I will continue to watch the UFC, but I really feel robbed right now. I can't tell you how many times I felt like my heart would stop watching the Sylviz/Gonzaga fights. Watching Randy execute a gameplan and get in the face of these overwhelmingly bigger guys was some of the most exciting stuff I've ever seen.


    I've never been and may never again be as emotionally behind a fighter as I was Couture. I wanted to see him and Fedor go at it, as I'm sure all of you did, but the fact that I don't ever get to see him go out in a blaze of glory or at least wipe out more of the heavyweights in underdog fashion is a travesty.


    The UFC has the talent and the means to spark plenty of interest from fans and casual viewers alike, but this is a HUGE blow. Randy's point totally makes sense. I hate that they wouldn't pay the guy. If it weren't for him, I probably wouldn't even be a UFC fan in the first place.


    I'll miss the hell out of the guy, this just plain sucks.

  7. I would expect that from Jarrett, but the pushing younger talent coming from Angle sounds wild. He's always been in big matches with clean finishes, and I applaud him for wanting more of that. I can't tell you how mcuch happier I'd be if EVERY match went to a clean finish. I mean, how many UFC matches or Boxing matches or Football games, etc. go to a NC? They wouldn't have much of a following. Yes, wrestling is scripted, bu the non-finishes have been out of hand for years.


    A guy can lose and not therefore be buried in the process. He may be on a losing streak and have to pull it together. The fans will get behind that. The hell CAN WIN CLEAN. It will give him more heat.


    This rant should stop now.....


    You all know how this could go with more decisive booking. I REALLY hope TNA can make this happen and start doing something to be ALTERNATIVE to the WWE.

  8. Nice to see the love for the main. The PPV was, as stated by most, unpredictable. I wasn't really a fan of any of the matches until the end. Batista/Khali was a lot better than it should have been. You REALLY have to give Dave props for risking serious injury with that jump. Pretty cool spot.


    HHH sold very well and the emotion was there. You really can't ever count the guy out because of his past (and to an extent his present) even though it was obvious he got the clean win earlier in the night to keep strong.


    Real nail biter.


    I'd just like to give a shout out to all the fantasy bookers who truly believed Chris freaking Jericho was going to walk out of this PPV with 4 weeks of ambiguous hype and no advertisment as the WWE champion. Great call.

  9. I thought the show was wonderful. Pacing was good, and SO many people got time. The opener was pretty decent, the gauntlet was bad ass for the 1st half and finished OK, the 8 man was awesome and I thought the Sting/Angle stuff was well done other than the "I'm going to slap him on the ass in private" line. Well shot segments with decent enough acting/promos, and the buildup was well paced. It hyped me up for TNA for the first time in a while. Great show.