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  1. slimm44

    Post A Login To The Webcast Here Please

    Two minutes away and still no passcode
  2. slimm44

    Post A Login To The Webcast Here Please

    where did u get the emal and password?
  3. slimm44

    Post A Login To The Webcast Here Please

    You beat me to it Downhome
  4. slimm44

    Post A Login To The Webcast Here Please

    damn still nothing... I'll be back
  5. slimm44

    Post A Login To The Webcast Here Please

    I posted in the wrong thread, but I also would like the webcast Thanks
  6. \I think Unforgiven has a few good matches. Obviously the hype was not brought together enough for people to care but I have faith tha tonight will be a good nite. I think there have been worse shows.
  7. slimm44

    Botched Styles Clash

    It was awesome to see live. The crowd went crazy when it happened
  8. I love how people are saying this is going to be one of the worst ppv's but on wweshopzone.com it is the number one selling item for the internet broadcast.
  9. slimm44

    Official Preview For 9/24

    If 3LK wins (which I don't think will happen) does that mean they can switch off who wrestles like XXX did?
  10. The code will be availablke on Tuesday, WWE just sent an email about the pre-sale
  11. slimm44

    Thoughts on the Iron Man Match

    I thought it went really well, however I am slightly drunk. Anyways my friends who hate wrestling watched it and they enjoyed it. They didn't like how they kept cutting to commercials but who here does? thought it would have been great if it went into OT. It could have been just like RAW overrun. But instead The McMahons stick to the basics. I liked it
  12. slimm44

    This may sound hurtful

    Back in 2001 when Kurt did a video to promote a cure for Angina I got the impression it was a low blow for Angle, Calling him a girl. Then I found out it was a serious heart condition and I felt like a jackass. I know I should have posted this two years ago but Angle's sisters death reminded me of it.
  13. slimm44

    TNA CD Volume 2

    I have heard it was not available at the Asylum last night. Seeing as 3LK will debut their new single next week, I think the CD will be available next week as well
  14. slimm44

    TNA Site

    Same here
  15. slimm44

    One and Only NWA:TNA Thread

    So Phillip, when you said you werent going to do anymore Live Notes (for a while) you meant you werent going to the shows either?
  16. slimm44

    Anyone Have transcripts of...

    I have the audio of it... IM me or email me and I'll send em to you
  17. slimm44

    The One and Only RAW THREAD

    I could see a screw job after the match at Unforgiven. There's no clear winner, Vince McMahon walks out with a pink paper and says "Goldberg, you're fired." That way HHH keeps the title and gets Goldberg out of wrestling. That wouldn't surprise me, but hey it's WWE, that ain't gonna happen
  18. slimm44

    The One and Only RAW THREAD

    I think Jericho will demand a match for the IC title because Austin attacked him last week, I know he is soon to be a father, but I don't see why the past three weeks, it has been confrontation between Christian/Jericho and Austin if they aren't even going to have a mtch at the PPV.
  19. The live feed on Tuesday is commerical free. They fade to black after the match is over with. That spot is the spot used for commercials. The cameras are always on during the match. Please e-mail [email protected] or IM pmoney316 if anyone has the live feed. I dont have mIRC so don't set it up through that
  20. slimm44

    Paul Heyman

    I was thinking, and I know it probably wouldn't work but what if Paul Heyman came back as a face. I was thinking he could mangae Kurt but then i thought that road had already been taken. So what if he came back and managed Undertaker, or someone. He could come out one night cut a promo saying he was a changed person since taking the F-5 and to prove that he brings out his new client (Insert face) here. Just a thought
  21. slimm44

    house show results

    It used to be that themayhem.com posted them. I'm looking for Nashville's house show results from friday nite
  22. slimm44

    your theme song collection

    I have just about the same as reverb. I was looking for the WWE Promo themes as well. Are they the ones used during some of the PPV feud videos during ppv's? Also is there a website that u download from or do you download from File sharing programs? I'd like to find a website of em. Im looking for WCW Public Enemy theme.
  23. slimm44

    TNA CD Volume 2

    Im not sure how many people ordered the CD off the website, but it was on there since late February/ early March.
  24. slimm44

    TNA CD Volume 2

    Volume 1 was sold on the TNA website. TNA obviously does not hype their merchandise that much. The excedption is the DVDs they keep saying are 'coming soon' but obviously not soon enough