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  1. slimm44

    WWE Monday Night Raw.. Three 4 All!

    You would think that with a 2-Hour-Commercial-Free Raw, they would have planned an iron man match, but I guess Last Man Standing will have to do...kind of a dissapointment that Donald Trump is the new owner.
  2. slimm44

    WWE Monday Night Raw.. Three 4 All!

    Add Jericho vs Rey for the IC title to the card tonight. As well as the return of Vince to announce the new GM of Raw
  3. slimm44

    WWE Extreme Rules

    I'm curious as to why the streams get shut down for wrestling (obviously the E, doesn't want people getting it for free), but the NBA Finals are allowed to be streamed, despite the NBA disclaimer saying it is not allowed without the NBA's permission.
  4. slimm44

    UFC 98

    Check out ufc.com/bk for a behind the scenes multi-stream. They have cams on the promoters table, Rashad's and Machida's locker rooms, and the hallway where fighters enter/exit. Pretty fun stuff to watch before the show. I'm liking Rashad and Serra, but both fights seem to close to call.
  5. slimm44

    UFC 2009

    IGN seemed to have too many technical problems. Gametrailers and GamePro gave it high scores...I'm going to go play now.
  6. slimm44


    That fan is concussed!
  7. slimm44


    About damn time Orton wins!
  8. slimm44

    UFC 97: Redemption

    So that was a pretty underwhelming main event. Dana White even said he had never been embarassed to put on an event until last night. Overall it wasn't a bad show, the undercard was pretty strong, but when people boo 1 minute into the first round, and then start a strong GSP chant, you know you have a problem.
  9. slimm44


    So the show ends with everyone getting back to their timeline, and off the island. Hurley goes to rent Empire Strikes Back and sees his version has been filmed. LOST
  10. slimm44

    MMA Comments that Don't Warrant a Thread

    UFC 100 Sells Out! Figured it would, but before the general public on-sale date, wow!
  11. slimm44


    TNA Booking
  12. slimm44

    The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania Thread

    His name escapes me, he hasn't been on regular tv, I don't think.
  13. slimm44

    The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania Thread

    Not that it means anything, but during the 30 minute preview show, the Undertaker-Michaels match was the last promo shown.
  14. slimm44

    Tazz has left WWE?

    On JR's blog, jrsbarbq.com/blog he says that he and Tazz would be calling the matches at WM Axxess. Granted it was posted last week.
  15. slimm44

    The One...The Only...The Destination X thread

    That's right, sing God Bless America, instead of 'na-na-na hey hey hey goodbye' Boo