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  1. I just never get, why they don't even show half the people who make it. (I know, they've done it every season)


    And yet, they'll spend like 10 minutes on someone like Air Force chick, telling her story and all of this stuff, and then, she doesn't even make it? Well that's just pointless...


    Its just a swerve to keep us guessing


    It's a swerve, and the people that make it to Hollywood will get the camera time during Hollywood Week. Plus who would really watch an hour of people's auditions and Randy yelling 'YOU'RE GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!'...oh wait, America would! :P

  2. Vince made a surprise phone-in to the Opie and Anthony show, on the XM side. Basically since the limo explosion Anthony has been doing an 'Angry Vince' impression, and noticed during the 15th anniversary that Vince was doing Anthony's impression of Angry Vince. So they talked about that, the XFL, and how they never really got fired from the boss, so Vince gave them a 'You're Fired!' It ended with a plug for Monday's Tribute to the Troops.

  3. The Rumble has a habit of giving non-main eventers title matches (Benoit, Holly, Henry, Test, Kennedy, etc.) so, while some thought that Rumble title shot stipulation makes HHH beating Jeff a "sure thing", I can totally see a Hardy/Orton title match at the Rumble.


    That said, HHH will probably still win.


    Up until last week the advertised house show main event for Nashville, TN was Hardy vs. Orton for the WWE Title. Monday it was advertised as Jericho vs. Orton.

  4. There is something about this show that annoys me until the last few minutes, and I'm hooked for next week.


    This week's problem was the up-close camera shot on top of the soap opera acting between Claire and West...but then the end was so chilling, how could you not keep watching.

  5. An updated list of the current status of shows is available on Wikipedia. I was going to copy and paste, but the formatting is off and I am too tired to edit myself.


    Interesting note, which kind of sucks for Scrubs but according to Wiki - 12 out of 18 episodes have been completed. Series finale episode could possibly not be produced or broadcast; were this to happen, series creator Bill Lawrence will try to release a straight-to-DVD final episode.


    Here's the Wikipedia Link

  6. FOX announcement (via Futon Critic)

    New midseason schedule, "24" is not on it.


    In light of the recently announced strike by The Writers Guild of America, FOX has revised its lineup for January and the remainder of the 2007-2008 season. (The new schedule is subject to change, pending resolution of the strike.)


    The highly anticipated drama TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES will have a two-night premiere on Sunday, Jan. 13 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) and Monday, Jan. 14 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT), the show's regular time period. PRISON BREAK, which has its last November airing on Monday, Nov. 12 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT), returns to Mondays (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) beginning Jan. 14.


    The seventh season premiere of 24 is being postponed to ensure that "Day 7" can air uninterrupted, in its entirety.



    Well for a second I thought 'great, no 24 I'll be able to watch Heroes...and then remembered what thread I was reading. So maybe now I will check out Terminator.

  7. I can't help but to think Burke/Dykstra is something that could work to give SD another tag team.


    After tonight, it should end the Morrison/Punk trip but it probably won't. I still wonder how they intend to not spoil the result of the match on ECW to the live crowd since Punk is appearing on Smackdown.

    They're on the West Coast so SD is taped after.


    Or they do the whole 'this is your last shot at the title' gimmick for Morrison @ Survivor Series.

  8. Soooo....Heroes and House won't be effected? Alright, I'm cool with it, then.


    No, no. That's not the complete affected TV show list. Obviously all prime time network shows will be affected if this drags on. Heroes has shot the 12th episode as the season finale, should the strike go past December/January. House, will likely be repeats come January.


    I don't see the Big Bang Theory on that list *exhales*


    They closed production on Thursday, due to the strike.

  9. fox will beg to start american idol in december probably


    ...and run 10 weeks of audition footage...yeccck.


    I was kind of excited for the strike, but after reading about what would come of it, I too have become depressed. If it lasts as long as the one in '88 (5 months), we'll have to wait for new network prime time episodes to air after the Olympics.