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  1. Internet rumor has it that Sears has already released the game on the shelves, supposedly only the PS2 version. I cannot confirm this, and I know this type of thing always comes out weeks before any hit game is released.

  2. From TMZ.com


    Wrestling Star Popped for DUI


    Posted Oct 3rd 2007 6:35PM by TMZ Staff

    Filed under: Celebrity Justice


    Kurt Angle, the former WWE and current TNA wrestling star, was charged with DUI and careless driving after being pulled over on the afternoon of September 28.


    Angle was arrested at his home in Moon Township, Penn. after a witness spotted a white Cadillac Escalade driving erratically after pulling out of a local bar. The registration of that vehicle led police to Angle's home, where cops say he admitted to driving the vehicle and that he had just left the bar in question.


    Officers then say Angle showed "signs of intoxication," and they administered a field sobriety test, which he failed. Angle was then placed under arrest and taken to a local hospital where he refused to take a blood test.


    No future hearing has been set.


    Angle won an Olympic gold medal in freestyle wrestling in 1996. Calls to Angle's reps were not immediately returned.

  3. Thinking about it today I believe Edge could return at the PPV facing Orton for the belt and winning. I'm guessing they are calling the Last Man Standing off, and just having a regular match. Therefore if Edge still needs some healing time he can just say 'I don't have to defend the belt for 30 days, until the PPV.'


    PS: There is a poll asking who the fans would like to see as WWE Champ at the conclusion of No Mercy, and Val Venis currently has 50% of the votes.

  4. PB's timeline is pretty interesting cause its only what..July and the original escape from Fox River in Season 1 was in May.


    Which was really odd during season one watching it snow, and everyone wearing winter clothing while it was supposed to be closer to June.

  5. I definitely noticed something was up towards the end of the match. Amazing. He's gone injury free and been really lucky considering how hard he pushes his matches for the past two years. I'm kinda bummed out, but more excited (at least until I read that Orton will win the title then job to the newly acquired/traded from Smackdown Mark Henry.) :P


    And this is now the second time this year a Hell in a Cell match has been planned but not occured*


    *Note - Cena's injury not yet diagnosed.

  6. This was my first episode of Prison Break, ever, and I'm officially hooked. First two seasons worth watching?


    Im surprised you could get hooked on the first episode of the 3rd season of show without seeing the first two..


    As for last night..very interesting episode that has me even more hyped for the rest of the season.


    I think you could have been able to know what was basically happening, and know who was who, without seeing the first two seasons. It's kind of a fresh start for the show.


    It was a really great premiere, let's just hope they keep their word that week after week it will just get better.

  7. What will they make the Main Event, on the fly?


    I'm guessing Cena vs Carlito or something useless.


    Cena vs. Hornswoggle? el-oh-el :P


    Locally they promoted the dark match main event to be Booker/Orton vs. Cena/Triple H. Booker 's probably not going to be there, and they will probably give Orton the 'not cleared to be in the arena medically' excuse. I know this has nothing to do with the live show, just wanted to throw it out there.


    I'm so glad I decided not to attend the show.

  8. Not the biggest Jay Lethal fan but why job him to Chris Daniels one night after giving him a big win against Angle?


    My guess is since Lethal beat Daniels for his #1 contendership, they have a re-match and Daniels no becomes #1 contender. But who knows? They jobbed Lethal to Joe for the title after Slammiversary.

  9. I am getting conflicting stories re-guarding the reason for Flair's departure. One source is saying he wants to begin training for future MMA fights. The other says he will likely vie for the Panther's backup QB spot.


    I pray for you, on behalf of America's future, that you not believe everything you read on the internet. :P