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  1. I had forgotten Disney Afternoon, those were awesome especially Ducktales, Tale Spin


    I forgot about The Smurfs and TMNT as well.


    Eagan469, I have a question for you, my IM screename is pmoney316 could you sign on please?


    As for Blinky Bill I don't remember him, I only got Nickelodeon during the summer at my beach house or grandparents house until 1993-94

  2. I was looking through the board and seeing Retro TV episodes, Dnever the last dinosaur, danger mouse and count duckula. Denver was good, count duckula was cool, danger mouse i didnt pay much attention to. What were some other favorites? I'll list mine





    Denver the Last Dinosaur

    The Muppets (muppet babies and muppet show (it's more puppets than cartoons but who cares))

    There was a Ghostbusters rip off with a gorilla but I cannot remember the name of it.

    There were also some Nick Jr. cartoons that were pretty cool too.


    List away!