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  1. Ultra Violence

    9 / 11 - Where were you?

    That was particularly sweet... When we were staying in Spain the German lady who managed the villa was there during the game
  2. Ultra Violence

    9 / 11 - Where were you?

    As it's September the 11th I thought it would be worth starting a thread asking where you were at the time. I was 15 and on a motorway in the north of France. I remember hearing something fairly drastic had happened on French radio so ended up tuning in to BBC Radio 4 and hearing the details. We were on the way back from a family holiday in Spain and had been in the car for several days. We pulled over in a layby at the side of the mobile, got out a gas BBQ and cooked a spaghetti bolagnaise whilst listening to the car radio on max. Where were you?
  3. Ultra Violence

    So who's here?

    Does anyone still visit TSM? Where did everybody actually go? Does anyone still lurk here?
  4. Ultra Violence

    Breaking News: The Tombstone is up

    Not very sensible of her...
  5. Ultra Violence


    Can't say the board succeeded. Epic.Fail
  6. Ultra Violence

    The OAO WWE.com Thread

    Where the hell do these fans come from? LEAVE JERICHO ALONE! LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!
  7. Ultra Violence

    So, "Ring of Hell"...

    I've just got up to the part on Guerrero. I had no...fucking...idea about the NJPW dojo.
  8. Ultra Violence

    My Chocolate Socket

    There isn't. I was just continuing the wonderful theme of this thread. Masturbation is great and anyone who disagrees is a puritan cunt.
  9. Ultra Violence

    My Chocolate Socket

    Because you started this topic... And you touch yourself at night
  10. Ultra Violence

    The OAO WWE.com Thread

    TSM Invasion?
  11. Ultra Violence

    The Departures and Arrivals of WWE

    I think they should sign Joe and have him fued with Umaga objecting to his stereotypical portrayal of his country.
  12. Ultra Violence

    Bring only one guy back to WWE

  13. Ultra Violence

    Jeff Hardy suspended

    When I first read the "Jeff Hardy's House Burns Down" headline on a "Newz" site earlier I got the same feeling as I did when first reading the "Chris Benoit Dead" headline. I'm sincerely glad him / his girlfriend are all right although it's a real shame about the dog.
  14. Ultra Violence

    WWE General Discussion - March 2008

    So right now we got Carlito, Jericho, Kennedy, Jeff Hardy, Shelton, and MVP. Who gets the remaining two spots? Does anyone think the front runners for the remaining two spots are Matt Hardy and Kane? Punk?
  15. Ultra Violence

    WWE General Discussion - March 2008

    What happened in the main event at that show? The archive on wwe.com doesn't mention who won.