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  1. Murmuring Beast


  2. Murmuring Beast

    Luke-O turned 22 today.

    Happy Birthday!
  3. Murmuring Beast

    Posting/Boarding/Internetting at the Library.

    Well, apart from you.
  4. Murmuring Beast

    Anticipation '08

    REM are shit. And that coming from an REM fan.
  5. Murmuring Beast

    Ryechnaia Sobaka.

    Ryechnaia Sobaka, I'm calling you out.
  6. Murmuring Beast

    The Shit Hits The Fan

    No luck, pal. I'm in the unemployed club too and it's awful. Good luck to you in the future though.
  7. I hope he's not dead.
  8. Murmuring Beast

    Let's start talking Best Album of 2007.

    Even if this is a joke, I'm simply not going to take anything you say seriously from now on. Do you wear a monocle?
  9. Murmuring Beast

    In Rainbows

    I do not get this band at all.
  10. Murmuring Beast

    Let's start talking Best Album of 2007.

    What should I listen to now to be up to speed? Edit: I have lots of time.
  11. Murmuring Beast

    Let's start talking Best Album of 2007.

    Albums I've heard from this year Paul McCartney: Memory Almost Full Not great. Some good songs, but no classics. 2/5 Nick Lowe: At My Age Very enjoyable to listen to. Sorta laidback album. 3/5 Rilo Kiley: Under the Blacklight I was very disappointed with this. 1.5/5 The Fall: Reformation Post TLC Absolutely a solid record; a very good live sound. Sometimes overly long, but good overall. 3.5/5 Therefore The Fall are winning so far.
  12. Murmuring Beast

    Your teeth.

    Not great, but I rarely go to the dentist. I ran into a goalpost in a heroic act of playing football when I was 11 and part of a front tooth got chipped. It was filled at the time but it has been coroded since. My bottom row are slightly crooked and my top row overlap somewhat as I turned down a brace in my early teens. I'm not having that shit in my mouth. They are a bit off-colour too, but so what - having good teeth would only look out of place with my scarred face
  13. Murmuring Beast

    John Lennon - Imagine

    Bumping this here. Lennon wasn't the leader of the Beatles. Of the Quarrymen, oh sure.
  14. Murmuring Beast

    Music videos that suck. Music videos that don't suck.

    Simple Minds - All The Things She Said - Dated, over-the-top, but good all the same...Well, I like the song, alright?!
  15. Murmuring Beast

    WWE suspends 10 wrestlers

    WARNING The following may be an Enigma post.