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  1. Cherry Blossom Viscount

    WWE General Discussion - February 2009

    The last heel I remember him supporting fully was Chris Masters and that was maybe a couple of years ago.
  2. Cherry Blossom Viscount

    WWE Raw - January 26, 2009

    Indeed. He was super-over after losing his mask and it seemed to be the thing that would finally put him over the top as a true main event star. Then he feuds with Shane for months instead and even today people no longer see him as a real threat. Yeah, they really fucked Kane with that feud. He was massively over as a face even though he was pushed as the ultimate monster heel. I was hoping after the JR BBQ incident he would go on a path of destruction across both Raw and Smackdown culminating with his eventual defeat at the hands of the returning Undertaker. Cross brand matches were rare at that time and a super over monster like Kane destroying top stars on both shows would have had everyone at a fever pitch for Undertaker to put him down. Of course, someone thought Shane McMahon was the better idea.
  3. Cherry Blossom Viscount

    Gas Price Check...

    Gas went up .40 cents in one week at one station when the oil was going up due to the Middle East problems. Of course, after oil went down below $40 the price only dropped by .10.
  4. Cherry Blossom Viscount

    TSM Talks (to the voices in their head): The Legacy

    Snuka is 37 years old, Manu is 24yo. Ok and? And I don't think the wwe is going to choose to push a 37 yr old basically from scratch, or less than scratch since Deuce jobbed a helluva lot. Dave Batista says hello. And Snuka doesn't look 37. He looks like another young, hungry punk that wants in with Orton. I think Snuka and Manu should take out Kane for Orton before the match but Orton says, "No, that's not enough!" Then later at the end of the show they run in on the HBK/Cena match beating the shit out of them. Then Orton comes out with Rhodes and says they passed the "test." He wanted to see how they respond to adversity and loss and that's what seperates them from the rest of the trash on RAW. It gets both of those guys over as bruisers and establishes some stability in the Legacy..
  5. Cherry Blossom Viscount

    Guys, I think Marney is dead.

    Funny how that worked out. And thanks for keeping up with me, Bob.
  6. Cherry Blossom Viscount

    Guys, I think Marney is dead.

    Hey I never said I'd miss her or was broken up about it. Sure, it sucks. Sure, she was a bitch from what I can remember. But, hey, no need for the hyperbole. I don't know, it just seemed we were a few minutes away from a "room is spinning" type of post.
  7. Cherry Blossom Viscount

    Guys, I think Marney is dead.

    I left out Hitler purposely to avoid running afoul of Godwin's law. And I mentioned godless communist because of people's tendancies to say so and so is in heaven despite their obviously secular beliefs. She's gone DubQ, get over it.
  8. Cherry Blossom Viscount

    Guys, I think Marney is dead.

    Good riddance. I hate how even if someone was hated, when they die they become a saint. Fukk you Marney. I know plenty of you were saying it in her heyday and I'm sure many of you thought, "You know what, if she died, I wouldn't care." Now that she's possibly dead and if not, definitely suffering, you all are all like "Awwwwww poor Marney." I'd hate to see how you all would respond if Josef Stalin or Chairman Mao posted here then died. "Looking beyond the fact that he killed million of his own countrymen, and the numerous spats we had in the Campaign '08 thread, it sucks that Joe died. Despite being a godless communist, I know that he is in heaven with George Carlin and Kurt Cobain watching Eddie and Benoit put on a 5 star classic."
  9. Cherry Blossom Viscount

    Kanye West - 808s & Heartbreak

    *Backs slowly out of thread*
  10. Cherry Blossom Viscount

    The Pit comments on TSM's misogyny

    Yes. Cool, maybe we'll get a nice food discussion out of her passing.
  11. Cherry Blossom Viscount

    Gas Price Check...

    $1.69. Long Dr. and 610 in Houston, Texas.
  12. Cherry Blossom Viscount

    Gas Price Check...

    I've seen an off-brand station with gas that is $1.86 in Houston and the Valero station acorss the street is selling for $1.87. These are the lowest prices I've seen since at least 2002 or 2003. We've had a couple of years where gas went below $2 but most stations bottomed out at $1.89. Last time gas was this cheap was 2006 I believe. When gas gets to $1.50, I know we've turned a corner. I'm expecting a slow increase in the next couple of weeks.
  13. Cherry Blossom Viscount

    Fallout 3

    What I want to know is how does killing certain characters affect the game? I killed Three Dog after he told me where I might find my dad. I whacked him with a sledgehammer and he just exploded. I wonder if he just respawns and does his radio thing or is that it for him?
  14. Cherry Blossom Viscount

    Fallout 3

    I basically started killing because I stole out of a wardrobe not realizing the owner was in the same room. Since I didn't want him to alert security I blew his brains out. A guard came in but I killed him too, easily. After that I went on a killing spree which started with Mr. Burke and ended with that old doctor. Then I went to Ft. Independence or whatever it is and killed all the people inside. On the way to the radio station I saved a scavenger but then decided to kill her and I took all her caps and inventory. Kill people, it works.
  15. Cherry Blossom Viscount

    Fallout 3

    I killed everyone in Tenpenny tower, EVERYONE; from the security guards to Tenpenny himself. It's a good way to make caps and get stimpacks and ammo. You're not going to do well in this game by being good. I think I might have gone over the edge though because I killed all the settlers in Arefu. Oh well.