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  1. Just John

    NBA Offseason chatter

    Let the LeBron to NY talk resume. Could be a rough off-season for the Cavs.
  2. Just John

    NBA Offseason chatter

    Is this the first time in NBA history we've seen a "reverse flop" where a player no-sells contact to make sure the ref doesn't blow the whistle? And, Antoine Wright... Wrap up, please.
  3. Just John

    NBA Offseason chatter

    I'm glad to see Chauncey Billups having success in Denver. I'm not sure the guy's a HOF'er, but he is a winner and a leader, and it's nice that he's finally getting the recognition he deserves as an elite point guard in the NBA.
  4. Just John

    NBA Offseason chatter

    Even if he came back and predicted a Rockets sweep, which by some miracle actually happened, he would still be forever shamed by his Jazz prediction. On another note, I'm glad road teams are winning in the first couple of rounds this year. It makes a series so much more interesting. I remember last year it was like pulling teeth trying to get any road teams to win.
  5. Just John

    NBA Offseason chatter

    It's too bad he'll never post again. I would've gotten a kick out of seeing his name changed to "Kobe Bryant's White Friend."
  6. Just John

    NBA Offseason chatter

    Atlanta will have a hard time going up 3-1 when they're already down 2-1. If you mean the Heat will probably go up 3-1, I agree. The Hawks looked horribly unprepared and unmotivated in the last game.
  7. Just John

    NBA Offseason chatter

    Well, the dream of winning four straight is over for the Jazz, but they can still take the next three if Okur gets back in th... Oh, wait. The only real question left is if Karc will post in this thread again.
  8. Just John

    NBA Offseason chatter

    The Jazz are totally gonna win the next three games provided Kobe continues to shoot around 20%, Gasol's FT percentage stays at 40, and everyone besides Lamar Odom decides to play like complete shit. It can happen.
  9. Just John

    NBA Offseason chatter

    Hey, the Jazz cut it to 3 in the second half tonight! LA better watch out... At this rate, the Jazz might have a lead at some point in the second half next game.
  10. Just John

    NBA Offseason chatter

    I think the Lakers were trying to torment Karc by casually beating down the Jazz at their leisure, while leaving just enough hope that the backdoor sweep is still within reach.
  11. Just John

    NBA Offseason chatter

    Someone else really has to bet that the Jazz won't sweep the Lakers?
  12. Just John

    NBA Offseason chatter

    Again, just be careful who you call white. I do not have grudge against Kobe Bryant, I think the Jazz are much more physical team that can easily score in the paint and have a far superior point guard. With the exception of Odom, the Lakers' bench is useless and will get crushed. Pretending that you're a serious poster for a minute, did you even watch the season finale? The Lakers had nothing to play for, Kobe was in foul trouble, and the Jazz weren't in foul trouble on the road. LA still won by double digits. Maybe the 3-pt-loving center Mehmet Okur and CJ Watson coming back will give the Jazz enough physical play in the paint to make the difference, though... There should be a banning or forced username change if your prediction doesn't come through.
  13. Just John

    The 'Unwritten' rules of WWE

    I always get a kick out of the wrestlers who appear to own nothing but tights and maybe a t-shirt with the sleeves cut off.
  14. Just John

    Guitar Hero: METALLICA

    Seeing the commercial with college basketball coaches made me really want this game. I've been trying not to think about it since I probably shouldn't be dropping $60 on right now, but the track listing looks incredible and I look forward to the challenge. GH3's been the only game with some really tough songs so far, but this one looks like it's loaded from top to bottom. Sad But True is the slowest Metallica song I can think of, and even that would probably be a level 5 or 6 in the other GH games because of the solo.
  15. Just John

    The 2009 NFL Offseason

    To ban the kamikazes that sprint down the field as wedgebreakers, apparently. But won't the kamikazes just hit the kick returner now?