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    Wrestling, Hockey, finding good tape trading/selling sites for my friends so they can order them and lend to me? :P

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  1. cmclennan

    Do we still have a chat?

    Oh, I remember this. Of course, you all remember me, because I was SIGNIFICANT and CHARISMATIC.
  2. cmclennan

    Explain THIS TO ME

    Okay, okay, but I REALLY wanted to use something like "You're a big fat poopy-head," But I suppose not.
  3. cmclennan

    Explain THIS TO ME

    Yes, as I have no life, and am forced to debate meaningless issues with mentally challenged people such as yourself. Also, I really like to argue. Edit: NOOOOOooOOO~! My poem is not in prefect iambic pentameter! I am shamed~!
  4. cmclennan

    Explain THIS TO ME

    I'll bet you find yourself hilarious. You know, you talking like this is probably the reason people laugh at you. It has nothing to do with your dry, oh-so-cutting wit. And now that I've been insulted so horribly, the only way I can get back at you would be to write a biting poem about you... But what to write about? Your romantic ineptitude? Your inability to get any point across whatsoever, without resorting to various "witticisms" designed to make yourself feel better about your obvious social inability. That said, I have decided to compose a poem about you. "Dear, dear rawmvp, I wonder if you'll ever be with a girl, or at the least, with some sort of dog-like beast? You claim to be advanced in language, But these claims fill my mind with anguish, For if you are smart as you say, What does that make Ernest Hemingway? For surely he is your opposite, What with the brilliant wit, And he also had a skill which you seem to lack, That being the ability to lay off the crack." There we are.
  5. cmclennan

    Explain THIS TO ME

    Heh. Yes, I am affronting you as you so eloquently, yet so unnecessarily phrase it. Please, you're an embarassment to English-speaking peoples 'round the world. You have to follow the trends of the time, linguistically speaking. And Simplification is "in."
  6. cmclennan

    Explain THIS TO ME

    No, no, we laugh because you are a silly, silly little man. With no romantic future in sight. Please, please don't inject your genetic material into the ovaries of this frigid Russian girl, or we will have more silly people butchering the English language than there already are.
  7. cmclennan

    All other countries bow down!

    *No sells the low blow, and whacks Janus with a hockey stick. While he's incapacitated, McLennan brutally murders him with the stick.* Craig: And take THAT, Mom! take THAT dad! Make me clean up my room, will you? DIE! Da "Stealing gimmicks because he has issues" M.
  8. cmclennan

    Birthday Salutations 2003-04~!

    You forgot no-showing, Taamo. But thank ye kindly.
  9. cmclennan

    New SWF Computer games

    Crowe, I swear, I smelt cigarette smoke when I saw that picture.
  10. cmclennan

    Border Run Thread

    Could I have on of those poor semi-literate Mexicans? For reaearch purposes?
  11. cmclennan

    The SWF Great Comedy Beatdown

    Is this open to SJLers as well?.... Ex-SJLers, in my case.
  12. cmclennan

    SJL Metal Card for Oct 7th!

    Don't make me touch you inappropriately with a branch of poison oak.
  13. cmclennan

    SJL Metal Card for Oct 7th!

    I amz teh retracting my opening promo request. Many things have come up. Including my laziness, and the fact that I must work mmy ass off for a very long time to pay back my grandmother. Hooray for Not having money of my own to put towards my acting class's New York Trip, Graduation, etc. And then there's the college thing. Actually, I am leaving the SWF. For precisely these reasons. Bah @ Life. P.S.: I shall continue to "Be around", and will still do some stuff. Don't think you'll never see me again. BWAHAHAHAHA~!... Carry on, then.
  14. cmclennan


    I'd like to throw my hat into a duck. That would be cool.
  15. cmclennan

    SJL Metal Card for Oct 7th!

    I wish to obtain teh Opening Promo. 'Tis time for a FACE TURN~!