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    Veronica Mars Season Two

    In August I downloaded and watched the entire first season of this, and absolutely loved it. I'm holding off on watching the second season of Lost for a little while, so my TiVo now records Veronica Mars every week. The season premiere was nothing but wrapping up loose ends from last season, along with introducing the smaller of the two plots (the stabbing) that will be stretched across the season. The big mystery of the season is fucking nuts, and was probably too over the top with the way it was presented. Anyone else watching this?
  2. Placebo Effect

    OAO No Way Out thread

    I flew into Los Angeles last night to take care of some business, and what do I see when I pass the Staples Center but an advertisement for No Way Out. I'm a Starbucks about a mile away from the arena, so I'm going to head there in a half hour or so and see if I can score a ticket from a scalper. This looks like a really fun PPV.
  3. Placebo Effect

    The Real Maxx Payne Documentary

    Martha Hart already exposed the dirt about Duke Droese. He was fond of GHBing young women and if I remember correctly, young Justin Hawk Bradshaw taught him a lesson at some point.
  4. Placebo Effect

    WON News + Notes, 29th January Issue

    Here's one that hasn't been done yet: The guy who gets the contract uses it later that night during the main event. This is actually the best suggestion I've seen in quite sometime; it promotes a mid-carder instantly, and sets up two feuds already for that guy: one with the guy he just took it off of, and the second with the former champ (Cena/Bats). As long as that guy's not Hogan...or Khali, this is a cool idea. Kennedy would make this work, after tonight's performance. The definetly need something to spice up this WM with no real well developed heels/feuds (other than the overdone edge vs. Cena) Am I the only one that would mark the fuck out if Matt Hardy won MITB and then cashed it later that night against new WWE Champion Edge? No. You and the sixty other girls who type in aqua will have your collective orgasm, although every other person out there will groan, and not out of satisfaction.
  5. Placebo Effect

    WON News + Notes, January 29th Issue

    God knows Christian never learned.
  6. Placebo Effect

    So, Lita has a band.

    I'm calling bullshit on that statement.
  7. Placebo Effect

    WON News + Notes, January 8th Issue

    I'll throw my thanks in as well.
  8. Placebo Effect

    WON News + Notes, December 25th Issue

    Thanks for posting these.
  9. Placebo Effect

    What's with WWE and undefeated streaks?

    Vito, Terkay, Miz, Lashley, and Hassan all had undefeated streaks. They cared so little about Vito that the streak ending wasn't even mentioned. The absolute best was when Rene Dupree, who had ONE match on ECW TV, was billed by Styles as undefeated.
  10. Placebo Effect

    WON News + Notes, December 18th Issue

    There's a fine quote for the eventual WON quote thread about the death of TNA.
  11. Placebo Effect

    ECW's next PPV 'December To Dismember'

    Burke and Turkay would be the logical choice.
  12. Placebo Effect

    OAO Primetime Debut Thread

    Abyss/Sting isn't selling 1/10 the buys that Joe/Angle is.
  13. Placebo Effect

    OAO Primetime Debut Thread

    Michael Shane looks like a woman, the VKM/Raven's New Group really shouldn't have been the same segment, over a week of post-production and that's the best siren they can get, and the three way X Division match was God awful. Everything else, however, was good to excellent. There's a part of me that likes the VKM stuff, but at the same time, it really needed to be two different guys. They could've at least brought up that the Michael Buffer intro was their idea. Sting repelling on a giant pole just made me chuckle.
  14. Placebo Effect

    Scott Hall interview

    Thanks for this. Made for a great read.
  15. Placebo Effect

    Controversy Creates Cash - Eric Bischoff

    I read the majority of the book last night in about an hour and a half at Borders. It's a fun read. I liked the glances into WCW's corporate structure, but the lack of talent relations material was the book's big flaw.
  16. Placebo Effect

    Russo's work so far

    aka Vince Russo not booking.
  17. All of you should be subscribing to the F4W Empire. It's the best $6.95 a month you'll ever spend.
  18. Billy Reil is still alive?
  19. Placebo Effect

    ROH Unscripted 2

    A man of your stature should be able to call Gabe and ask him for a copy. Unless, of course, you're an imposter.
  20. Placebo Effect

    The Daily Show/Colbert Report Thread

    Am I the only one who hated the Green Screen Challenge (minus George L's appearance) and hates Tek Jansen? The only thing I hate more than Tek Jansen during the 11:00 hour is the horrendous "Decider" crap.
  21. Placebo Effect

    MTV is starting a wrestling promotion

    That doesn't mean spoilers won't get out. It just takes one person. What I'm saying is that spoilers don't mean shit for a show like this.
  22. Placebo Effect

    ECW's next PPV 'December To Dismember'

    And they've got next year covered too. Just insert a cane over the gun. As for the PPV, they can produce 90 minutes of original PPV footage and then pad out the other 90 with footage from this year's event. Humor that only 1% of the board will get = $$$
  23. Placebo Effect

    MTV is starting a wrestling promotion

    Taping shows every week or even bi-weekly costs a lot of money. The audience for this show is not internet fans. It's stupid MTV kids who want highspots and weapon-related violence set to music. Anyone who expects a real wrestling show is in for a big surprise.
  24. Placebo Effect

    ECW Videos v2.0

    I always loved how RVD mistreated Sabu in the majority of their promos.
  25. Placebo Effect

    ECW Videos v2.0

    My God that Raven/Sandman compilation is awesome.