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  1. Highland

    Most Professional

    Definitely the Rock, and assuming we're not counting jobbers I'd also have to pick Kane and TBS. I've never heard of either of them refusing to do something asked of them, including angles and gimmicks that could have ruined them.
  2. Highland

    Five best villains

    So true, so true.
  3. Highland

    Five best villains

    Do we mean villians or final bosses? If it's just villians then Delita tops the list, the fucker betrays you, uses you like a puppet, betrays an oath on the grave of his dead sister and murders his wife when he is coronated as king. And there's nothing you can do about it. Death from SC IV is also cool.
  4. Highland

    NHL 2006 Playoffs thread...

    Give it to Jagr, only because the thought of Thornton winning the Hart after fucking the dog in Boston fills me with rage.
  5. Highland

    Iconic video game music.

    It's called Omen. Here's my list: FFT Xenogears Most of the FF games. Chrono Cross Chrono Trigger Soul Blade Castlevania IV (The 3 guardians) SD3 Suikoden 1 & 2 (I haven't played the others) MGS boss fight theme MGS2 Main theme Street Fighter 2. (Who doesn't know the themes of the Original 8?)
  6. Highland

    Martial Arts that you've taken?

    Some TKD when I was a kid and later I took some Kenpo. I wouldn't mind learning Wing chun. Is it worthwhile?
  7. Highland

    Western backlash against the Liberals

    New York, Pennsylvania and New England for Alberta? Deal.
  8. Highland

    Western backlash against the Liberals

    Listening to some Albertans, they want to wipe their ass with the Canadian flag while waving the provincial flag hoping and praying the Marines will come over and carpetbomb Ottawa.
  9. Highland

    Hey Mike the admin

    Use this.
  10. Highland


    The question is: Why do you frequent bestiality message boards?
  11. Highland

    Vote Passes recommending Libs resign

    Because there is. Don't accuse me of pulling a MikeSC just because you stick your fingers in your ears and yell "lalala!"
  12. Highland

    Vote Passes recommending Libs resign

    Oh by the way, Global is owned by the Aspers whom are ardent supporters of the Liberals, so much so that they fire any who disagree with their views. Next.
  13. Highland

    Vote Passes recommending Libs resign

    Wait, you don't know better. Aren't you the one that won't even play right wing on the hockey team? Why aren't you defending Martin? That's right, you can't so you accuse me of using a biased (read: not polishing Martin's cock) source. And what the fuck does the war in Iraq have to do with it? Wait, if you can't answer that without pulling a C-bacon and attacking our allies then don't answer it.
  14. Highland

    Vote Passes recommending Libs resign

    It gets better and better. But it's all good, because Harper is a robot and Martin would never stoop so low as to take advantage of a crippling disease for political gain. Oh wait, he did. Several times.
  15. Highland

    Vote Passes recommending Libs resign

    No, I'm not an Albertan. Do I have to be one to be upset over corruption?