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  1. The Rocks 3 disc DVD coming out! lol
  2. Jesse Badass

    Jonathan Coachman leaving WWE for ESPN

    Like The Rock said, "Nobody cares about you Coach!"
  3. Jesse Badass

    Mick Foley offered commentating job on smackdown

    Not bad at all.......this is good news
  4. Jesse Badass

    Shawn Michaels as World Champion

    Chiris Jericho as World Champion.....
  5. Jesse Badass

    Michael Hayes Suspended For Being A Racist?

    Lol ur an idiot! You do know "Nigger" and "Nigga" are not the same words......right?
  6. Jesse Badass

    Michael Hayes Suspended For Being A Racist?

    It depends if he said "Nigga" or "Nigger" because Nigga does not refer to just a black person. But its not acceptable if Hayes used the word nigger.
  7. Jesse Badass

    WWE Smackdown (4/11/2008)

    Batista said some real shit to HBK lol
  8. Jesse Badass


    I have a desktop and a laptop. I edit my library on my ipod from my desktop but i'm also trying to do it from my laptop . I'm trying to put songs on my ipod from my laptop but i don't know how to do it. Is it possible?
  9. Jesse Badass

    Are DELL computers any good?

    I have to buy a new desktop soon and I'm thinking about buying a DELL. Any suggestions?
  10. Jesse Badass

    Eddy Guerrero passes away

    It's very sad and I still can't believe it. A lot of memories. RIP......
  11. Jesse Badass

    Subwoofers and Amps for cars

    I was just wondering if anybody here know anything about car audio? What are some good brands to get?
  12. Jesse Badass

    Spike to replay Impact on Monday Nights

    How long is the show?
  13. Jesse Badass

    Tombstone: The History of the Undertaker

    I went to BestBuy today to pick up Tbe Undertaker DVD but fat ass Paul Bearer got the last copy. Can you believe that shit? BTW, I live in Mobile, AL.
  14. Where can I get Wrestlemania X-7 on DVD?
  15. I heard that a Wrestlemania DVD set was coming out. Is this true?