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  1. Elbarto997

    Did we recently discuss Steely Dan?

    Steely Dan is perfectly adequate Jazz Rock, actually. Much more listenable and much less pretentious than, say, Phil Collins. That much should at least be handed in favor of Fagen & Becker.
  2. Elbarto997

    TNA stupidity so great it warrants its own thread

    Sorry to steer things off a little, but is this thread necessary? Aren't we supposed to be getting behind the promotion as a #2 promotion? There has to be something to counter this year's second-rate duplicate of the Kurt Angle or Chris Jericho/HBK feud with John Cena, or the obvious Tyson/Austin knock-off with Bobby Lashley-Donald Trump/Umaga-Vince McMahon. At least Vince Russo is showing some improvements from his disasterous WCW tenure.
  3. Elbarto997

    Top-Notch AOR Songs

    Album-Oriented Rock songs are the underrated portion of an artists' resumé. With that being said, which AOR/Deep Cut do you like the best, or think is the most underrated? For me, it's "The Bomber" by James Gang. The James Gang are known more for the Southern-ish driving pop-culture song "Funk #49" and the presence of future-Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh. Allow me to give a blow-by-blow analysis. Sorry if things sound a little like an Amazon review, but... In its 7 minutes, the song features stellar guitar-work and vocals by Joe, as well as some solid drum fills and and solid bass line during the whole medley. The song is not unlike the dynamics of Led Zeppelin, in which the vocal parts resemble "Bring It On Home" with the crunchy guitar riffs. The 4 1/2 minute instrumental medley, which is tacked in between the vocal parts, stand out a lot in the song. For instance, Joe works through some "Dazed And Confused"-ish psychedelia guitar techniques in the first guitar solo, and then after its Hendrix-reminiscent finale, it goes right into a guitar cover of "Bolero" with some neat-o echoing effects in sketchy but cool fashion. "Bolero" goes on for the same length as the first guitar solo. After "Bolero", things shift into a guitar/organ bit called "Cast Your Fate To The Wind" which starts out sounding really buried underneath the drums 'n' bass, but progresses on, and then the part erupts back onto the vocal parts which bring us to the song's end. The effects sound a little crude in the song, yes, but this song is definitely worth a listen. It shows that Joe Walsh could do more than just "Funk #49" or "Rocky Mountain Way" or even "Hotel California". Discuss your favorite AOR song, in addition.
  4. Elbarto997

    Thread Zeppelin

    The Debut Album, in reality, kicked more than just a lot of ass. The Debut Album was Led Zeppelin as we knew it; Jimmy Page the influential axeman/genius, the manic Robert Plant, the super (but unoriginal---let's be honest) badass John Bonham, and the well-rounded John Paul Jones all in top-form. Back then, Page was totally new in addition to being a killer guitarist, and Plant could hit all the high notes. "Good Times Bad Times" was the perfect opener. Sure it wasn't satanic or nothin, but it was short and rather modest, and it told us that this was the birth of a new band. The Blues covers really make the album. "You Shook Me" comes off as boring during the first few minutes, but after that, the song is the most distortion-laced Blues mind-fuck that you've ever heard...Far superior to that "Lemon Song'. And even that song, along with the other Blues numbers that they did would be cribbed right off of "You Shook Me". As for every other discussion in this topic; Black Sabbath is indeed more limited than Zeppelin (Not saying that Sabbath is bad in that effect, but Zeppelin has a much more diverse catalog than Sabbath), "When The Levee Breaks" is a wonderful side-ending to IV (Where STH ends Side 1 with the album thrown upside-down with half of the story left, "Levee" has the whole thing coming down into a bloody ending), Led Zeppelin III is folk/experimentation run amuck (but not all of it is bad by any means), and D'Yer Mak'er is far away from being Led Zeppelin's best song.
  5. Elbarto997

    Which is worse.

    I still want to know where the hell Squeeze Box and Magic Bus came from. Why not Gimme Shelter and Sympathy For The Devil???
  6. Elbarto997

    Which is worse.

    Oooh, "halfwit", eh? Once again: It's all standard for critics of any band that's supposedly less than the Zeppelin standards
  7. Elbarto997

    Which is worse.

    Whoa whoa, what the hell kind of thread is this? Neither songs are worse. There are tons of shitty songs that they've put out that make both these songs look like 21st Century Schizoid Man. Try the overrated as hell "Song Is Over", "Goin' Mobile", "Let's See Action (Nothing Is Everything)" or any of the 80s shit excluding "You Better You Bet" and "Eminence Front". Bullshit. You're forgetting about the "Who Are You" album, where they actually renewed their interests in writing music, and it paid off. As sad as they were in the 80s, a couple of good songs at least spawned from that era. Hell, I'd take 80s Who over 90s Rolling Stones any day. All of this is utter bullshit. Magic Bus gets TWELVE minutes on Live At Leeds (a ferocious Live album that could probably only be eclipsed by Deep Purple: Made In Japan in terms of Rock) and gets bashed in this thread, yet Jimmy Page gets praised for, what, 27 goddamn minutes of making stupidass noises on his guitar with a violin bow on BOTH the Live versions of "Dazed and Confused"??? Or James Hetfield and his 20 minutes of chanting "SEARCHAYAAAAHAAANNNNN SEEK AND DESTROYYYY!!!!!"??? Ginger Baker's 17 minute drum-fest on "Toad", a drum solo that John Bonham stole for "Moby Dick"??? I call bullshit. Oh, and I would say that Magic Bus is nowhere near as offensive as "Uneasy Rider" or "Hot Rod Lincoln" so take the spout of bullshit over to that yard.
  8. Elbarto997

    Radio Stations you listen to

    I listen to a ton of radio. FM: 102.5 WDVE, 93.7 WRKZ (Another K-Rock station). Sirius: A vast majority of the Rock and Comedy stations. Internet Radio: 9412, Generation Rock Radio.
  9. Elbarto997

    Favorite Smipsons Couch Scene

    For me, it has to be the one where they're locked out of the house = Early classic.
  10. Elbarto997

    D-X DVD

    JimmyHendricks, how are the extra matches? Would you say any of them justify the purchase???
  11. Elbarto997

    Save Wrestlemania

    There's still time to book Coach/Edge in a No Disqualification Match in the Main Event.
  12. Elbarto997

    August Jukebox match listing

    I agree with the DrVenkman, there's a LOT of garbage this month! Who writes this shit?? (If it's a TSM writer, or a relative of them, please proceed to beat me over the head with a shovel wrapped around barbed wire) HHH/HBK---Bullshit! Trips & Michaels never had a Ladder match! Just a match that happened to involve Ladders. The Armageddon 2/3 Falls match doesn't count. UT/Lesnar---This wasn't a brutal brawl! It just had blading! You could easily wedge this in between HHH/Nash and UT/Bossman. Hogan & Warrior/Slaughter & Sympathizers---It's not a match made in hell if it's not HELL IN A CELL! Jericho/Scorpio/Pitbull/Douglas---First of all, every match with a sick spot garnered an ECW chant, so nearly EVERY ECW match had the fans chanting "ECW". It's a commonplace. You don't hear fans chanting "WWE" or "WCW". If Mr. Big Shot Important WWE Writer Hippy White Trash (Add Powerbomb thru Flaming Table if writer is TSM writer, etc.) can find a match including those chants, THEN I'll have been considered persuaded. Second, it's "E-C-DUB" not "ECW"!! Third, what would Mr. BSIWWEWHWT know about a technically sound match? Well, nothing, because this match happens to include hardcore shit. David Flair & Ms. Hancock vs AWOL & Major Gunns---First of all, NO! Second of all, no mention of the deceased Wall. Shame on you, Mr. BSIWWEWHWT!!! SHAME! Rock/HHH---If they want to include an old-school HHH/Rock encounter, why don't they put their 2/3 Falls match from Fully Loaded '98, or that AWESOME Ladder match from SS'98 instead of this?!! Gobbledy Gooker----NO NO NO NO NO!!! Everybody hated this abortion! It's an embarassment to the company, and RD & Blade have every right to rip it all up to pieces! Rey Mysterio/Ultimo Dragon---They're showing the FIVE MINUTE MATCH FROM NITRO??? FUCK YOU, VINCE! Sincerely, Ultimo and 75% if the Cruiserweight Division. For fuck sakes, get rid of one of the matches, and stick their AWESOME match from one of the PPVs from '96, Slamboree I think on there. What tripe this month is. It'll probably be the best-selling month, though. I guarantee it.
  13. Elbarto997

    2005 WWE Television Win-Loss Record & Standings

    Whoo! Paul London is in 2nd! But holy shit at some of these guys records! Cena's in first due to politics, and politics alone..
  14. Elbarto997

    Finally! Kurt Angle DVD announced...

    There is still the discussion with the Best of Fully Loaded/InVasion/Vengeance DVD. And the Kurt Angle/Benoit 2/3 Falls match NEEDS to be on the DVD. Great match, great angle...
  15. Elbarto997

    Your ass is grass!

    Not nearly as good as the old '99 (Syx)X-Pac-HHH standby of "Your ass is grass, and I'm gonna smoke it!"