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  1. Ted the Poster

    Pictures I Like

    She actually has something called Proteus Syndrome.
  2. Ted the Poster

    Not Deleting Peoples PMs

    So are you claiming that the old administration is the one editing people's pms when they have no access to it? Yes, Keiper did and he admitted in the staff folder. Of course, it's cool because he googles stats, or something. My vision is to get the fuck out of this shithole, and post somewhere with intelligent people that have grown out of doing whatever to be popular on a message board. Massive fraud or not, you really are an unfettered cunt of a person.
  3. It's actually Frankenstein vs. Baragon: There was a script for a proposed King Kong vs. Frankenstein film, which was never made. This one would have stayed true to Frankenstein, in the sense that the movie was about Dr. Frankenstein creating a giant beast to combat Kong, whereas the attempted(and dropped)Japanese flick is about a version of Frankenstein's monster that is irradiated by the bomb that made Godzilla and grows large.
  4. Ted the Poster

    The OAO Mystery Science Theater 3000 Thread

    I hope the mini-poster for 509 is Crow as Jack Elam.
  5. Ted the Poster

    The Truthiness is a fucking stinky twatfart

    Oh wow. Posting PMs may be a dick move(so you kinda expect Czech to do it, no offense), but that last part is fantastic.
  6. Ted the Poster

    Personal Attacks on Jingus.

    I don't get the Jingus hate. What'd the guy do?
  7. Ted the Poster

    Anybody here seen "The Wrestler"?

    Maybe because it's in NHB and nobody gives a fuck. Wait, that was a serious response. God damn it.
  8. Ted the Poster

    Personal Attacks on Jingus.

    Patrick, why so angry?
  9. Ted the Poster

    Jimmy Jammy Jimmy Bear

    This is the work of Ed Wood AKA Scott Keith's Biggest Fan AKA "$10 Computer Guy".
  10. Ted the Poster

    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    Hey, I wanna be in the SAMPO~! group. Most of you probably don't even know the context of it!
  11. Ted the Poster

    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    Making fun of Marney dying is pretty dark, CWM. I don't have a problem with it personally but still... yeesh.
  12. Ted the Poster

    List things that don't interest you

    Oh, hey now.
  13. Ted the Poster

    List things that don't interest you

    Political and religous beliefs. Like anyone gives a fuck about who you want to be alderman.
  14. Ted the Poster

    The Pit comments on TSM's misogyny

    You guys are silly.
  15. Ted the Poster

    2008 TSM Comic Book Awards?

    There really aren't enough people who regularly visit this folder to have voting. It might be easier to just post our own opinions and argue like the nerds we are. Best Book: All-Star Superman Best Mini: Reserved until I read SI #8. Best Writer: Tie- Geoff Johns/Dan Slott Best Artist: Ethan Van Sciver Best hero: Iron Man Best Villain: Skrulls Best Moment: Bucky becomes the new Cap Best Cover: Invincible #50 Best Publisher: Image