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  1. SamoaRowe

    TBK released

    When was the last time anyone cut from WWE's midcard became a big deal in TNA? I can understand an argument for Christian, but he was already on the cusp of being a big star for WWE, had they not aborted his push in the summer of 2005.
  2. SamoaRowe

    Friday Night Smackdown! - 6/19/09

    Interesting. I really hope WWE doesn't drop the ball with the new Morrison push like they've done with so many others in the past.
  3. SamoaRowe

    Friday Night Smackdown! - 6/19/09

    I attended a Big Time Wrestling show last night and missed this. Is Edge/Morrison really that good or is it being overhyped?
  4. SamoaRowe

    Sim Snuka and Candice Michelle

    - Nobody backstage was surprised at Sim Snuka being released. WWE largely blamed Snuka for the scary bump the Undertaker ended up taking at WrestleMania XXV when he dove out of the ring. Snuka was the "cameraman" who was supposed to catch him. While feelings are mixed as to whether Snuka saved 'Taker or was to blame for the bump, WWE has mostly blamed him and didn't use him again. - Candice Michelle's release also wasn't a big surprise backstage. Some in WWE were upset that she was working on other projects while convalescing from her recent ankle injuries and most feel that she was never the same after returning from her collarbone injuries. Michelle was apparently a bit surprised at the release as she had just been given clearance to return to the ring. Credit: PWInsider
  5. SamoaRowe

    Is Batista truely injured?

    I'm tired of Batista, but he's gone often enough that he usually isn't a problem to me.
  6. SamoaRowe

    Gay Wrestlers

    Perhaps, I'd never stopped to consider that it was anything but a joke (especially considering he was playing a smart-ass DX member in the midst of the Attitude Era) but you may be on to something.
  7. SamoaRowe

    WWE No Mercy 2004

    Lots of fun stuff on that undercard, especially the London/Kidman outing. Angle/Show and Cena/Booker are both dull and by the numbers, and that Taker/JBL match only manages to be okay.
  8. SamoaRowe

    Gay Wrestlers

    I always took that to be a joke.
  9. SamoaRowe

    ROH on HDNET Tapings Results

    The Danielson/Black main event this week was AWESOME. They really pulled out all the stops and wrestling for a complete (commercial free) 20 minute streak. It easily put anything I've seen on WWE/TNA programming as of late to shame.
  10. SamoaRowe

    Who was the biggest Ring Rat?

    I heard a fun rumor once that Danny Doring and Steve Corino tag teamed her and finished with a golden shower. No source, but I'm not making this up, pretty sure this was a part of that uber-fun DVDVR urban legend thread from back in the day.
  11. SamoaRowe

    Gay Wrestlers

    Fabulous Moolah Mae Young Orlando Jordan (open bi-sexual)
  12. SamoaRowe

    WrestleMania 25 paid attendance

    Yeah, but how much (if any) was papered? I seem to remember hearing that there were still unsold tickets up to pretty close to the event.
  13. SamoaRowe

    Your guilty pleasure of the moment

    Yeah, me too. Katy Perry in general has been my guilty pleasure since last summer.
  14. SamoaRowe

    2009 Tea Parties

    That's what an (un)healthy diet of Fox News and Rush Limbaugh will do for your imagination.
  15. SamoaRowe

    ECW Discussion- 4/14/09

    I just got around to ECW tonight, and that Bourne/Morrison match was very impressive. I'm really hoping that WWE continues to groom them both as stars of the future, because they stole the show. Easily the best WWE television match I've seen in a long time.