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  1. kirk angel

    Top 100 WWF/E Matches 1986-2005

    I thought Hogan vs Savage from WM V should have been on there somewhere, and I'm not crazy about the ending from the Rock vs Austin match. I thought all those chairshots made Austin look weak, it would have been more effective if Mcmahon hit the Rock once, and that led to an Austin stunner and then a pin followed by Austin and McMahon embracing and then a post match beatdown of the Rock
  2. kirk angel

    NWA Weekly Programming Thread

    Whats with The R&R Express wearing the old tag team belts on this weeks show?
  3. kirk angel

    Best version of the Horsemen?

    I think I tried to block him out. Man, he simply could not wrestler. Killed me watching him flash the Horsemen sign. Was Jarrett ever a horsemen? I think I remember him and Mongo working together, but like you I tried to block that incarnation of the horsemen out
  4. kirk angel

    Former WWE star arrested for child abuse

    I wonder how The Shiek feels about this
  5. kirk angel

    Does anyone remember GLOW?

    Mount Fiji I remember a girl that dressed like a farmer's daughter but I can't remember her name
  6. kirk angel

    WCW Clash Of The Champions 18

    I loved this period as well, I wish they would feature more stuff on 24/7 with The Dangerous Alliance.
  7. kirk angel

    Primetime Disscussion Thread

    I was wondering that after last weeks episode. This week Monsoon was talking about possible outcomes and mentioned Dibiase and Andre could meet in the finals and that Andre would just let him win the match, so I get the feeling that they will switch the brackets in order to avoid that from happening. That's my best guess
  8. kirk angel

    Primetime Disscussion Thread

    Whats up with the brackets they showed for the WM IV tournament, everything was out of order. With the way it was shown, Muraco would have gotten 2 byes into the finals and Dibase and The One Man Gang would have met in the quarterfinals
  9. kirk angel

    WWE Raw XV

    Why did the use the original winged eagle belt during the zamboni segment? I thought they changed the belt to the newer version once Austin won the title
  10. kirk angel

    PYBO: Starrcade '92

    I'm not liking the Ross/Ventura combo. Jesse keeps feeding lines to Ross and he just completely ignores him, making an awkward silence
  11. kirk angel

    PYBO: Starrcade '92

    Nice botched hurricanrana by Johnny B Badd
  12. kirk angel

    Essential Starrcade

    Is the Essential Starrcade already up on 24/7? I can't seem to find it, I got other new stuff like SS 87 and in the Miztv he says to check out Essential Starrcade but it's not up
  13. kirk angel

    Primetime Disscussion Thread

    I damn near pissed my pants when Gorilla called Heenan a walking advertisement for birth control
  14. kirk angel

    Legends Programming

    I thought he was calling his manager Fred Blassie an intelligent Jew in that interview. Later in the interview I believe he called Gene Mean an intelligent Jew businessman
  15. kirk angel

    Legends Programming

    I liked this months roundtable. Hayes had some pretty good shiek stories