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  1. kirk angel

    WWE 2003 welcomes back WWF 1994

    He seemed like he was getting pretty good heat on smackdown last night.
  2. kirk angel

    The old WWF title

    Was there any specific reasoning behind having those belts with the different color leather?
  3. kirk angel

    Greatest Promo Ever

    I remmember that, the gist was he said both have a flashy package, but only the YJStinger delivers what its packaging promises. What a shill. I think he also said that unlike Goldberg, YJ Stinger won't give you gas. HHH is gold on the mic when he's comparing wrestlers to YJ Stinger.
  4. kirk angel

    Greatest Promo Ever

    The greatest promo ever was when HHH compared Goldberg to a can of YJ Stinger
  5. kirk angel

    What Happen To Triple H?

    I'm surprised more guys don't end up letting themselves go for a while like HHH did. I couldnt imagine being able to stay completely ripped year round, especially when you're constantly on the road
  6. kirk angel

    The One and Only EVOLUTION IS ----

    Evolution is a big sardine
  7. kirk angel

    Matt Hardy

    I think that the Matt Facts and the whole V1 persona is more of a heel thing, and the WWE wanted to come off as a face to make the swerve a little less obvious. Hopefully they will be back next week.
  8. My favorite part of the show, next to the nipple slip was when Flair told HHH that he was mean
  9. kirk angel

    Who's left

    ok so it seems pretty obvious that hhh is gettin the belt back soon, but after that is there really anyone left for him to feud with. after his supposed face turn and his feud with orton who else could he possibly face that he hasnt already besides maybe batista.
  10. kirk angel

    Big Show as US Champ

    All the belts are worthless. Especially RAW TAG TITLE. Are there any tag teams on Raw besides La Res and The Dudleyz?
  11. kirk angel

    Who's left

    I'm not bitching about him, I wanted to see everyone's opinion on who they thought he would be feuding with after he gets the belt back.
  12. kirk angel

    Batista getting a big push...

    maybe he invested it
  13. haha please elaborate, i never heard about that
  14. kirk angel

    Anyone actually enjoy RAW?

    i can honestly say that if teddy long and jericho got sent to smackdown, i would never watch raw again
  15. kirk angel

    The One And Only Raw Thread (11/10/03)

    this has been a dream match of mine ever since steiner entered the wwe
  16. kirk angel

    The One And Only Raw Thread (11/10/03)

    damn hbk has gayer in ring mannerisms than rico
  17. kirk angel

    The One And Only Raw Thread (11/10/03)

    haha that hbk/orton match had the exact same ending to a luger/hayes us title match years ago
  18. kirk angel

    The One And Only Raw Thread (11/10/03)

    your table will be ready in 5-10 minutes
  19. kirk angel

    The One And Only Raw Thread (11/10/03)

    cena is stealing hhh's spot!!!!
  20. kirk angel

    "Gorgeous" Gary Young

    weren't him and cactus a tag team in wccw?
  21. kirk angel

    The Old School questions thread

    they were supposed to have a match at some ppv but it ended up being tito vs the warlord i believe. they said that martel had to cancel because he had to do a fashion show...haha i loved the model gimmick
  22. kirk angel

    OK, who's the best on the mic of all time

    heel rock is my fav ever i also love hogan on the mic . i was watching wmV the other day and he cut a promo were he was ranting about how he thought donald trump was nervous because he didnt think the structure of trump towers was strong enough to handle the mega powers exploding off the launching pad...that was fuckin gold
  23. kirk angel


    what exactly is the history between brock and holly? i really havent been following smackdown until recently so im kinda lost.
  24. kirk angel

    The Old School questions thread

    after wrestlemania IV in a strike force/demolition rematch rick martel was injured with a concussion and out for i think about 9 months. was he really injured in the match or was that just a storyline to cover up some other eason for his absence? also, when the powers of pain made their debut in the wwf, tito santana was their manager, known as the baron i believe. when did he stop accompanying them to the ring and was their ever a reason given for him no longer going to the ring with them?
  25. kirk angel


    jones is beyond worthless. IMO he is the worst wrestler with two legs that i have ever seen