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  1. Vyce

    Metal Gear Solid 4 to feature much older Snake...

    I basically summed up the MGS series the other day on the other board:
  2. Vyce

    Campaign 2008

    Someone tell that to the people of Zimbabwe.....
  3. Vyce

    Pundits you love/hate

    So, we have "godthedog" so far in the "doesn't get the bit" camp.
  4. Vyce

    Pundits you love/hate

    Indeed. I grew to admire her inspiring struggle against you liberals who were dead-set on forcing her out of a campaign she had every right to wage on. Your underhanded efforts are why a sizable number of Democrats like Marney are going to either sit out this election or vote for McCain. You poisoned the well against yourselves.
  5. Vyce

    Metal Gear Solid 4 to feature much older Snake...

    Yeah. MikeSC (who may not have a good reputation on this board but IS a devoted gamer) mentioned that the game barely fit on the Blu-Ray disc. I mean, what the fuck.
  6. Vyce

    Pundits you love/hate

    I'd totally rock a keffiyeh if I wasn't certain that all my unhip friends would call me a faggot if I did You would be a faggot. Why don't you just wear an ascot, queer?
  7. Vyce

    Campaign 2008

    I got a good laugh out of that one when it was published last week, but this week's Onion has a news article that I took a good deal more amusement from.
  8. Vyce

    Fear Itself

    WHAT. Christ almighty.
  9. Vyce

    Nick Hogan

    I've never wanted to slap a bitch more than that mother of his. It's nauseating to hear her whine about how the other mother - you know, of the kid who's a fucking vegetable now - doesn't know what suffering is, because her son isn't in jail like Nick. Goddamn rich cunt. Her son is serving 8 months - and not even in big boy jail, really - for basically killing another human being, and she feels she has the right to complain? Cause let's be honest, the other kid is dead. It's basically just a dead body at this point, the parents just don't have the strength in them at the moment to let him go.
  10. Vyce

    Campaign 2008

    I say we white folk adopt Obama as our own due to half of his lineage. Not so much because I like the guy or want him as President, I'd just find it humorous for us to take THAT away from black people too.
  11. Vyce

    Pundits you love/hate

  12. Vyce

    Final Crisis

    I liked Infinite Crisis, but WAS tremendously disappointed in how the storyline turned out, as they built it up to be one story and it turned out to be much different. All of the material leading up to the miniseries indicated that Infinite Crisis was basically going to be a damn-near GLOBAL war between the heroes and villains, with the villains finally getting sick of the heroes' shit (especially since the League went all fucking loopy for a while there by brainwashing villains) and banding together under a common cause. It was going to be this huge, massive battle royale. Then the miniseries began, and we found out, naw, it ain't about that shit, it's about Alex Luthor going crazy and trying to recreate the multiverse. It was good, just I didn't feel like the story we got was as interesting or compelling as the one we were sold on. But hey, Superboy - excuse me, SuperMAN Prime, is one of the best villains, IMO, of the last few years. The image of him ripping apart Teen Titans with his bare hands while screaming "You're RUINING me!!!!" was fantastic.
  13. Vyce

    Pundits you love/hate

    That's a bit inaccurate, her parents came over on a visa, they didn't hop a fence like the filthy Mexicans do.
  14. Vyce

    Pundits you love/hate

    You mean like God bless Hillary. Her underdog fight even made me grow to like her a bit. I'm going to miss her.
  15. Vyce

    3 Doors Down and Staind: THE THREAD

    They reached that threshold with me for putting out pussy top 40 garbage yet having the audacity to call their tour the "BAD BOYS OF ROCK".