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    More WWE Gimmick News

    An excerpt from the 6/14 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: The WWE at this point feels it needs to go to the extremes to get reactions in a blase society, and playing on racial and xenophobic issues is one of wrestling time honored traditions. Layfield's character from the start, because of his program with Guerrero, has been anti-Mexican, and many of the lines he has delivered were scripted for him. These are all in bad taste, but bad taste among wrestling heels has been part of wrestling for as far back as anyone can remember. The Kenzo Suzuki character is a modern adaptation of the stereotypical Japanese heels of the post World War II era, even with the name change. The WWE is now looking into a Middle Eastern heel or heels. Mark Magnus (an Italian from upstate New York who resembles a young Marc Mero) & James Reiher Jr. (Jimmy Snuka Jr.), are those slated to be groomed for the role. They are going to debut shortly in OVW, as their debut was delayed due to Reiher blowind out his knee right before they were to get started. However, like with Suzuki, and Sylvan Grenier when they debuted La Resistance, they are taking guys who, in the case of Reiher, may never be ready, and Magnus, who verbally and presence wise is probably ready, but in the ring isn't. Mark Magnus James Reiher Jr./Jimmy Snuka Jr.
  2. Hektik

    Lesnar/Mir II postponed to July

    Oh well, I just bought tickets for this show too. I'm not to upset because I damn sure didn't buy the tickets for Frank Mir. As long as there still is a title fight I will be good. I might just vomit if the main event is going to be Matt Hughes vs Matt Sera.
  3. Hektik

    WEC 39: Brown vs. Garcia

    It looks like that Brown/Faber match is going to headline the first WEC PPV. It was reported on fiveouncesofpain and confirmed by CindyO on the UG forum. It will have a price tag of $39.95.
  4. Hektik

    Affliction: Day of Reckoning

    Fedorable!!! Just came back from the fight. I was also at the first Affliction too, but I enjoyed this one much more.
  5. Hektik

    MMA Comments that Don't Warrant a Thread

    When Jon Fitch was reinstated by the UFC, I assumed the whole debacle with AKA was over. Apparently not. Franklin McNeil of MMA Live said the Yoshida fight could be Josh Koschecks last fight in the UFC. He said the tension between the UFC and Kos is still there and that Kos has no intention to sign their licensing agreement. I guess there is still a chance that Kos will be cut from the UFC.
  6. Hektik

    EliteXC has had its last show; promotion to fold

    Looks like Pro Elite might not be dead yet. From FiveOuncesOfPain.com: FiveOuncesOfPain.com has learned through multiple sources - all speaking on the condition of anonymity - that ProElite’s current management team is hard at work towards completing the sale of the company. Indications are that ProElite believes it could have an agreement in place prior to the Christmas holiday. According to sources, as many as three groups are believed to be vying for ProElite. Only the identity of one of the groups is certain, with multiple sources stating that a group led by King of the Cage promoter Terry Trebilcock has made a bid. However, Trebilcock’s group is not considered the leading contender at this date. Sources will only go so far as to describe the top contender as a company with over a billion dollars in annual gross revenue that also is a recognizable name. One group that is not considered to be a leading contender is the publicly traded Art of War promotional fight company. In response to a Nov. 26 report by this website, a source said that while the company was interested in submitting a bid on ProElite early in the sale process, that Art of War is no longer considered to a legitimate suitor at this time. Whether there is a legitimate third contender for ProElite is not entirely certain, as only one source indicated the involvement of a third unnamed group in the bidding process. It is believed that upon the completion of the sale, the leading contender hopes to inherit ProElite’s television contracts with both CBS and SHOWTIME. While it is believed that the two television partners have no desire to work with ProElite’s current ownership, Five Ounces of Pain has learned that they would be open to working with a new ProElite management team. Sources have indicated that both CBS and SHOWTIME have every intention of televising MMA events in 2009 and that they are looking for a group that can promote a large number of events. The likelihood of a ProElite sale to a new owner raises the possibility that fighters under contract to EliteXC will not be granted free agency. While select fighters are being allowed to fight outside of their current deals on a one-off basis, the bulk of their fights could potentially come with a new version of EliteXC in 2009. http://fiveouncesofpain.com/2008/12/02/sou...letion-of-sale/ I hope this does go through. Many people want to say Kimbo hurt the sport and put it back. I think what really hurt it was a large MMA promotion failing despite having the best television deals in North America.
  7. Hektik

    EliteXC has had its last show; promotion to fold

    The Florida commision has closed their investigation on Pro Elite. They sent this email to Sherdog.
  8. Hektik

    EliteXC has had its last show; promotion to fold

    That sucks to see them go. I hate to say it, but it is going to be extremely difficult for any mma promotion to gain a foothold in the North American market. Elite XC had 10 times the Television package that the UFC had. In the end it may have been a TUF reject that put the final nail in the coffin. I thought they could rebound from the Kimbo loss but Seth couldn't just let it be. He had to take it one step further. Now I'm not excusing Pro Elite, but if it comes out that they did nothing wrong, Seth deserves to be blackballed from all major MMA promotions. If it turns out that Pro Elite did do something wrong, than you reap what you sow and they have no one to blame but themselves. Affliction seems to be the only thing standing in the way of the UFC having a monopoly on the sport. With the way the economy is, I don't see anybody willing to spend the money it would take to compete on a national level. It will be interesting to see who goes where. Jake Shields seems like a lock for the UFC. Robbie Lawler could go either way. Affliction might want to pick him up and have him compete with Vitor, Lindland, and Mousasi. It is important for Affliction to establish strong divisions where they can. The same goes with Feijao. He would be much better off going with Affliction. He would just get lost in the shuffle in the UFC light heavyweight division. I think it would be wise of Zuffa to sign Gina Carano. Dana White may be against it, but I think they should add womens mma to the WEC. It would help to differentiate the WEC from the UFC. Now that they got rid of the 205 and 185 pound divisions, they can truly give the WEC its own identity. Make 2 womens divisons in the WEC and sign the best women fighters they can get. Its not like it is going to cost them a lot. Carano may be the most expensive with Tara LaRosa being 2nd after the AFL folds. They just better make sure one of those divisions is 145 so Carano can make weight.
  9. Hektik

    MMA Comments that Don't Warrant a Thread

    I heard Shogun would be ready by November or December. He spent the last few weeks giving training seminars around the US. He looked to be in good shape and showed no signs of the injury bothering him. Of course he wasn't going full speed, but it is a sign he is having a good rehab on his road back.
  10. Hektik

    NFL Offseason Thread

    Chargers to play Saints in London Sources confirm Oct. 26 game, probably at Wembley By Kevin Acee UNION-TRIBUNE STAFF WRITER January 27, 2008 LaDainian Tomlinson, Philip Rivers and Shawne Merriman – plus erstwhile San Diegans Drew Brees and Reggie Bush – will be part of the next wave of American football to infiltrate Europe. The Chargers will play the New Orleans Saints in London on Oct. 26, sources confirmed yesterday. The game, just the NFL's second regular-season contest to be played outside North America, will most likely be at Wembley Stadium. The Saints, with former Chargers quarterback Brees and Bush, a San Diego native, will be the home team. That means the Chargers do not have to give up a game at Qualcomm Stadium. It will be the first time Brees has played against the Chargers since he left after the 2005 season. Chargers President Dean Spanos would not confirm the Chargers' participation but said, “We want to go. I'm cautiously optimistic.” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello would only say that the Chargers were among the teams being considered for the game. Commissioner Roger Goodell is not expected to announce the Chargers-Saints game until his Super Bowl media conference on Friday. Sources said the Chargers have been working on logistics with the league for more than two months. Spanos is a member of the league's International Committee. “I take it as a compliment,” Spanos said. “I think we're being considered as a marquee team. It's a chance for us to show off what we can do.” The New York Giants and Miami Dolphins played at Wembley Stadium this past October in the first-ever regular-season game played outside this continent. The Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers played in 2005 in Mexico City, the first time a regular-season game was played on foreign soil. Each NFL team has been mandated to play a game outside the country at least once every 16 years. The league owners voted in October 2006 to play up to two games each year outside the United States (through at least 2011). It is believed the Buffalo Bills will play one of their home games in Toronto in 2008. The league has even been exploring having each team play one international game a year, which would add a 17th regular-season game and eliminate one preseason game. “The long-term goal is to globalize our sport,” Spanos said. “And putting our best product on the field internationally . . . showcases our game and what it's all about.” Spanos said it is possible that within five or 10 years, the league will have franchises outside the United States. For their lost home game, the Saints will be reimbursed by the league a sum equal to the average revenue for their other seven home games. Their travel expenses will also be assumed by the league. The league will also pay the Chargers' travel expenses above and beyond the average cost of their other seven road games. The game will be the Chargers' eighth next season, and they will have a bye the following week. The Chargers will play at one of their East Coast opponents (Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Miami or Tampa Bay) on Oct. 19, sources said, then fly to London immediately afterward in order to acclimate to the time difference before meeting the Saints. That is a lot of travel, but Spanos is not concerned about the wear on his football team. Neither General Manager A.J. Smith nor head coach Norv Turner was available for comment, but sources said both had been consulted and were on board. Their concerns undoubtedly played a part in the Chargers requesting the league schedule them on the East Coast before the London game. As for how such a trip might unfavorably impact the Chargers, it should be considered that the Giants are in next week's Super Bowl. Also, the year the Chargers went to the Super Bowl, following the 1994 season, they played a preseason game in Berlin the previous summer. The Chargers also played a preseason game in Sydney in 1999. “I don't look at this as adversity,” Spanos said. “I look at it as opportunity.” http://www.signonsandiego.com/sports/charg...27chargers.html I'm cool with it since the Chargers play on the east coast a week before and get a bye after.
  11. Philip Rivers with two bad knees gave the Chargers a better chance of winning than Billy Volek.
  12. Hektik

    NFL PLAYOFFS! Divisional Demolition

    Except AJ did not fire Marty. Dean Spanos did. They were all set to bring Marty back another year. That changed when Marty tried to hire his brother Kurt as DC. The Spanos family does not like relatives on the same coaching staff. They gave in once to Marty and allowed him to hire his son as QB coach. They were not going to give in a second time, especially since he was already on thin ice.
  13. Hektik

    NFL Discussion Forumtable: 2007

    The Chargers announced that they are going to be wearing their white jerseys. It is going to be a hot day in San Diego and I don't think they want to wear a dark color that day.
  14. Hektik

    This Week in Baseball 7/2 - 7/8

    Chris Young wins the Fan Voting for the last spot on the NL All Star team. He should have made the team without the gimmicky last chance vote.
  15. Hektik

    This Week in Baseball 6/25 - 7/1

    The Padres have tentatively acquired Milton Bradley. The A's will get Minor League pitcher Andrew Brown. I like this move. It improves the Padres offense without breaking up their pitching staff for a corner outfielder.
  16. Hektik

    NFL Discussion Forumtable

    The Chargers lead the league in sacks with 61. Their whole defense is built on rushing the QB.
  17. Hektik

    This Week in Baseball 4/1 - 4/8

    Padres beat the Giants 5-3. Homeruns by Khalil Greene, Marcus Giles, and Adrian Gonzalez. A good start so far. Although the Giants may be the worst team in the division. In other MLB news, TBS to hire Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken. They will work the playoffs this year and the TBS national GOTW next year. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2007/base...ction=si_latest
  18. Hektik

    NFL Discussion Forumtable

    I think wearing the powder blues every game would make them less special. I like the arrangement they have now. Right now it is their 3rd alternate jersey that they wear twice a year (for their HOF game and an NBC game). It is almost like football formal wear that they break out on special occasions. I'm liking the new uniforms. I like that they went to a gold bolt with a powder blue outline. It gives it a nice little touch. I love that they are going back to white helmets. Not quite sure about the font they used for the numbers. Maybe it will grow on me.
  19. Hektik

    NFL Discussion Forumtable

    Just to expand on the Chargers new uniforms. They will be officially unveiled on Wednesday. Here is the preview pic from the article I read. The Chargers will also be using white helmets with yellow lightning bolts
  20. Hektik

    NFL Discussion Forumtable

    It looks like the Chargers might be changing their uniforms this year. Apparently this was posted on the Chargers website for about an hour before it was taken down.
  21. Hektik

    Monkeys Eat Bananas, Horses Eat Oats

    Damn Vickie Guerrero. How dare they continue to give her a paycheck to support her daughters since her husband died.
  22. Hektik

    NFL Discussion Forumtable

    It's a nice thought, but the Chargers are still going 6-10 next year. You just don't lose your entire coaching staff and still have a good year. There is too much talent for them to be 6-10. The reason they made these coaching choices today was because of continuity. The Chargers are still running the same offensive playbook that Norv Turner installed for them back in 2001. Cam Cameron used it and was able to get a Head Coaching job with Miami because of it. Ted Cottrel was hired as Defensive Coordinator because he worked under Wade Phillips in the past and knows the 3-4 defense. They are not blowing anything up and are going to run the same playbooks on both sides of the ball.
  23. Hektik

    NFL Discussion Forumtable

    Ron Rivera has been hired by the Chargers to be a linebackers coach. http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=2771716
  24. Hektik

    2006-07 MLB Offseason Thread

    Masur is going to be the third man in the booth. He will be doing two innings of play-by-play and five innings of color. I also heard he will do the pregame and get his own sports talk show in the offseason.
  25. Hektik

    NFL Discussion Forumtable

    They had a total rebuilding on their hands anyway. At least now they don't have a lame duck coach who everyone knows is gone at the end of the year. If Marty were to stay, they would only be offering the replacement coordinators and coaches a one year deal. That way it wouldn't interfere with the head coach they hire next year and the coaches he might want to bring in. They just sped up the process and hire a new coaching staff now instead of doing it twice in the next two years.