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  1. Haven't seen Velocity results yet. Smackdown: 1) JBL vs. Benoit vs. Hardy vs. OJ (winner gets US title shot at NWO) 2) MNM vs. Kendrick/London (tag title match) 3) Helms vs. Nunzio (CW title match) 4) Lashley vs. one of the Dicks 5) Juniors match 6) Taker vs. Henry
  2. JoeDirt

    ROH guarantees something HUGE

    A guy who works for ROH posted this on the CZWFans board:
  3. Looks like Taboo Tuesday is no more... --PWI
  4. I like to bump old PPV threads now and then so we can see what people were saying/thinking at the time. To me, this PPV had a few decent matches but really illustrated how downhill the company was doing, and how wrong the current direction was. The whole championship picture in 2002 was so messed up and directionless.
  5. JoeDirt

    Need a new laptop...

    So my laptop went out on me, and my wife's HP is so damn slow it's pathetic (and it's not because of spyware or anything that I can find with Adaware, Spybot, Spyware Doctor, CWShredder, etc). I was wondering if anyone knew what brand and type of laptops are supposed to be the best for your money? Thanks!
  6. This has to go beyond being just stupid or silly. What is the most offensive, embarrassing, inane, terrible gimmick somebody has ever had?
  7. Funny story. So a few months back WWE was interested in Japanese wrestler Milanito Collection AT for the junior division. Well, at a recent ROH show that Gerwirtz attended, MILANO Collection AT (6-2, 180) was in action and really impressed Gerwirtz, who thought he was the smaller, MILANITO Collection AT (Who I believe is like 5-5). Funaki is pushing for them to hire Milano, but nobody knows if they realize they are two different people they are talking about. This comes from the PWTorch audio and the DVDVR board.
  8. To me, nothing has been more interesting, complicated, confusing, and odder than the character of Vince McMahon since WWE Homecoming. I have tried to put the pieces together concerning his character, but I just can't quite do it. The way he is written is so different week in and week out that he's becoming interesting to watch just for the fact of I have no idea what the hell he'll do next. Sure, most of the time I have an idea, but you never know for sure. Case in point: -At Homecoming, we have a fun little nostalgia segment with Austin and he stuns all the McMahons. This leads to Vince getting pissed, JR getting fired, the Linda heel turn, and what was supposed to be an Austin/Coach match at Taboo Tuesday. And the original plan was for Coach to WIN after interference by Mark Henry. Okay...so where was this all going before Austin backed out? Was it just Vince venting personal anger towards JR on camera? Was it leading to some big Austin/McMahon thing? Was it leading, with Linda's heel turn and Steph's on camera presence again, to another reign of the McMahons as a weekly force on WWE TV? Obviously with Steph pregnant I can understand her being out of action...but why turn Linda heel and then do nothing? -Then we have the firing of Eric Bischoff, the whole time in which Vince acted like a babyface, had numerous jokes, one liners, and acted as a babyface with Cena in the ring at the end of the show as he "took out the trash". -Now we have the HBK feud. Apparently the feud was started in order to work something with HBK/Vince/Bret at Mania, but there are no signs Bret will do the show. Again, Vince is a heel, talking about how much money he has, accidentally pulling his pants down for Mrs. Benjamin, making HBK win matches to keep this job, or this past RAW, not only make HBK win a match to keep his Rumble spot, but cut a creepy promo begging Shawn to come back to his drug abusing days with him. So I'm asking you guys...what the hell is the point of all this, where is it going, is there any plan in place, is Vince crazy, and what the hell is exactly going on?
  9. JoeDirt

    The 1994 steroid trial

    Are there detailed accounts by Meltzer or Keller that are available on the net about this? I'd really like to read more about the whole thing, since I never really have, and have only ever heard summaries of what happened.
  10. The dude still didn't tell us any more info than "I'm right you'll see!" so I'm not too concerned here.
  11. That just seems crazy...I'd like to hear more about this, really. I can't imagine spoiling one of the biggest events of the year with your damn magazine cover.
  12. How do you know? Would they be that stupid to put it out before the actual Rumble?
  13. JoeDirt

    Smackdown! Non-Spoiler Listing

    Yeah, it was Regal against David Flair.
  14. JoeDirt

    Vince McMahon's onscreen character

    Um...because I frequent both boards and that way people at both boards could respond? *shrugs*
  15. Too much filler. No reason to have JBL/Boogey on the show when they could just interact in the Rumble match and face off at NWO. There's four spots left for SD (maybe two because I believe Psicosis/Crazy are in?) and that's with no Taker, Finlay, Booker, JBL, Boogeyman, or Regal. RAW side is a lot better, but still no Flair. Hopefully he gets added.
  16. JoeDirt

    The Article that cost Luger the WWF Belt

    I was looking for this article again today, so BUMP! Interesting, interesting stuff.
  17. JoeDirt

    Heidenreich gone

    He's the next to be released.
  18. JoeDirt

    *Smackdown Spoilers*

    Finlay crossfacing the hell out of him seems fun to me.
  19. Sorry if this was posted already, but it's funny a hell: http://www.youtube.com/watch.php?v=sd5stIN-Uxc
  20. JoeDirt

    OAO NY Revolution Thread 8/1/2006

  21. JoeDirt

    SD/Velocity non-spoilers

    Velocity: 1) Dicks vs. Jobbers 2) Lashley vs. Jobber 3) FBI vs. Mexicools 4) Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Jamie Noble Smackdown: 1) JBL vs. Matt Hardy (falls count anywhere) 2) Mark Henry vs. 3 jobbers (elimination match) 3) Kid Kash vs. Juvy (CW title match) 4) Benoit vs. Orton (match #6 in Booker/Benoit series) 5) MNM vs. Batista/Rey (tag team title mathc, steel cage) Plus an interview segment with Simon Dean and Lonon/Kendrick, as well as a Bobby Lashley promo, Boogeyman/JBL stuff, and the return of a certain star.
  22. JoeDirt

    WWF/E Tidbits from the past

    Was there ever a plan for HHH to return at Vengeance 2001 (since he was on the PPV's poster), or was that just something made months in advance? Was he always planned to be a babyface on return, winning the Rumble and at Mania, or was that a late decision?
  23. A few interesting house show results I found: Never knew Taker was pinned on a house show like that. I knew he lost via DQ to Warrior and in bodybag matches to Justice, but not getting pinned straight up. (Though he did lose that match to Tito in Spain) Also... Was that Bret match televised, then? Anybody know if it was any good?
  24. Quick thoughts on an amazing show: This show reminded me of what was great about IWA. A mix of great old school, hard hitting, intense action in the ring, your blood/tables/highspots/brawling, and then your awesome character development and realistic angles. Just an amazing show, one that wasn't littered with five star matches or match of the year candidates, but one that showed that the best shows don't even need those. First off, the angle with the Thomasellis/Ian/Etc was fucking phenomenal and the best I've seen this year. The Thomasellis come out early in the show to apologize, Patti won't accept it, so they grab John Calvin and take him to the ring to give him their finisher. Ian and Corp and Credible make the save, and Ian sets up him and Credible vs. the Saints later in the night, and Corp vs. the big man Venom. The main event is your old school IWA all over the place brawl with plenty of blood. Everyone bleeds, and Ian takes a NASTY light tube shot as they stuff a bundle down his shirt and smash it with a chair. After that Ian and Credible are duck taped to the ropes and beaten down. Mickie comes in but eats a double stomp. Fannin comes out with Brandon and Josh and they turn heel and beat him down. A bunch of refs come down and are beaten down. The announcers hit the ring and are beaten down and busted open. Everybody is destroyed as Eddie Kingston is on commentary laughing his ass off. Finally the whole locker empties to clear the heels out. Ian sets up the big Thanksgiving Survivor Series match and cuts a heated promo on the guys who turned on him and how he's going to kill the Thomasellis. The crows is in shocked silence as the show ends. Backstage, Corp and Ian cut one final promo with Ian wearing a crimson mask and Corp practically starts bleeding just when Ian says "look at his forehead." Ian says that people have said IWA has lost its edge, but it's coming back and he hopes the Thomasellis know what the fuck they got themselves in to. Amazing, intense, realistic stuff and I give it up to EVERYBODY who took a part in this for doing one hell of a job. The other big story arc from the show is the Hero/Trik stuff. After Trik beats Sweeney he calls Hero out saying Chris hasn't returned his phone calls or emails. He says that at TPI what Chris did was just like kicking him in the balls and spitting in his face. He wants an explanation. Hero of course then kicks him in the balls and spits in his face, and tells Trik to "grow up, little man." After Hero beats Marek Brave later, Trik comes out and says he's grown up a lot in the past few hours, and after he beats Hero this time, Hero can't blame it on a curse. Hero reveals that Ian was thinking about putting him in the TPI but Hero (with an evil smirk on his face) told Ian that Trik wasn't ready. Great, GREAT setup for their match on Thanksgiving night. The other great part about the Hero turn was Ian, after getting up at the end of the show, looking around and saying "where's Hero?" The Abercrombie/Black tables match was one hell of a clusterfuck spectacle. Black's dive off the basketball hoop was amazing. Some of the table spots were insane, especially the knee drop from the top by Josh. Crazy stuff, must see, and Black gets a well deserved win. Nate Webb vs. Brandon Thomaselli is a good solid match. I'll be back with more thoughts as I get to go back and watch more. Thumbs way way WAY up.
  25. For those who want non-spoiler match listings: Velocity: 1) Regal vs. Scotty 2) London/Kendrick vs. ??? 3) Simon Dean promo 4) OJ vs. Funaki --Might be some other squash matches, not sure if they're dark or not. Smackdown: 1) Boogeyman vs. Nunzio 2) Super Crazy vs. Kid Kash 3) MNM vs. Batista/Rey 4) Lashley vs. Burchill 5) LOD vs. Dicks 6) Matt Hardy vs. Booker T Main event is an interview segment with some Orton/Taker stuff.