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  1. Hoff

    "Retirement" Announcement

    NEVER YOU MIND THE FACTS OF THE SITUATION. That may have happened.
  2. Hoff

    "Retirement" Announcement

    Announcing your retirement is lame. Also, it makes you look bad when you get bored a year later and find yourself back on the board.
  3. Hoff

    The Titillating World of Cosplay

    Do you think he got the Frog Ending? Truer words were never spoken.
  4. Hoff

    Finals, TSM Worst Poster Tournament

    No fewer than five terrible posters have endorsed voting for MVP over Marvin in this very thread. I am just saying.
  5. Hoff

    Happy Birthday, CronoT!

    I was wondering what ol' Neckbeard was up to. A random Yahoo search yielded this...
  6. Hoff

    Semifinals, TSM Worst Poster Tournament

    Since the tournament's inception, has there been a point in time where you didn't assume you'd be the eventual winner? If so, you may be much farther removed from reality than anyone realized. Also, do you ever think about just walking across a busy highway? I think that'd be a good fit for you.
  7. Hoff

    Quarterfinals, TSM Worst Poster Tournament

    The concept of an outcome other than Marvin winning in a walk depresses me.
  8. Hoff

    The Beer Thread.

    Last night I was at Old Chicago, and decided to try a few new beers. Thoughts: Sam Adams Cherry Wheat -- delicious. Good cherry flavor without being overpowering. Not overly smooth, or robust, but it had an appealing flavor in the wheat that I enjoyed. Pete's Wicked Strawberry Blonde -- I ordered it without thinking, and was immediately labeled "gay" by the table. I shrugged it off, but you know what? This was a very gay beer. Very smooth, but an overpowering strawberry taste. So if you like strawberry, get down on this. Finnegan's Irish Amber Ale -- Locally brewed here in MN, this was my favorite of the night. The only non-fruit flavored beer I had, it was smooth and tasted great. It had more flavor than most amber ales I'm used to. Highly recommended. Pyramid Apricot Ale -- a friend of mine always sings the praises of Pyramid, and I can see why. Not as strong as the strawberry in the Pete's but a definite apricot flavor. Not as smooth as Pete's either, but still easy to drink and tasted great. In sum, I'd recommend all four of those beers. But watch out for Pete's if you're at a table full of Republicans, as I was. Even the label is kind of gay.
  9. Hoff

    Ok, who wants to get raped?

    When they get sworn in, they take the Hippocratic Oath. Out-standing.
  10. Hoff

    Ultimate TSM

    I really wanted to see this go somewhere. And Penultimate TSM isn't faring much better, although that's bascially me conversing with myself. Still, with a name like "Ultimate TSM," I had hoped for so much more.
  11. Hoff

    Matt Young coming out of the closet?

    *elephant noise*
  12. Hoff

    Matt Young, do you find me attractive?

  13. Hoff

    If TSM had a pro sports team...

    To answer a question from two days ago: Yes.
  14. Hoff

    If TSM had a pro sports team...

    So far I'm leaning toward the Yeah-Uhs, because we could use a yeah-uh face as a logo, or the Foodmen, because that's always good for a laugh. We'll let it roll for a while longer, though.