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  1. Shooting Star

    Title Lineage Trivia

    Got them all in the IC but only missed in the World Tittle. Guess I just wanted to forget that period.
  2. Shooting Star

    2009 Carribean Series

    Funny. Last time the WBC took place Venezuela also won the Series.
  3. Shooting Star

    2009 PPV Prediction Contest

    I'm definetly in.
  4. Shooting Star

    WWF Chat Room Memories

    Any of you used to frequent this place? I sure did. Best memory I have from back then was this quote "You guys....I know wrestling is fake and all....but what just happened to Shawn Michaels backstage looked totally real! fuck Vince he should have better security to protect his wrestlers! wonder how this is gonna affect the storyline for him and Hunter heading to Summerslam"
  5. Shooting Star

    The OAO Dragon Ball movie thread

    I've only seen a few episodes of the American version and it was just hilarious. They made the show so different from the original that it was just insulting. They changed the music, dialogue and gave it really crappy voice actors. The spanish version was so much better. It's 100% faithful to the original.
  6. Shooting Star

    The OAO Dragon Ball movie thread

    Anyone think this movie will make money? I can't remember the last time there was such universal hate for one movie. I'd give it the benefit of the doubt but this is basically a B-Movie.
  7. Shooting Star

    The OAO Dragon Ball movie thread

    To start this discussion here are some images of the film. This is even worse than Kids in a Sandbox. http://dvdenlared.com/noticias/primeras_im...05072415_1.html
  8. Shooting Star

    I'm looking for 3 Wrestlemania tickets

    That's ok! I can settle for 2 tickets. What's the prize? you got msn so we can talk? mine is [email protected]
  9. Shooting Star

    I'm looking for 3 Wrestlemania tickets

    I was hoping someone here was maybe selling.
  10. I am from the Dominican Republic and am looking for Wrestlemania 24 tickets. Specifically 3 tickets. My funds are 700 dollars, anyone selling? what can I buy with that?
  11. Shooting Star

    The Jack Veneno Story

    It's actually a fake mockumentary. My bad, thought the exagerated narration would be obvious.
  12. Shooting Star

    American Pride and Nationalism

    What I mean is, most American intellectuals I've met are either lefties who basically have no pride and patriotism, or right-wings who love their country in a racist way against the others. I hate generalizing but I just wanted to see other point of views. I think U.S.A is a beautiful country with a beautiful history and the new generations should be taught to love their country in a non Nazi way, or white trash way. My English is not too good, sorry if anything sounds wrong, don't flame me.
  13. Shooting Star

    American Pride and Nationalism

    It may be just me, but it seems like being proud of being American has been made to look like something to be ashamed of. I've met few Americans with a sense of patriotism and the only ones I meet are dumb rednecks. What is it with patriotism in this American generation? I could be wrong but it just seems that to me.
  14. Shooting Star

    Racist Swiss campaign.

    I'm not dubbing them racist because of their stance against anti-immigration, I'm talking about them deporting the whole family for the crimes of one family member. This is all really extreme. I live in the Dominican Republic where there's 1 million Haitian immigrants and it's really getting out of control for us since we're also a 3rd world country and we have to deal with them, but still nothing like what the Swiss are doing.