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  1. TheBigSwigg


    RedJed, Jacob wasn't harnessing rope in the beginning. He was spinning yarn, and then weaving it into the tapestry. My wife spins yarn, and that's the closest I've ever seen her get to a geekgasm.
  2. TheBigSwigg

    Cornette Bashes WWE Creative

    Actually, that's a bit of a difference. Cornette was a performer who actually worked in front of a live crowd and understands the nuance. Russo didn't work in front of a live crowd until he made it to WCW. Your job as a booker isn't to tell stories per se, it's to get people enticed to come back next show and give you their money. There's an understanding in how to do it that you don't get by writing for Conan or a magazine. It comes from experience in front of a crowd.
  3. TheBigSwigg

    Dixie finally reveals target demographic

    I don't even want to know how much they would charge for even a domestic beer. Soda is like 5 bucks right? So Beers gotta be a kidney or something. *Rimshot*
  4. TheBigSwigg

    Aronofsky's "The Wrestler"

    Fixed it
  5. TheBigSwigg

    Aronofsky's "The Wrestler"

    A wrestling centered interview with Rourke
  6. TheBigSwigg

    CTDWAT: TNA Edition

    People also cheer someone who claims he's homicidal, genocidal, and suicidal. So should we expect to see someone under a hood calling themselves "Genicide" anytime soon?
  7. TheBigSwigg

    Impact Spoilers for December 11th

    I disagree. You can give announcers a basic rundown of where you're going with an angle, and let them run off of that. They will still give the vibe you're wanting, and it doesn't come across as contrived. Giving them a blow for blow script prevents them from being natural and relaxed. They focus more on "Don't want to miss calling this certain spot this certain way" than actually calling what's going on and that hurts the product.
  8. TheBigSwigg

    The College Football Thread 12/3 - 12/6

    The Chic-Fil-A Bowl?
  9. TheBigSwigg

    The Dark Knight

    Seeing that the 3 Pirates of the Caribbean movies have been a majority of his work in the past five years, I'm not sure that mocking his use of an English accent is valid. The only movies he's worked in other than those since 2003 have been 3 Burton films (Sweeney Todd, Corpse Bride, and Wonka) the Libertine and Finding Neverland. Most of which are set in England.
  10. TheBigSwigg

    The Dark Knight

    Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood, Before Night Falls, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Don Juan DeMarco, Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas, Donnie Brasco.... Need I go on?
  11. TheBigSwigg

    The Dark Knight

    While the Nolan's wrote the script, Chris Nolan has said in almost every interview available that Ledger's acting took the role (paraphrasing) above and beyond everything that they intended in the script. While the screenplay was excellent, Ledger made the role. You can't tell it's him behind the make up. Yes, that's his job, but not every actor *coughNICHOLSONcough* can do that.
  12. TheBigSwigg

    The Offical TSM Logo Contest

    Ha ha you moron, it's a sailboat
  13. TheBigSwigg

    The Dark Knight

    It's Bob Kane actually. And it was actually him and Bill Finger if I'm not mistaken (nor wikipedia), though Finger never gets credit in moves/adaptations. I wonder why that it? Finger never gets credit the same way Jack Kirby never got credit. Back in the day, the publishers saw the artists as replaceable, and that the true talent (and thus the credit of creating the character) was the writing.
  14. TheBigSwigg

    News You Can (barely) Use

    I know that Meltzer does a MMA column for Yahoo, so that could play a small part in why he covers MMA more.