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    I agree. I can't even remember that last time I looked at this thing but I can't believe that it has gone on for 6 years or so. Looking at the PPV thread, I have to say that my feelings are hurt the you guys seem to have discontinued "Living Angleously" as a PPV. I feel that was pretty much my only positive contribution to the fed.
  2. Some Guy

    Old Monday Night Raw Tapes

    I have virtually every Raw from early 96- late 99. But you can't get them from me.
  3. Some Guy

    Wrestler DVD Sets

    It would have to be broken up into 7 sets that woudl probably run about $20-25 each. So, while this set would never happen it would probably be somewhere in the neighborhood of $140-175 total.
  4. Some Guy

    Vince Russo on WOL

    There are times when Russo seems like he's throwing everything against to see what sticks but to say he's incapable of planning things out is ridiculous. The 1998 Survivor Series angle and everything leading up to it was more developed and thought out than anything the WWE has done in the last five years. Everything leading to the nWo reformation in December of 1999 was laid out really well too. The Rock heel turn was well written, that much is true. Not everything leading up to nWo version 653,322 was well written. The World title tournament, which was part of it, was one of the worst booked tournaments of all time. Not to mention we had another boring and pointless rehash of Montreal. It's funny that everyone who rushes to defend the guy throws one angle out as proof that he could plan things and disregard everything else that he did that either didn't make sense or didn't have a finish. Russo calls himself a professional writer, but to me, to be a professional writer tha story is supposed to have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Russo was great at writing the begining, but not so good with the middle, and horrible when it came to the end.
  5. Some Guy

    Vince Russo on WOL

    Anybody who says "I've got to be honest with you" as much as Russo does is probably lying. I wish that Dave asked Russo to elaborate on what exactly the year's worth of programming that he supposedly laid out for the WWE writing team during his brief return actually entailed.
  6. Some Guy

    Vince Russo on WOL

    That's the impression I got. But Russo was booking for WCW when the Radz were still there. In fact they left the week after Russo was booted out the first time. You'd think that Russo would remember that.
  7. Some Guy

    Vince Russo on WOL

    Dave pretty much owned him when bringing up that Angle, the Radicals, and others took over the show and it went in a completely different direction than Russo's and that 2000 was their best year business wise. This coming after Russo saying that he told Vince that everything was lined up and that all Vince had to do was ride it out.
  8. Some Guy

    Ugliest WWE Belt

    I wouldn't think so either... but so far the old one has not comeback, which back when the Smoking Skull was around, the regular title came back the next night after the change. Not true. Austin lost that belt by being pinned by both Taker and Kane at the same time. The next night on Raw they brought out the red carpet for the ring and Vince was going to award the belt to one of them. They had the old WWF winged eagle belt in display case. This was segment that Austin drove the Zambone out to the ring. They didn't bring back the Attitude era belt until Rock won it at Survivor Series 98. Why do I remember this? Because I was marking out thinking that they realized how ugly the new WWF title was, came to their senses and decided to go back to the real WWF title. Another thing I hated about the beginning of the Attitude era was that all the belts were colored. The WWF title was blue (late made balck with a blue back when Rock won it), the IC was purple, the Euro was green, and the back of the Tag belts were red. Come to think of it WWE has not come out with a good looking title in years.
  9. Some Guy

    Ugliest WWE Belt

    The best belt they had was the Winged Eagle WWF title that was used from WM 4 through WM 14. I never liked the belt that Austin was given on the Raw after WM 14. The Undisputed WWE Title is ok. The ugliest belt is hands down the US title.
  10. Some Guy

    Minor Weird Things Wrestlers Have Done

    But it's still really stupid. To me it falls into the "shit that only wrestlers do" category. Wearing fanny packs falls into that category as well.
  11. Some Guy

    Minor Weird Things Wrestlers Have Done

    I always found Jarrett, Jericho, and Piper (to name a few) taping their wrists despite wearing street clothes and not wrestling to be really strange.
  12. Some Guy

    Hack Myers

    He yelled "Shah" everytime he hit someone. Hence the chant and the nickname.
  13. I really hope that you're kidding, otherwise you have a complete and total lack of understanding as how the whole thing happened.
  14. Some Guy

    Man cries at a Wrestling Convention

    It does appear to be a black fag bag.
  15. Some Guy

    WWE DVDs

    There is a Black Tiger match on Benoit's DVD, though.